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Edmonton Business Coach | Time Blocking Boot Camp 1

It’s actually number two. We’re going to talk about organizing your calendar for business success. Organizing your calendar for business success, watch your produce fat. It’s almost, are you sure about minimizing expenses? I’m sure if this is going to be a very, very difficult one for most business owners to make the shift from because it’s been ingrained in your life since you are a kid, to minimize expenses, minimize expensive, minimize expenses. You’ve heard it over and over and over again get the best deal, but if you want to grow your business, you’re not going to be as concerned about minimizing your expenses as trying to increase your Edmonton Business Coach revenue and buy back time because eventually you’re going to get more work then you can ever possibly do yourself. There is no chance I could ever possibly do all the work that’s Berlin associates myself. It would be a very bad experience if I tried to do that myself for myself and my customers.

So minimizing expenses isn’t the answer. You know, if I can spend a dollar and make two, I’m going to keep spending that dollar over and over and over again. You know, there’s a reason why I have a free business bootcamp here. I’m giving away a hundred dollar bills. I have six or seven staff that I’m paying to be here. Um, I ran $1,000 on Facebook ads to get people in the room. Most people can’t make those decisions because they’re either a, they can’t get over that leap that you have. You’re probably going to have to spend some money to generate some business and they might not be comfortable enough with their numbers to know at what they’re spending is actually going to produce results. But you know, that’s kind of the key is you only have 168 hours in the week. If you can buy back time, uh, for cheaper than what you’re worth, do it.

And if you can spend a dollar to make, to keep doing it and keep doing it over and over and over, do it with reckless abandon if you can do it. Um, but to just know those numbers first. So yeah, it should be unnatural. It shouldn’t be 100% the unnatural because you went the first 20, 30, 40, 50 years of your life being told the opposite. And if you are not a business owner, you should be doing the opposite. But if you’re a business owner, there are a plethora of opportunities that, you know, expense minimization is not going to be the answer. You know, we have a lot of business owners, they’ll come in and they’ll want to talk about their, uh, they’ll want to talk about their, their cell phone bill and love to cellphone. Let’s pick on the cell phones in all the time.

And they say, Hey, I’m paying this much for my cell phone bill lines. And I’ll tell them, and I’m thinking in my head, that’s what you want to focus on in this meeting is your cell phone bill. Like tell us can pay you $1,000 a month to operate your cell phone. You’re still going bankrupt. So expense minimization is not always answered through how to organize that. But yeah. So what are the most effective ways to advertise your product or service? If you have one opportunity and need to put all your eggs in one basket, we’re going to go through a huge marketing system here. Um, if you have one opportunity, there is not a single payback or a time, uh, uh, you know, something that’s better for your time, then Google reviews, not Facebook reviews, not Yelp reviews. I’m not confused. I know that exists. It is Google reviews. They will be, I would imagine for every business in here, whether you are taking dogs for walks or selling houses, um, or having fitness, you know, the fitness lessons, you know, it’s, Google reviews will be so much better than every other thing that you could do. Um, and it’s free. Um, there’s Google reviews would be number one and Google would be like, yeah. Casio or is that just because lots of anywhere?

Both. Yeah. We’ll go through the APP, exact metrics in that jet, but it’s for sure. Like in the advertising section, uh, we’ll tie it in with the, how to get the top of Google is one of them. You can’t, but when people need something, they go to Google. Um, there’s a reason why, like I put Facebook ads to do my business bootcamp, but I’ll never run a single Facebook ad or if you want accounting service, little dancer somewhere else. Um, so, uh, who reviews number one? Google, uh, your website number two, it’s so far out in front, um, that it’s, you view them as a foundation of your marketing. We will show you why in the marketing section, but that’s the short end of it. It’s like if I was telling you this talk in 1995, I’ve been telling you the yellow pages, use the yellow pages and Ben Hero, you’ve replaced it with Google. It’s just Google.

Not the better. You’re just trying to hijack your money that you’ve know. No. Nobody cares what you, nobody’s even going to find your better business bureau rating. If you have a hundred Google reviews, they’re not even gonna find. That’s true. Uh, whether they’ll carrying out the mills. Uh, so, uh, when should you start delegating? As soon as you can afford it, as soon as you can afford to actually hire that person on. Um, I started my accounting practice 2011 and I thought I would operate for the first year, uh, by myself. That was the goal I was going to operate from my first year by myself. And I made it like seven months before I hired her niece. I didn’t realize all the work that way. All the admin work that right into accounting practice. I knew how to, I knew how to do complex returns.

