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Edmonton Business Coach | Time Blocking Strategies

Business owners are very busy people, they are not accomplishing any of their strategic goals ñ why is that asks Edmonton business coach. Even though they’re putting in a ton of work there businesses are not growing. It’s important to know that being busy for the sake of being busy that an effective way to run a business. How can business owners learn how to get more out of their day? The answer is time blocking. Time blocking is method used in scheduling where time is set aside in blocks for future tasks. Time blocking is efficient because business owner can create time block for every important item that needs to get accomplished throughout the week. As a few things to keep in mind when time blocking and some things to avoid.

This owners tend to think that their staff or their customers need to be able to reach them at any given moment this is actually not true. When a person gets interrupted a consent their productivity because it takes them 23 minutes on average to get back into the task at hand. If there is no interruptions they can work on that task for the longest amount of time with their brain in peak productivity mode. Business owners will learn that their staff and their customers can get along just fine without them for certain periods of time says Edmonton business coach.

Knowing what time blocks to create is important. First thing to set aside time for is marketing. Business owners often wonder why they need to work on marketing even when they’re busy says Edmonton business coach. Reason for this is because consistent marketing was what got them busy in the first place, failing to continue with those tasks when they’re busy is a surefire way to slow the growth of their business. Effective marketing strategies are the ones that are done consistently.

Another way to increase efficiency in a business is to create time blocks for checklists and templates. The reason for this is checklists and templates help a business become more efficient. Checklists eliminate errors made by staff and clients. Fewer errors means happier clients and less time spent fixing mistakes. Templates help improve productivity as well because it automates tasks that are done over and over and over throughout the day.

Business owners also think that it’s not important to schedule administration tasks because it will either get done throughout the day or they can always do it at home. This is not a great strategy because business owners are less likely to complete a task at home after they left work. Once they’re home they’re focusing on their family, their hobbies and relaxing from the busy day. It’s not likely that while business owner is relaxing with his family that he is going to say I asked there is administrative job that I have a burning desire to complete right now.

By utilizing time blocking methods and their business business owners can increase the efficiencies of their business as well as increase client satisfaction.

Edmonton business coach | time blocking strategies

Business owners often are the busiest people in their business says Edmonton business coach but by being super busy are they actually working efficiently and effectively? If a business owner is not accomplishing their strategic goal than they are focusing on the wrong tasks in their business. Not focusing on strategic goals means they are not growing their business.

Time blocking in his effective strategy in getting more work out of the workday says Edmonton business coach. The reason for this is setting up time in a week dedicated to certain tasks increases the odds that those tasks are actually going to get done. It’s important to note stats time block is not just creating events in the calendar when something comes up like a client meeting or looking for staff when your staff leaves. Edmonton business coach says time blocking is a strategy of setting aside time for tasks ahead of time.

Having and schedule the time block allows business owners to coordinate with their team because the staff then knows when they will be able to see the business owner, and save their questions and problems for that time instead of interrupting a business owner when they are on task. It’s also good for staff to know when they’re going to be receiving training and coaching. Edmonton business coach says staff that are trained are much more efficient and effective in their job which create a more efficient workplace as well as happier clients.

Knowing how long to set time blocks for is important as well having too short of the time block means that more time is spent switching between tasks. A good rule of thumb is scheduling two hours for most items. Also business owners underestimate the time required for recruiting new staff, training and HR. Knowing how long these things will take and scheduling them in on a regular basis is the key to getting the things done on time and within time block.

If the time blocks are too short, business owners are switching between tasks too often. But what happens when a time block is too long? A business owner can use the time at the end of their task to address urgent matters that have come up through the day. If they don’t have time set aside in their schedule to allow for unforeseen events to come up and be dealt with they will get further behind in their other tasks by working on the urgent item instead of the time blocked task says Edmonton business coach.

Without scheduling time dedicated to important tasks, business owners are leaving to tents and their time can be wasted by urgent matters rather than important ones. Everyone has 24 hours in the day time blocking can help business owners be assured that they are getting the most out of they are 24 hours.