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Edmonton Business Coach | Time Blocking Increases Efficiencies

It may be easy for an entrepreneur to fit and all of the strategic priorities of their business when they are brand-new in business says Edmonton business coach. However, as an entrepreneur grows their business, it may become more difficult, causing an entrepreneur to feel tempted to cancel or postpone meetings in order to accomplish the tasks in their business. This is a dangerous precedent, because while it might feel like it gives them extra time, and actually does just the opposite.

The reason why it ends up wasting an entrepreneurís time by postponing meetings says Edmonton business coach, is because rescheduling meetings is not an immediate process. It takes more time and effort to find a mutual time that both parties can meet, not only wasting an entrepreneurís time but wasting theirs as well. They may have to play phone tag, or email back-and-forth, not only creating interruptions in an entrepreneur’s day when they should be accomplishing another task but making it difficult for an entrepreneur to get whatever task their working on done on time as well.

If an entrepreneur finds that their time is at such a premium that they feel tempted to postpone meetings, they should understand that that is the most important time to not cancel meetings, because it will continue to waste and entrepreneurs already very precious time.

One thing that business owners should understand says Edmonton business coach, is that more important than completing it to perfection. An entrepreneur can meet with their client with a job just completed, and work on making it perfect after the meeting. This is much more efficient than canceling the meeting with the client because the job is not perfect, and then having to not only reschedule that meeting but find time to finish the task as well.

If entrepreneurs start canceling and postponing meetings with customers, Edmonton business coach says that might set a dangerous precedent that makes the customer believe that an entrepreneurís time is either not valuable, or flexible, which will create a situation where they feel free to postpone and Council meetings of their own. Wasting even more of an entrepreneurís time. Or, Edmonton business coach says the risk could be that customers simply are upset to constantly being treated like their time is unimportant, and they will take their business elsewhere.

When entrepreneurs learn that canceling appointments is not only an inefficient way to work and to run a business, but it also can create problems with customers, Edmonton business coach says they can stop this dangerous practice before it starts and becomes a terrible habit of rescheduling meetings on a regular basis. Rather than getting into the habit, entrepreneurs should instead create an efficient schedule that will allow them to accomplish everything that they need to in their business, so that they are never in danger of canceling all of the most important appointments that they need in order to grow their business and become successful.

Edmonton Business Coach | Time Blocking Increases Efficiencies

It may not be a problem for entrepreneurs to get all of their tasks done when they are new in business, says Edmonton business coach. But as they grow, it may become more and more difficult to accomplish every task in their business, and it may end up leaving an entrepreneur feeling frazzled, and being tempted to cancel important appointments and meetings so that they can get tasks accomplished in their business.

However, not only is this is an inefficient way to work, but it also can end up with an entrepreneur wasting time by trying to reschedule those already important meetings. Instead, entrepreneurs can create and efficiently time block schedule that will allow them to schedule time to complete all of their most important priorities. It may take time for an entrepreneur to create and efficiently time block schedule, but that is a lot more effective way to work, then running out of time and canceling meetings.

In order to start time blocking, an entrepreneur should create a list of everything that they need to accomplish in a day, and a week and in a month in their business. By creating this list, and writing down how much time it will take to accomplish each task, entrepreneurs can start scheduling it into future blocks of time. Edmonton business coach recommends that entrepreneurs schedule tasks that take the most concentration in the morning while the entrepreneurís brain is most efficient., while meetings and collaborative working can be scheduled for the afternoon.

When entrepreneurs create a schedule that allows them to get everything accomplished in the right amount of time, as long as an entrepreneur following their schedule, they should never run out of time and feel the need to postpone one meeting in order to get another task accomplished. In order to figure out exactly how much time as needed, may take some adjusting in the schedule, but once an entrepreneur finds the most efficient time, it can help them ensure their working as effectively as possible.

When the most important aspects of a time block schedule is for an entrepreneur to create pockets of time that is going to allow them to deal with unforeseen circumstances that make come up in their business or to help them accomplish tasks that may have complications that were unexpected. They can either ensure that they have created time blocks that are longer than it will take to accomplish the task so that an entrepreneur has built-in sections of day that are not scheduled. Or, Edmonton business coach recommends that entrepreneurs actually schedule in small blocks of time with nothing scheduled, so that they can use that time to accomplish tasks that have taken longer than expected, or so entrepreneurs can deal with incidents in their business that came about unexpectedly.

When entrepreneurs are able to work more efficiently, it will completely eliminate the need to cancel or reschedule meetings in order to accomplish tasks of their business. By doing this, entrepreneurs can ensure that they are making the most of their valuable and limited time, and getting everything done that they need to.