I knew how to assemble financial statements. I had no idea how to get the file number or get the fall clearance. Uh, she, like I had never had to do that before. I sent it off to a magical of the department. You know, how much time it takes to get all of your stuff on letterhead. Just little things, administrative things that are sucking your time away. Um, you’re going to grossly underestimate how much it is. So your goal is to get to a financial position, uh, that you have enough cash in the bank that, you know, depending on the business you’re in, you can float out that salary for, let’s call it one with three months. Um, you should start delegating and writing systems are better. We’ll get into the writing systems and checklists are better. Um, but one of the power moves is I rarely do anything without someone shadowing me.

Like I will literally talk someone through something, even though I can do it, uh, in half the time if I do it myself. But if I do have half the time myself, I going to do it again myself next time. So one of the power moves, as soon as you have someone teach them, teach them, teach them, keep teaching them over and over and over again exactly what you’re doing. So every time you’re doing anything in your business, be teaching someone else how to do it. Um, so as soon as you can afford it, if you look in the side of the business, as soon as you know you, yeah, I can meet that payroll this month or next month that, that the time because I guarantee there’s something else that you can be doing to expand your customer base.

Does that make sense? Okay. Um, how are, you know, oh, okay. Um, how do you know your company is not good? If you don’t like coming into work every morning, every morning after morning, after morning, after morning, um, it almost doesn’t matter. Uh, you know, if you’re making a little bit or you’re making a lot, obviously you got to have enough to pay the bills, but if you don’t, um, enjoy it. Um, maybe that’s one of them. I’m gonna search for a bit of a toll. One of the ones that I like, um, I’m going to give it to you. I think it kind of touches on this. It’s a Michael Gerber’s book. It says, the work we do as our fluxion of who we are, if we’re sloppy at it, it’s because we’re sloppy and side. If we’re late at it, it’s because we’re late inside. If we’re bored by it, it’s because we’re bored in size with ourselves, not with our work.

The most menial work can be a piece of art and done by of artists. So the job here is not outside ourselves, but inside ourselves. How do we work? How our work becomes a mirror of how we are inside. So even the hardest things if done with, you know, or menial things they’ve done with excellence can feel good while you’re doing. Um, but how do you know your company not good? Is it if you can never get that satisfaction from doing them, if you’re no longer, um, uh, probably the easiest way to the top is, is just stopped trying to be good and start trying to be the best at it. Whatever you’re doing, stop trying to run a good business. I’m trying to run a good business and everyone tells you to run a good business, socially acceptable to run a good business. Just do.

One of the switches that, that I’ve slowly been doing is I, I’ve, I’m a pretty competitive person by nature. Um, anyone knows me going back even a little farther. It’s even more so competitive, but um, you know, one of the things they tell you is that dial that down like, no, keep that cranked up to 11 and just keep it there forever. Um, whatever you’re doing, you’re trying to sell houses and you’re trying to install garage doors. You’re trying to be like, Tricia be the best. Stop trying to be good at it. It’s they’re trying to, you know, or anyone ever watched the mighty ducks movie. Yeah. And everyone cheers from the mighty ducks. I cheer for the Hawks. I liked it because they say


so you want to have that sort of intensity. You want to be the best at what you’re doing. You don’t get excited. I don’t care what you’re trying to, you can be washing windows, they’ll get exciting if you’re trying to meet the best window washing company and your employees will get excited like to um, so that, hopefully that answered that question. It’s kind of a big question. How do you interview a hundred people for one good hire? I can’t do this in the question. I have a whole section on it so we’ll, I’ll give you the whole section on, on that one. Okay. So we are into section number two. Thanks so much for those questions. We want them coming in because some of the best questions, some of the best stuff will come up from those questions. So, so section number two, why is the number 168 the most important number in business?

