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Edmonton Business Coach | What Does An 80 Hour Work Week Look Like

Staying motivated during an 80 hour work week can be possible, especially for entrepreneurs who are building a stable business says Edmonton business coach. As Gary Keller, the author of the book the one thing has said, ìtime on a task over time, eventually beats talent every time. î It can be possible for entrepreneurs to be passionate about putting so much time in their work because they truly want to build a successful in stable business, and that desire can go a long way in motivating a business owner to put in an 80-hour workweek.

Outside of being passionate about building a business, business owners can be motivated to put in such a long work week because they have long-term goals that they are trying to reach. By building a successful business, Edmonton’s business coach says many entrepreneurs are excited at the prospect of being able to have control over their schedule and the freedom to take time off when they want and work shorter workdays. This can be an extremely beneficial motivating factor in encouraging a business owner to work an extremely long week. The promise of working towards a great goal like that can help entrepreneurs stay the course even when the going gets tough.

It is extremely important that not only be motivated to build the business to have the kind of life that they dream of but when an entrepreneur builds a business and something that they are extremely passionate about, it can feel like the entrepreneur is and working confirms Edmonton business coach. The adage of doing what you love and never work a day in your life rings very true here. Business owners that love what their business does, can be motivated to work longer and harder than entrepreneurs who are not so passionate about their business.

Another way entrepreneurs can stay motivated during these long days that they have to put to become successful is by celebrating the small accomplishments that have been in everyday life. Edmonton’s business coach says that people tend to create motivation for themselves by seeing the progress of their hard work. By celebrating small victories every day such as achieving quota, getting another Google review, and getting their first sales goal, it can be extremely beneficial for business owners. By creating their motivation, this can propel business owners through those hard days and long hours to achieve their goals.

By setting goals in their business, building a business that they are passionate about, and celebrating small victories along the way, entrepreneurs can stay motivated during the difficult task of building a business 80 hours per week. This is extremely important for entrepreneurs to do says Edmonton business coach, so that they can stay the course of the building a business, is often hard and thankless work. When business owners can stay with the difficult task at hand they will be rewarded.

One of the most significant things that an entrepreneur can do their business to maximize their chances of success says Edmonton business coach, is to keep an 80-hour workweek. While adage employees work 40 hours a week in their job for their employer, building a business is extremely hard and extremely long work, and entrepreneurs need to be prepared to put in a significant amount of time to become successful.

While there are books out there about they were hours in a workweek, Edmonton’s business coach says what or how much batching tasks, or creating minimal viable products when it comes to building a successful in stable business, entrepreneurs cannot replace hard work with anything else. As Gary Keller, the author of the book the one thing has said ìtime on a task, over time, eventually beats talent every time. î There is nothing more valuable than business owners can put towards a task in their time, and is extremely important to do at the onset of their business because the business owner will have more time than they have money.

As an entrepreneur spends more and more time at work, their family might start complaining about the fact that their loved one is spending more time working than with them. While this is normal says Edmonton business coach, the families of entrepreneurs rarely understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur, and they can get jealous, and persuade to the business owner to stop what they are doing, often out of concern for that person, business owners need to understand that this is not personal, and it simply because their loved ones do not have the entrepreneur mindset. However, to overcome this issue, business owners can ensure that they are making time to spend with their loved ones after work regularly.

Another important factor that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind when they are spending valuable family time is that they should be spending that time completely unplugged. Edmonton business coach says that this is extremely important, not only so that they can be present for their family and enjoy the time that they are spending, they can ensure that business tasks do not start creeping into the business ownerís personal life as well. It can be a temptation that is too hard to resist if they are already on their phone or computer, so entrepreneurs need to be diligent to ensure that when there are no longer at work, no work tasks need to get done. This family time that they are spending can allow a business owner to rest and recharge so that they feel ready to tackle another long and hard day at work.

By being organized, and setting goals, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are working hard in their business, and then recharging enough at home so that they can continue that schedule for as long as it takes for them to be successful in business.