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Edmonton Business Coach | Time Blocking in Your Business

Business owners tend to never see the their work settings Edmonton business coach. And as hard as they work, there is always something more urgent to work on as soon as they finish one task. This leads business owners to working very hard in their business that potentially not reaching their strategic goals. This is a huge problem because without achieving their strategic goals their businesses are not going. There’s great ways to address this problem and time blocking is one of them. By learning how to efficiently and effectively time block, business owners will be able to master their time and get more accomplished in their workday.

One of the most important things to the business owner is there team. Having a 10 block schedule is a great tool to increase communication with your team. Even though you may have blocks of time that . You are not reachable, heading time set aside for staff meetings, team training and coaching will allow your staff to know they will have face time with you on a regular basis. They will be less likely to interrupt you during your day and your important tasks, and talk to when they need to when they see you during that time block. Regular communication with staff helped improved morale as well as increases communication which helps your business run smoothly.

It’s important to know when you start time blocking how much time you should dedicate to each task. Is it more efficient to have fewer longer time blocks? Or more time blocks that are shorter asks Edmonton business coach. And the answer to this question is it’s definitely better to have fewer time blocks that are longer. The reason for this is every time a person switches tasks it takes several minutes for them to get on task, then reach intellectual capacity. It takes up brain 23 minutes to reach that intellectual capacity where they are at peak productivity. Scientifically speaking by staying on task longer people can get more accomplished. This is why it’s also important to ensure that some of your time blocks will be time spent on interrupted as constant interruptions will constantly derail your thought process.

In an effort to combat constant interruptions, not only should you have time blocks where you are unavailable for interruptions, you should also schedule time in unforeseen events says Edmonton business coach. There are two methods to do this, by either scheduling more time than is necessary to complete a task. If you have time at the end of your task you can use that time to deal with unexpected events. Another method is to set aside time in a day to deal with unexpected events. When your staff knows when time is they will be able to save up all of the things that have popped up and you can deal with it all at once efficiently says Edmonton business coach.

By utilizing time blocks to help you your staff become efficient, you can work as hard as you ever did, but get twice as much time.

Edmonton business coach | time blocking in your business

Entrepreneurs have a reputation of being extremely hard-working people says Edmonton business coach. They also have a reputation of working hard and not getting as much accomplished as they want. Is because they have more work to do than anybody else, it is because they are not working as efficiently as they could be. Achieving strategic goals, and growing their business should be there number one priorities. Learning how to time block efficiently business owners can master their day and accomplished twice as much of the same amount of hard work.

Business owners often underestimate the time acquired for recruiting staff, training and coaching their staff as well as human resources strategies. Since this is often not a passion of theirs they tend to not know how much time they need to spend on it. If the business owner is to implement time blocking they need to put the correct amount of time on these items. Business owners may also wonder why recruiting is an important part of their operations, even if they may not be hiring at the time says Edmonton business coach. The reason for this is businesses always need to be keeping an eye out for new talent to add to their team. They never know when their staff may fall sick, or leave their business for any reason. Employees believe a job when it’s most advantageous for them, not when is the best timing for you. By always recruiting and knowing that that’s out there, business owners can be prepared for when they need to add another member to their team quickly. Yesterday to set time aside to grow their team’s talent through training and coaching. One of mistakes that business owners make is not adequately train their staff, which leads to staff not being of the be used as efficiently as possible.

Another area that business owners often make is not scheduling any time at all for administrative duties. Sometimes they will often even think that they can accomplish these things away from work. They are mistaken in their thought process that their work is the most important thing in administrative duties can be done after hours. The chances of a business owner who has put in a long hard day to go home and spend time with their family only to remember they were going to spend more time working on boring administrative duties is less likely. By scheduling in blocks of time to tackle administrative tasks business owners can be rest assured that these very important tasks get done.

Business owners who master the art of time blocking will unlock the potential of their time. Being able to work just as hard as they ever did and get more things accomplished including their strategic goals and growing their business. Or they could use time blocking to work less while getting more done.