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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Emails Sabotage Business Owners

Often, people see email as the pinnacle of efficiency says Edmonton business coach. Because it allows business owners to communicate quickly, and efficiently with customers. As well as suppliers, and even employees.

However, emails can be a great communication tool when used correctly. But the problem is, many business owners are allowing emails to take over their schedule. And cost them significantly in lost productivity in their business.

The reason why, is because many business owners start their day by checking their email, and by the time they have checked all of their email and responded. There is more email to check. And they can end up working their entire day. Only dealing with email messages.

This means that none of the other important strategic priorities that a business owner needed to work on. Whether that was finances, bookkeeping, sales and marketing, or creating systems and processes. None of those tasks were getting done, and a business owner is no further ahead in the important tasks.

Therefore, Edmonton business coach recommends that business owners set aside time to read and respond to email. And when that time is up. They stop working on this task altogether.

Or even better yet, the task as staff member with looking at the email. And only forwarding the most important tasks to the business owner. So that when they have that time block, they are only working on the most important emails. Instead of all of them.

And while many business owners can agree to this, when they ask their Edmonton business coach to help them become more efficient in their business. Saying that they can do that, and actually doing it are very different things. And it is going to take a business owner a lot of practice to get good at it.

One thing that business owners can do to help them avoid reading their email throughout the day. Is not have their email program open throughout the day. Or if they do, turn off notifications. So that they do not have to hear when they get an email.

Because it can be very tempting for them to stop work to read the email. And even if they do not stop to look at the email. That notification that they hear. Can be enough of a distraction that can cost business owners productivity in their day.

And the next thing that is recommended. Is for business owners to either remove email from their cell phone. Or simply turn their cell phone off or to silent. So that it no longer is a distraction. That business owners may be very tempted to look at during their focused work time.

Once business owners realize that they do not have to check their email every minute of every day. They can start to focus on their important tasks that need to get done. Especially when they have a time block schedule. And know that there is going to be a time to address those emails.

Avoiding reading emails can become easier. And can help entrepreneurs not only focus at what they need to work on. But when they can get more accomplished. Can actually start enjoying work a lot more. Because they are not constantly interrupted.

Even though many people love emails says Edmonton business coach. Because it allows them to feel like they are getting a lot accomplished. Because it helps them multitask. The tasking itself is not a tool of efficiency in business.

In fact, studies have been done that proves people are not able to get more done when they multitask. Because they have to constantly switch focus and what their working on. And it takes twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work. For people to get into the brains peak productivity zone.

And since people who are multitasking are never focusing for twenty-three minutes. Edmonton business coach says they are never working at their maximum productivity level. That is possible, when they focus. And while science has proven that multitasking not only does not help people get more done.

And in fact helps people get less done. What the studies have also shown to small business owners. Is that people who multitask do a poor quality work. Than people who simply focus on one task until it is done. And that is because they are not able to focus.

And they never let their brain get into peak productivity zone. Which helps them work far more effectively, and do work to a higher quality. Therefore, multitaskers actually get less done, and their work is not as high quality as it could be.

But it can be difficult to get away from multitasking. Especially with the immediacy of email, text messages and cell phones. Especially as people have integrated these devices into their personal life and professional life. So that it is almost impossible to not be interrupted.

However, interruptions are the nemesis of productivity. So it is the job of Edmonton business coach to encourage people to put their phone on silent. At least during the blocks of time that they are supposed to be working on strategic priorities in their business.

That way, not only are they not going to get email notifications. They are also not going to get text message notifications. Or social media notifications. And even if an entrepreneur is not checking the messages that they get. Simply hearing the notifications can kill their productivity as well.

And while an entrepreneur that is going to be able to stop multitasking. Can be happier because they can get more accomplished. And get better quality work done as well. Scientific studies have also shown, that fewer interruptions actually correlates to happiness.

The less people are interrupted, the more happy they are. So by limiting their own interruptions. As well as limiting the interruptions of their staff. Business owners can be happier as well is get a lot of high quality work done.

The sooner business owners can learn how to avoid multitasking. And avoid constant interruptions. The sooner they are going to be able to do high-quality work in their business. That will allow them to grow their business successfully.