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Edmonton Business Coach | Time Blocking Mistakes

Entrepreneurs are some of the most busy people, but they are not accomplishing their strategic goals says Edmonton business coach. Therefore even though they are putting in a ton of work, their businesses are not growing. How is it that some people are able to get drastically more done in a day than others? The answer to this question is time blocking time blocking is an easy tool anyone can use to help them get more done in a day. Here are some helpful tips on how to use time blocking efficiently and effectively.

Having a schedule helps a business owner coordinate with their team by setting aside specific time for staff to ask questions and share problems. This lets the staff know the appropriate time to discuss things is which will make the time that business owners are unavailable easier. Business owners should also set aside time blocks for training and coaching their staff so that they are always developing their team. Developing their team is an important objective because our training team has, the better they will operate says Edmonton business coach.

All the questions that business owners have when it comes time blocking is is it better to have fewer longer time blocks, or more short blocks. Edmonton business coach recommends your time blocks be no less than two hours. The reason for this is if the time blocks are too short and business owners can’t get the task at hand accomplished in that time to short time blocks lead to unnecessary switching of tasks every time a person go to a task they were previously working on, it takes a lot of time for them to figure out where they left off, before being able to proceed with that task. Since it takes 23 minutes for anyone to reach peak productivity, switching tasks unnecessarily wastes a lot of time. If there is time left at the end of time block other tasks can be inserted there.

Another mistake that business owners make when using time blocks is not scheduling time during the day for and foreseen events. There are always going to be things that happen in a business that are unpredictable. By not leaving time in a schedule to deal with these unpredictable events, that create a problem because a business owner either has to deal with them in another time blocks time, or not deal with them at all. both of those options are not ideal says Edmonton business coach. It’s much easier to create time blocks to deal with unforeseen events, and if not happen another task can be inserted in that time spot recommends Edmonton business coach.

Business owners often don’t include time blocks for administrative duties which is a huge error. That setting aside specific time to do administrative tasks, they often don’t get looked after at all. It’s very easy to include time block to take care of these tasks so that the rest of the time blocks can be spent on what they’re supposed to be used for. Don’t make the mistake of trying to fit administrative duties at the end of the time block if you finish early.

Edmonton business coach | Time blocking mistakes
Business owners have great intentions when it comes to running their business says Edmonton business coach. However they don’t plan your time efficiently they can end up wasting more time than they spend working. This is why business owners can all work very hard but them seem to get more accomplished than others. If the business owner is not accomplishing their strategic goals, are they wasting their time working hard? By learning how to time block effectively, business owners can learn how to make the most of the time they have at work, so they can work smarter not harder.

Business owners tend to underestimate the amount of time required for recruiting and training staff as well as HR duties. Not only is it important to always be recruiting and training staff, but knowing how much time that takes is important so it can be properly time locked. Entrepreneurs typically don’t spend enough time on this aspect of their business says Edmonton business coach, which is a huge mistake. Growing and refining your team is an important part of growing a great business, and priority should be put on that. By setting aside time every week to work on that business owners can be assured that this important duty gets done.

Another mistake that business owners make when it comes to time blocking is they think that it is a waste to create time blocks for creating checklists and developing templates. This is actually a very efficient way to spend time says Edmonton business coach. The reason for this is creating checklists will help increase efficiencies within a business as well as increasing efficiencies for the staff checklists can eliminate errors which are costly for the business and also wastes time in the business. Templates help increase efficiencies by automating communication which helps business owners as well as staff work more efficiently. A by setting aside time to work on checklists and templates business owners can save time overall.

Busy entrepreneurs tend to think that if they are busy they don’t need to work on their marketing efforts and this is not true says Edmonton business coach. It’s very important that all businesses no matter how busy they are work consistently at marketing. The reason for this is the only effective marketing strategies are the ones that are consistently carried out. In the business stops marketing for any period of time, there is a danger that they will stop growing. Any business that isn’t growing is in danger. By creating time blocks for our entrepreneurs to continue to market their business, they are ensuring that they are always working on tasks that will grow their business. Inconsistent marketing methods often take far more time in the long run than regular marketing efforts. The reason for this is because inconsistent marketing takes more time.