How many hours in the week you could have $1 or a million dollars to start your business. You still only have 168 hours. It is going to be your absolute limiter on growth. Um, I had a business coach recently and they show me their, um, they show me their calendar and it was jam packed, busy. And I thought I’d be impressed that that pat them on the back and, and uh, and I, I didn’t look at what they want to be to look at. They wanted me to look at what was passed in the calendar, what they’ve done in the last month. I immediately flip to what they were doing in the next month and I saw planks on the page and I thought life, I was like, well, where does your Edmonton Business Coach assistant know to book in your consult? And they said, well, my sister can’t possibly look in my consult.

Um, because, um, my console’s can take, you know, sometimes they can take half hour or something that they can eat for hours. I was like, okay, so you plan to book all of your consults from now to retirement and you’re always going to do that work. Well guess what? You’re just going to see less people. Um, so you know what you’re doing at what time is important. So I’ve, Kevin from handled power here. Um, master electrician, electrician and Evan Taulia. We are for sure. Absolutely. So that’s electrical company, let’s put it that way. Yeah. So researchers estimate 28% of our days lost to multitasking 23 it takes 20 per minute. Three peach p intellectual outperformance. You’re distracted, right? Absolutely. Um, you know, the, and over and over business owners will say, I’ll do that in evening. All do that in the weekend. I’ll do that long. Yeah, I’m watching TV tonight.

I’ll do that. Yeah, sure. Well, I’ve watched a hockey game and sent out a colt and done an estimate and I’ve even, I’ve even jumped on the trampoline with my kids for 10 minutes and then ran back in and worked on a little more and, and John ran back out again because they’re going to bed and half hour, right? I mean, if it doesn’t work well at all, but you don’t know what you don’t know yet, but you think you did the best. Again, we know multitasking doesn’t work. I don’t need to give you data. I, I’ll, I’ll tell you why. Like intrinsically we know it doesn’t work. So how many of you would be happy if you looked into the cockpit of the plane that you were writing it and the pilot was updating their Instagram?

How many of you would be happy if you’re watching your surgeon who’s gonna operate on you and he’s taking a phone call while he has your beating heart in his hands? We know it doesn’t work. Ooh. Intrinsically we don’t even need any research or any data. We know it doesn’t work, but yet somehow we think we’ll be good. In our business. I love it when I see my competition distracted because you know, they’re, they’re just numbered every, every time they get distracted. And I’m like a hermit in my room doing something. Oh, I’ve, I’ve tried to get ahold of you during the day. He doesn’t answer his phone. No, no.

I’ll get a call back. But, but, but I know why you do it. Yeah, it’s a, it’s not, you kind, you’re going against the grain there. Tell us why. Gary Keller, Gary Keller, he wrote a book called the one thing and I read the book called the one thing and he really focuses on moving, uh, focus, solitary work. He’s not the only one who can read the deep work. Look, there’s million out there like it. Right. But it says multitasking is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing up at a time. Um, tackling tasks in the order received them as behaving as if the squeaky wheel immediately deserves degrees. But as Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke Duly noted, the things which are most important don’t always scream the loudest. Leaving some things on done is a necessary trade off or extraordinary results if you are what you repeatedly do than achievement isn’t an action you take, but a habit you forge into your life.

And then my favorite is the time on a task over time. Eventually beats talent every time. Time on a task over time eventually beats talent every time. And I thought this book was mind blowing and then I thought it was a fantastic book and then my mind was blown. And what I realized what Gary Keller actually does is Gary Keller built the largest real estate firm in the world. And how many of you have heard, you know, think of real estate agents is always on the phone and always checking their messages. I guess what the guy who wrote the bill, the largest real estate, the in the world [inaudible] focus solitary in uninterrupted time blocks. That’s how he does it. And that’s how other entrepreneurs do it over and over and over again. Um, so we talked about time blocking. Time blocking is the exercise of blocking specific periods of future days, uh, to ensure that there’s time set aside to do everything.

And I mean everything, uh, that is necessary to run your business effectively. It also ensures that you are not wasting time on activities that are less effective in achieving your goals. Um, you don’t have a discipline schedule. That’s that discipline is what actually gives you the freedom that discipline gives you the freedom to actually take time off work to block time off work and knowing when you actually leave work that there is something else to do. So when I go home to be with my badly, I could actually go home to be with my family because I know everything that needs to get done is scheduled at a specific time. And not only that, when I know exactly what needs to get done and I put it into a calendar, when it gets too busy, I can actually delegate it to someone else because I blocked it out. I know how long it used to take me. So now I can block it up. So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to review Kevin’s schedule. So we’re going to do two very vastly different schedule. Kevin, master electrician before Josh CPA.

