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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Do Entrepreneurs Work So Much

To build a successful and sustainable business, and a 10 business coach says that the average entrepreneur works about 80 hours every week in their business. If entrepreneurs are not prepared to put this kind of time into their work, it may impact the success of their business. Industry Canada says that 50% of all businesses fail in year one, 30% fail in year 2, and 50% fail by year 5. Understanding exactly what itís going to take to build a successful business, entrepreneurs will be in a better position to be prepared to work those hours and be more prepared to build a successful business.

Some employees believe that one of the keys to business ownership is that they have freedom of their schedule, which means they can work as much or as little as they want. Edmonton business coach says that this is not true, business owners do have control of their schedule, but that doesnít mean they work less. While the freedom of time is eventually attainable for entrepreneurs, they will have to work extremely long hours for several years to make that goal a reality.

When business owners are creating their business, if itís one that they have a lot of passion for, it will help carry them through the extremely long hours an extremely long day according to Edmonton’s business coach. If people do what they love, it feels like theyíve never worked a day in their life, so business owners are creating their business, they should understand that if itís something that they are very passionate about, it can make the long hours a lot more tolerable.

In addition to working on a business that they love, when business owners are home, they need to ensure that they are present, and spent the time that they have away from work in the most meaningful way possible. Edmonton business coach says that this means for most entrepreneurs this is family time. The time that a family spends with their loved one is extremely valuable, and having meaningful Rich family time, can help the business owner feel motivated and refreshed to work those long and hard hours again.

An important way that business owners can sure that they can work long hard hours at work, and then meaningful time at home, is to create a schedule says Edmonton business coach. This schedule needs to be disciplined and repeatable so that a business owner can anticipate whatís happening at work, and this schedule needs to be something that the business owner carries over to their home life as well. By having a rigid schedule at home, business owners’ families can count on them to be home when they say they are going to be home, which can help the family be prepared to be present for when the business owner gets home and is ready for family time.

many entrepreneurs want to know what the key to growing a successful business is said Edmonton business coach. While many things go into what entrepreneurs need to do to grow a successful and sustainable business, one of the very first things that entrepreneurs need to be prepared to do, is to work an average of 80 hours every single week. One of the reasons this is important and necessary is because business owners need to leverage their time to make up for the lack of money they have in their business. Building a business is very difficult, and takes a lot of time. If business owners are prepared as they start their business to work those long hours, it is less of a shock to their system and they start doing it.

Edmonton business coach says one of the biggest mistakes that employees can make, is starting their own business, thinking that if they own their own business, it will be able to set their schedule and work far less. True entrepreneurs realize how ridiculous this sounds because entrepreneurs are some of the most heavily worked people in society.

It is important for business owners to know that eventually decreasing the number of hours they are going to be able to work in a week is achievable, it is going to be a long-term goal. By working hard for 80 hours a week, business owners can work towards the freedom of time, and when they have a successful business, they will be able to create the schedule that they want and have a life of freedom. Business owners need to understand that until this happens, their work schedule is going to get much worse for a long time.

To make room in their life for double the amount of work that a typical employee does not a week, Edmonton’s business coach says business owners need to decide what the most important things they need in their life, and what are the things that they can cut out of their life as well. By having significantly less free time, business owners will have to make a conscious choice on what to cut out to enjoy the time that they have at home. For some entrepreneurs, this might mean cutting out video games, or hanging out with friends, in favor of family time. Edmonton’s business coach says that by making room their life for what is truly most important, this can help entrepreneurs stay focused and motivated during the long workdays.

By deciding what is most important, and being prepared to work extremely long and extremely hard, Edmonton business coach says business owners can be prepared to put in the work that it takes to build a successful and sustainable business. Size entrepreneurs are prepared to this ahead of time, it is can be less of a shock when business owners start working 80 hours every single week at work.