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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Do Successful Entrepreneurs Work 80 Hours A Week

It is well known that entrepreneurs are some of the most hard-working people in business says Edmonton business coach, but many people do not realize exactly how many hours a successful entrepreneur works in a week. Most entrepreneurs are never working less than 80 hours per week in their business. This is extremely important because business owners need to put in large amounts of time to build their business. As Gary Keller, the author of the book the one thing says, ìtime on a task, over time, eventually beats talent every time. ì Industry Canada says that 15% of all entrepreneurs will fail in year one, 30% will fail by your 2 and a huge amount, 50% will fail by year 5. Business owners should get into the habit of working long hours because that is how they build successful businesses and beat the odds.

Many business owners’ families do not understand why their loved one is working so hard, and in many cases, they do what they can to get them to stop. Most of the people that an entrepreneur surrounds himself with do not understand what it is like to be a business owner, and they wonder why they are working so many hours or complain about it. Edmonton’s business coach says that it is extremely important that entrepreneurs are aware of this, and take precautions to guard themselves against it.

To help stay motivated in business when their loved ones are asking them to not, business owners should start businesses that they are extremely passionate about. This passion will help entrepreneurs not only stay motivated when they are working long hours but also continue doing what they love to do when their family members are trying to tell them to stop. It is only possible once a business owner is working on the business that they are extremely proud of and passionate in says Edmonton business coach.

Other ways that entrepreneurs can stay motivated when things are difficult whether it is because the work is hard, the hours are long, or they are missing their family, and their family is encouraging them to quit. Edmonton business coach recommends that business owners can keep their motivation up by celebrating the small victories every single day. Whether it is meeting the estimated quota they set out for themselves or reaching the number of Google reviews they set out to get, these small accomplishments help people develop motivation within themselves. This motivation can help business owners to keep going when the going gets tough. Business owners should certainly always celebrate the large milestones, but those are so far away, that not celebrating things every day can be extremely motivational to business owners.

So, business owners need to be prepared not only to work extremely hard hours but for it to be difficult and for their loved ones to encourage them to stop.

While the average employee works 40 hours a week in business, Edmonton business coach says successful entrepreneurs typically work a minimum of twice that long in their business. The reason why entrepreneurs work more hours is that building a business is difficult, and it takes a significant amount of time. The amount of time it takes is usually because the business owner needs to leverage their time in their business because they cannot afford to pay for certain tasks to get done. Everything that a business owner does in the first year, is extremely time-intensive.

To manage to work 80 hours every single week, business owners should decide what they need to cut from their life to focus on what is truly important. Instead of hanging out at the bar watching hockey with friends, business owners may give that up to spend time with family. By knowing in advance what activities a business owner is going to give up, can make the transition easier says Edmonton business coach. By doing only what they truly love in their spare time, that can help a business owner have rest and restorative time after work that can help them stay motivated to go back to work the next day and work just as hard.

Something else of importance that business owners need to keep in mind when they are spending time at home with their family says Edmonton business coach, is that the time they spend their family should be quality time, and that is why unplugging from electronic devices is more important than ever. Part of the reason for this is because this will ensure business owners will not let business tasks sneak into their personal life, but also so that entrepreneurs can ensure that the time they spend with their family is focused quality time. Part of cutting out the unimportant tasks is to make room for the important things, and being present for those important things is very important. Being present in the moment when not at work can help a business owner enjoy the time they spend.

One of the ways that business owners can ensure that they are staying on a task it works so that they do not have to spend any additional time and then they have to at work, is to create and stick to a rigid schedule. Edmonton’s business coach says that most entrepreneurs know that a rigid schedule helps them stay on task at work. It many entrepreneurs do not realize that having a rigid schedule can help with their home life as well. The reason for this is because by having a dedicated time to be home, the entrepreneurs family can count on seeing their loved one, and ensure that they are not working on other things and that they are ready to see their family member, that they are present in the moment as well. If a business owner has a schedule that fluctuates, the family may miss out.