And they’re not gonna look as different as you think they’re going to look. So, and just to be clear, I, I fought this for the longest time. Seriously? Like who’s running a business right now? Show of hands. So how many times did you come in in the morning with your Edmonton Business Coach to do list? And by five after eight it shot me to go out and, but it’s so true, right? Cause we’re so easily distracted because we’re reactive. Yeah. This is it. Okay. So Kevin,

why don’t you walk us through, what is the first thing that you do? What’s that? What’s that? Veer suppliers orders. So, um, be in the first guy at the wholesalers in the morning is key. Uh, isn’t any trades guys in here?

Okay. So do you, Chris, do you go to the wholesalers? All good? Yeah. I,

I used to hate that when that my, my, uh, supplier was in the car in this city before they moved to Calgary. They were, I, they hated me because I wasn’t there at 7:00 AM every morning. Yeah. And so they add to make sure that my stuff was ready to go at seven. You haven’t, but you know what, I beat every other installer. I’d show up at nine and then it’d be that rush. I was at my job site by eight o’clock. It’s free. It’s great. For sure. You can him being here eating, getting see, okay, so you’re with the wholesalers.

Yeah. Uh, you find that sometimes a social event in the morning. Oh yeah. Yeah, it does. Right. So if you’re there and you’re not prepared because you haven’t put your order in the day before and there’s five guys in front of you on a Monday morning that are chatting at the due to the counter. I went to the wholesalers for an hour and at times waiting to get my materials because I wasn’t prepared or I wasn’t the first guy there. So, um, being the first guy there means that were first out of the gates and materials there for the guys they can get the work because it all comes down to cost and your Edmonton Business Coach money and time and also the donuts are in there first thing in the morning and the donuts. Are there other things as well? Yeah.

If you, and I get that. I don’t know about any other traits, but I have the luxury to be able to order my stuff online. If you can water it before you get to the store and then have it ready even better. It’s, that is so true. Yep. Send you order a day or two before. Be prepared. Yeah, me be that guy. I remember I used to be the construction, be that guy that shows up right in the morning. They always know I like, I’m going to get against the order ready first because this guys always hear it. He’s just, he’s just driving me nuts.

We’ll just get your order any first all the time. And do you think I want to send my employees to go get material in the middle of the day? Yeah. When you know you’ve got two guys out in a van and maybe your billing owed 150 bucks an hour full of students, can you afford to send it to the wholesalers? Eat donuts and chat if a counter guy not for very long. So,

and then you moved from there and then you do your, your job site visits.

Oh we gotta I got to look after permits before that in the morning. Got It. Yeah, because permits are important because a lot of work we do requires watching the permits and you can’t just walk in and pick up a permanent, I mean there’s always a, there’s always a delay. There’s some planning to it. And I’ve been caught with that before in the beginning where we’d have a job lined up and I realized, oh my gosh, I didn’t get the permit. Ah, well you know, we’ll get the guys to start anyways and I’ll get the permanent mean that you’re not supposed to do it that way. And I did run into a few situations where I wasn’t able to get an electrical permit because there was something else going on. Maybe the customer didn’t have their business, uh, are sort of, they’re, they’re a building permanent place yet there’s a process to it. So getting this organized in the morning and you know, for jobs that are further into the week or until the next week or so key because otherwise you’re scrambling, scrambling.

So then Kevin, you have the job site visits and they’re separate from your time to do estimates. So what would happen if you sacrificed, you know, you got phone call from your guy, don’t

worry Kevin, the jobs going great at that call. What we’ll do the estimate instead. Yeah. Buts. Yeah, for sure. So, um, no, there, there’s something to be said as a customer to have. We’re going on in your home or in your business and the owner walks through and greets you and, and checks on his guys up. How would that make you feel as a customer? Would you, would you be happy with that business? Yeah, absolutely. Right. But as long as you feel they don’t have time, we’re just going to give the guys a call or that you’re going to call me in and they’re going to see at all. Everything’s going great. Cab, we’re, we’re, we got this under control, do your Edmonton Business Coach thing. And, um, the maybe two or three days later, I actually popped into the job and I realize that, you know, we’re, we’re supposed to build a tree house and they built a tire swing.

