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Edmonton Business Coach | Why Avoid Multitasking

Often, when small business owners start their business says Edmonton business coach. They know that there are significant tasks that they need to get done. And their to do list is often extremely long. This is why they feel very tempted to multitask.

And when business owners are new, and are unable to afford staff. In order to help them accomplish these tasks. They often fall into the habit of multitasking, thinking it is helping them getting more accomplished in their day.

However, entrepreneurs should learn early on. That multitasking is actually the opposite of productivity. And learn what they need to do instead. To be productive, so that they do not fall into the trap of multitasking. And end up costing productivity. As well as not being able to get high quality work done.

When business owners hire and Edmonton business coach to help them. The often learn that multitasking is only helping them get tasks done slower. Because they are not able to focus on any one task for any length of time.

And for anyone to be able to get any task done efficiently. They need to be able to focus on that task until it is done. And then move on to the next one. The tasking is literally our brains just fooling ourselves. That because we have many things on the go with the same time. That we are productive.

But also, it is important for business owners to realize. That when they are not able to focus on a task for any length of time. They are also not going to do high-quality work as well. So they will get less done, and to a lower quality than what they are capable of.

Edmonton business coach says that studies have been done. That show it takes a person twenty-three minutes of focusing. In order to reach their brains peak capacity of work. And if they switch tasks, or are interrupted. They need to work twenty-three minutes again to gain that productivity back.

Therefore, while many business owners think when they are new in business that they have to multitask. Edmonton business coach recommends time blocking instead. Because that can help a business owner get on task. And switch tasks when it is time.

They can do this by creating a time block to schedule. Which means a business owner takes into consideration all of the tasks that they need to have accomplished in their week. And set aside time in advance to get those things done.

This is more efficient than to do list. That does not have any time limit on the items. And it can also help a business owner see that if there is only three hours to accomplish one task. That they are not going to be able to do it if they are interrupted. So becomes easier to resist interruptions.

When they time block, when they eventually bring on staff. The staff will be able to use the schedule in order to get their work done effectively, and without interruption. And it can help them avoid interrupting the business owner as well.

The business world places a high value on multitasking says Edmonton business coach. Having many employers say that they are looking for someone who is good at multitasking. And with many people putting multitasking as a skill on their resume.

However, Edmonton business coach says not only is multitasking not a skill. But nobody is actually good at it. Least of all people who actually think that they are good at multitasking whether it is in business, or at home.

Studies have been done, that show everybody is that it multitasking. And that it actually does not help people get more accomplished. And that the quality of work that does get done when people are multitasking is very poor.

But the studies have also been proven to show. That while nobody is good at multitasking. The people that say that they are good at multitasking are actually the worst multitaskers. Therefore if there is anybody that thinks they are good at this. They need to stop multitasking immediately.

And one of the best ways that business owners can stop multitasking. Is avoid getting interruptions. They can do that by time blocking, by setting up systems and processes that can minimize interruptions. And avoiding things like email notifications, turning their phone to silent.

While it may be very difficult for people to not constantly check their email. Or to go a certain amount of time without getting a text notification. These things are actually the enemy of productivity. And the sooner small business owners can stop these electronic interruptions.

The sooner they are going to be able to work extremely effectively in their business. And while Edmonton business coach says is important to minimize these distractions. There is a time and a place to check voicemail, and checking emails. As long as they have set up time in their schedule to do this.

By only checking emails or responding to phone calls when they have time set aside in their schedule. Can ensure that business owners do not fall into the trap of checking phones and email throughout the day. And not getting other tasks in their business done.

But also, when they have time set aside each day for these tasks. They can get them done much more efficiently. Because they can focus on them. And then stop when time is up. So that they can move on to the next task, and avoid getting trapped working in their email inbox all day long.

And when they do this, by the time they are ready to hire staff. The business owner will be so good at focused time, an amazing interruptions. As well as will have an efficient time block to schedule.

Their new staff will be able to follow suit, and be that much more effective themselves. Helping a business owner succeed and grow their business.