All right. And we’ll, we lose the confidence of the customer. It costs me money. There’s the rework involved. All it would’ve taken was for me to get in there and do a walk through, answer a few questions. There we go. Yeah. Yeah. That’s, that’s what we built that swing and the lazy boy recliner. Yeah. Who in the hell would want that? Or client this is, this is, this can be the cost of, uh, of not making my job site visits in the morning. So you’ve got to be interacting with your Edmonton Business Coach staff and make sure that, that it’s going to, we want it to not sound the same over the phone. No, no, no, it isn’t. It isn’t going to anyone agree or

so? Yeah, I’d absolutely agree. And again, uh, I recently started hiring, hiring and, uh, I, I met a, I was doing what you have your practices because I’ll look up, kill a little bit.

All [inaudible] know I was at the job site. Um, and just going over and that, yeah,

we noticed that he was doing something that wasn’t up to my standards and that’s envy. How was he supposed to know? Like doing, doing that,

being, uh, being involved hands on is a good now don’t micromanage.

There’s always a way to go over that, but it’s super important I find. Anyway.

Yeah, I bought, honestly, we almost lost a, a great customer in a big job about two years ago because it was half the project was happening just about a town. It’s a half hour drive to get out there. And I had so many other things on the goal that I just left it in capable hands of my employees in one fellow was a new journeyman and the apprentice that I had for a couple of years already. And, uh, I was going along, uh, the wire on a big shop and then on a Sunday I get a phone call from the customer and he’s an old retired farmer, the nicest fellow you’d ever meet. And he’s phones me up and he says, Kevin, can you come over see me? And I’m like, Oh, is everything okay? Well, I just need to talk in. I don’t know. How would I come up Monday morning?

No, I want to talk to you right now. Okay, what’s a Sunday evening? Six, seven o’clock. But I did, I drove out there and I’m like, and you know, I’m looking at the work, everything looks good for what they don’t have another for a few days. And he’s like, you know, uh, I think I’d just like you guys to pack up your stuff and go. And I was like floored because how could there be a problem here? And what he didn’t realize was my guys were fighting and arguing as they were doing the job. I had a apprentice that was trying to boss around the journeymen and I had no idea this was going on. And it took the customer to call me and give you that feedback and we almost lost the project out of it. I was so embarrassed because a half hour drive out there, a little uh, um, crowd control with my guys, you know, getting them on task, making sure every, everything was going to say it wasn’t the end that we get that feedback from the customer a lot sooner.

If there was a problem, you can, I would have nipped it in the bud, but instead I had to do damage control. I ended up going up there two days myself working for free just to get back on task when that, when the confidence of the customer, I basically asked him, you know, give us another chance. He was willing to pay us for what we did and just pack up and get out of here and get someone else to finish it. So that can be, that’s the risk of not being, uh, being on your Edmonton Business Coach job site. My experience. And then what happens if you don’t block out the time to return the calls and emails? Oh my God. Well thing is, I mean, I, I admit notifications are on my phone. I, it’s being in, it’s ringing on driving and the first instinct is, oh, what’s that?

What’s that? Should I pull over? Should I check the, we should have answered before him. Do I let it go to voicemail? What if I don’t answer the phone? I’m not going to lose that customer. Anyone relate? Yeah. Yeah. You were just were just to be ingrained into what’s now to answer that. But what it does is it’s so distracting. I mean, maybe I’m, maybe I’m driving now. I don’t want, of course though, I don’t talk on my cell phone when I’m driving. Nobody does here. Right. But, uh, no, but I mean, let’s face it, um, when, now I’m committing half an hour there to actually answering calls, emails, uh, I can focus on that and that alone and I can not get hurt a lot quicker. Otherwise I’m just squirrel, squirrel, squirrel. It’s, it’s a neighbor. And then the common one that a lot of trans guys make is they get busy and then they don’t do any marketing.

So why is it important to drop one block on marketing and time, even when you’re busy? Well, if you’re not advertising and promoting yourself, you may not have work next week and it is so easy to get hung up on the work in school. We’re so busy this week, we’re so busy this week and then all of a sudden Thursday rolls around in this like, wow, I haven’t been promoted the business. I haven’t been getting myself out there letting people know what we’re doing, services we offer. And maybe that word of mouth, uh, work that we got prior that, that, uh, that pool was drained but you know, sort of distracted with what’s going on right now. And it’s funny because you’re going to lunch and marketing are together. So for any of you who are running their own business, if you ever not eat your Edmonton Business Coach lunch,


Yeah, I mean, I, I’m well fed, but it’s good. By the time I get home I can start writing, right? Well, yeah, blocking out time for that lunch. Sit Down in the office, shut the door, undistracted, have a bit of lunch and actually paid by one. You don’t work on my, uh, what I want added onto the website or a video. Yeah. I mean, there’s so much things that you could do, but if you don’t block off the time for it, it’s not going to happen. You’re always going to do it tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. Anytime tomorrow. Yeah. And Yeah. That’s good. Yeah. So, um, you’re going to look at, Kevin is schedule there and you’re going to think, well, if it must be drastically different as it must be, we’re different businesses. Josh,

let’s see.

Yes. Here’s your schedule. That would get old. Yes, it did. Well, if I let it, that’s the biggest thing is not being asleep to every customer’s request because you know, your customer doesn’t know that. 10 other ones call and, oh, can you come and see me now? Well, you know what, uh, I’m only available at this time. Can you make it work? If your customer really wants to do business with you, my opinion, I will be willing to try and accommodate what you’re doing. I, because I mean, when you’re busy and then you’re distracted in my mind, you’re hurting yourself. You’re really, you’re hurting your Edmonton Business Coach business. So, um, I have to pick up my phone and well, you don’t want, I mean again, I get a reminder on my phone that says, Hey, in 15 minutes it’s time to have lunch and do your marketing right before me. Those tiny goals keep our reminders, reminders, keep me, keep everything in check. But it is so easy for it to fall apart if you let it and I’m not perfect at it. I, this is a work in progress every day for me. Yeah. Yeah. But really good schedule will be something that you have to deviate from no more than once or twice per week. Um, so it’s gonna take years and years then. Like, I wish I could have the evolution of our schedule over the years of what we’ve done. And almost, you know, when

you’re wanting to make drastic changes in near to, you started to make less and less changes and then you start to really perfect it. And maybe you’ll get some, if it says your business that could change it, but you’re probably going to set it and it won’t work out the first one when you do it and don’t realize the holes and then you’ll do a version two and that’ll be slightly better than version three. We’ll have less changes between two or three. But if you get to where your not, um, you know, you’re not changing it. Um, you know, you’re not eating it for more than once or twice a week. Now you’ve got something, you got like a golden recipe here. So perfection is not going to happen. But that once or twice a week, that would be the, yeah. So we’ll, we’ll try to get all the questions.

Can you do the questions up on the board? Would want to get through all of them yet once or every one of your questions for sure. Don’t want to run out of time on that, on the presentation. So, um, would it turns through, you know what I do? First thing, uh, you know my learning type, that strategy time, what I’m going to do different. That’s why I get up at five. I get up at five, because that’s my time that I’m going to learn. If I’m going to read something or listen to an audio book or do a podcast or do some research on the web, I’m not going to do that in mind. Execute time. I’m going to do that in my learning time. That’s what my, my 5:00 AM for. You shouldn’t be learning in your Edmonton Business Coach executing tie. Um, we’re told you go to bed, Josh.

Uh, I try to go to bed around 11. Okay. On some fat. Yeah. See, so that’s about the ego. So, um, now keep in my mind a little bit of tech. No, there’s a lot of sleep doctors out there who will say that most people need between six and eight hours. So you could be, where are you on, on that schedule? You’re keeping in mind? My schedule is not, I’m not trying to be a good accountant and imminent. I’m trying to run the best small business accounting firm in the country. So my schedule might look a little different than what you want to do. Um, but maybe it’s just a little bit longer. And the differences, the, we played the game of inches. Speech for team during tax time. One extra hour, one extra hour makes a huge difference because your Edmonton Business Coach competition isn’t doing for the next two hours.

So, um, then we get in at a, a APP. So we start the morning. What time did we start this great Dane am seven 45. We brought in our office. You’re there at seven 45 years and in the dropped every morning, every morning. What do you win? $5 in the morning at seven 45 every single morning at seven 45, we started 8:00 AM sharp and audit. Eight oh one or eight. Oh two, we start at 8:00 AM every single morning. Um, if anybody ever wants to come by and see by 8:00 AM but don’t come at eight oh one could you won’t get in. So, um, so we started that and then I’m going to work on basically the administration and the content. So that’s me developing new systems, new checklists and templates and content for my business, marketing content for my business. Then I do that on Mondays and I do that on Wednesdays.

On Tuesdays I work with the partners on the bookkeeping company. On Thursdays I work with my partners on the marketing company. Um, and on Fridays I’m doing networking. Um, then I have my lunch, which I pretty much just do more content normally treat rarely, uh, this is going to be some health experts who are going to point out and they do exist that I’m aware of them. Um, what I’m gonna need your sacrifice. So then on Monday, and we’re going to have our all staff meeting on Mondays, every single Monday, not this is not where we’re going to have a monthly staff. I love the job where we have our monthly staff meeting, our quarterly staff meeting monthly is like the minimal threshold. If you want to maintain something, um, if you’re looking to grow or build a culture, you’re not going to do it monthly. It’s just not going to happen.

Everyone talks about culture. I want to build a strong culture is okay, you got some great ideas. Where is it in your Edmonton Business Coach calendar you’re going to meet with these people to build the culture on, um, and it doesn’t exist. So we meet with the team every single morning, ABM and every single Monday for more long form content between one and three. Then I take a client meeting at three and then I take a client meeting a five and everyone’s been to one of my client meeting. I’ve got all the time in the world. You, I’m completely blocked off. I’m completely disconnected. I got two full hours whether you need it or not, money, 45 minutes, but I got two hours doing whatever you want to do. Um, and then on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays I meet with my managers. So the managers are going to bring me all the problems that they’re either uncertain of how they should go or they can’t figure it out.

So I’m going to figure out just the ridiculous hard problems that might ridiculously smart people can’t figure out. And I have to try to solve it in two hours, three days a week and that’s when I have to solve that. And then again, I do client meetings, three o’clock, five o’clock, three o’clock, five o’clock. Um, and then, um, really odd Fridays you’ll know I’m doing HR Friday’s also, sorry. On Mondays we do our all staff meeting after all staff meeting on Mondays we do our HR work. So usually our all staff meetings about an hour and then we’re going to spend an hour on HR work, meeting with people who need a coaching and meetings with people who needed a congratulations cause they knocked it out of the park the last week. And we’re going to do that every single week. And you can pretty much take your yearly evaluation forms and throw them out the window because they don’t work.

It’s too late. If you’re evaluating your employees on an annual basis, it’s not going to work. You need way more time and do that. There’s a lot of really successful people to do that. I think, uh, Gary Vaynerchuk and don’t listen to any of his content. You know, he runs one of the biggest, um, marketing agencies in the world and he’s endeavored to meet with all of his employees once a quarter. Like it’s ridiculous because he has like 500 employees. Like it’s insane. But, um, and then on Saturdays I do eight and 10 and one and three. Um, anyone see that? I actually don’t have any time, uh, in my calendar to check emails or return phone calls. I saw, honestly, I, I’ve, I’ve, I think I’ve written three emails this year, so we’re in April. You’ve delegated that. Yeah, I’ve delegated, I don’t, doesn’t teach us or someone else is doing and we have a, the only reason why I can give clients two hours of interrupted time, uh, for a hundred households whenever they want, without charging extra whenever they need it, is because I’m not getting knocked on the phone every 10 minutes.

And three, 15 minutes, someone calls me and they walked. Well, you know, my favorite call is uh, Josh called me back. What’s it regarding? Well, I just want to talk to Josh. I got news for Josh is not going to call you back on that one. So then we got a whole scripts design of how we’re going to try to forward it to the team. Um, because I physically just can’t take that call on 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM to deliver the best service that I possibly can. And every once in awhile holds a customer on it every once in a while. So I don’t understand why the business owner couldn’t call me back directly. And I think to myself was like, well, if you booked a flight with Westjet and you had a problem and you want the CEO to call you back, how do you think that would go over for you?

Like it’s not really a scalable activity. You know, I have a whole team that the clients are assigned to. Um, I’ll book it chancellor they need to meet. It’s like it’s a conflict back and forth communication. It’s not an email. Um, and I won’t sacrifice that marketing, that content. I could, I could just say, forget it. I’m not going to do that marketing content. I’m going to call that person back. But, you know, it’s that sort of schedule. That’s the reason why, you know, last week we had nine leads come in that were straight just from Google. We only represent a hundred households were booked a month in advance and we had nine meets come in. So do I want to take all my time to do that one client that’s high maintenance, you know, this is the person that they had a team afforded to them. They probably could’ve got through a manager if they want to manage it right away, but they insisted on talking to me. They’re actually probably the client we needed me most to scale their business, uh, with, with that sort of, uh, you know, uh, uh, uh, I think,

but you know, I won’t sacrifice like, because of my sacrifice, that marketing team, you know, now all of a sudden I’m in a position where I don’t have the work coming in and I’ve got to leave one of these guys off. Um, so I’m not really willing to make that trade off. So it’s that sort of repeatable schedule. Now cal Kevin’s is, or weekly, yeah. You’ll find this variation in different material that it’s either going to be daily or weekly or I do like a four week rolling schedule. Like I do something different and week one of the month something different and with two different week, three different four, they’ll all were fine. Um, but the key is you have to have that repeatable weekly schedule. And once you find something that you’re getting your task done, you only DV from once or twice a week.

You have something like absolute golden. Like you can just keep doing it over and over again and you get more focus or peace of mind. Do you just come in and then when you have to do your, your content, we’re going to show you in the advert, in the advertising section, you don’t just have time. Did you have focus to do it too because you’re not worried about all the other stuff that you might, you might not be different because you actually just trust that the calendar works because if it, if it’s important enough to be done, I had a slot. I had a time to do it. Okay. Awesome.

Sorry. I just want to say to coming from an employee side, it helps us too because we know exactly where in both things. Yeah. We know exactly what you’re doing so we don’t have to. Yes, like you’re, so you’ve delegated us to do stuff on the calendar. We know exactly what’s going on.

Yeah, and a lot of business owners, they get into business because they want this crazy time freedom and time freedom is something you could have. I could have more time freedom. No one’s going to have figure innovations. Um, but you know, you can’t build a team without a rigid schedule because they know exactly where they can get me exactly when they can. I can be a one man show. That’s, that’s great. You’re always going to be one man show. Even if you don’t get your calendar down here, you’re an experienced entrepreneur. I can get my column down at 20 hours a week and still make a good living. Um, but it would be a 20 hour a week regimented schedule and doing things at specific times. That’s, that’s how you would do it. It’s that discipline that actually gives you that freedom. Well, Josh, I found with time blocking bedding, it gives me a way to take my task lists or my to do list and my calendar and put it together.

Once it’s on here, it takes the emotion out of it because we’re not scrambling, reacting, trying to find a spot to book that in. You just walk. It’s on the calendar. It’s on the Callen business. This is what a follower and Josh is. I mean, yours is populated and you could probably go, what weeks? Months ahead. It’s school. I’ll show you the next available time. It’s broken associates, people. Golfer console is a Saturday, June 1st at 3:00 PM go. But this, you know, this can be a little overwhelming. Well, you going to do is get back that time blocking set up on your calendar. Where do you got? You’ve allocated times on a task. Mine, Mine. What do is, I’ve got that. What do you guys always my template. But I populated as, as things come in, I populated it, right? I’ll just, no, I’ll put that task yet.

So get, just get yourself that template going and follow it. You know, you know, you’ve allocated some time for that task. Don’t worry about it. If there’s nothing in it next week, who cares? Yeah, there’s a spot for it. When it comes in third going up, you’ll get well, um, like here. Okay, there you go to June 23rd. Everything’s playing. I got lots of openings coming up two months from now. Um, but that’s, you know, what your Edmonton Business Coach calendar will look like as a business owner who’s running a successful business with a team. We actually has a team. Uh, you’re actually trying to scale a team. It’s good to have a lot more regimented. So we have a believe we have a sample calendars in your, uh, in your package sweating for courage, you guys to fill those out and you know, do you have any questions? Please put up your questions. I know I skipped over one of his, so I soil to get through, but I want to get all of their questions for them on the board and we’ll address any questions you have on time blocking or any other during business questions coming back on the hour at 10:00 AM okay. Thanks.