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Edmonton Business Coach | The Truth About Multitasking

Business owners should learn that the simplest ways for them to be extremely productive in their business is by working on a focused task uninterrupted says Edmonton business coach. The science behind that says that it takes people 23 minutes on average to reach the peak productivity of their brain. Working in this zone increases peopleís productivity as well as it improves the quality of their work. When people think of careers where people need to use extreme concentration, they may think of a surgeon or a pilot. And they would never associate multitasking with those careers. The reason for that is because people inherently know that multitasking is not great for concentration or productivity. So why is multitasking something that is still so prevalent in businesses?

Business owners can drastically change their business and increase productivity by simply eliminating multitasking from their office. Many entrepreneurs believe that this isnít possible says Edmontons business coach. But every business can learn how to eliminate multitasking regardless of what that business is. Business owners should learn how to time block their schedule. By setting aside blocks of time dedicated to tasks they will do in the future, business owners can ensure that all the most important tasks of their business have a time devoted to them. The most important tasks says Edmonton business coach such as working on strategic priorities or marketing initiatives should be times where a business owner can work on interrupted.

Business owners who have always been available either to answer the phones order to respond to emails they find this an extremely hard concept to grasp is that there will be blocks of time during the day where they wonít be reachable. If business owners can think about the most successful business people they know, they will realize that the most successful business people always have portions of their day where they are unreachable. And business owners can follow suit. This doesnít mean that the will never answer emails or never return phone calls, but having the most important tasks be worked on uninterrupted is extremely important says Edmontons business coach. By being able to work on his most important tasks uninterrupted will allow business owner to get more accomplished in that time and have increased quality of work. They can create lots of time in their schedule to deal with answering emails and returning phone calls.

Business owners who have successfully blocked their own schedule can then work on scheduling time for their entire staff. Organizing it so that staff members are working on focused solitary work that needs to be uninterrupted at the same time. One of the most important byproducts of creating this environment and work says Edmonton business coach is not only the increased productivity that a business owner will get, but studies have shown that people who experience fewer interruptions at work are happier people. Business owners can increase the productivity and the quality of work and have happier staff. These are extremely important reasons why business owners should eliminate multitasking in their business immediately.

Many people believe that the most successful people are often the most successful multitaskers says Edmontons business coach. Unfortunately science has proven that multitasking produces terrible results in business. People paid an average of 23 minutes of uninterrupted work in order to reach their peak productivity. Multitasking ensures that by switching tasks often, people never actually reached that productivity zone. Thatís is the first way that multitasking actually is harmful to productivity. Multitasking also reduces peopleís intelligence in the moment. So multitasking should be seen as something that businesses should avoid at all costs instead of a goal to reach.

Business owners can eliminate multitasking in their business by eliminating the instances of interruptions in their workplace. The first way that they can do that says Edmontons business coach is remove email notifications as well as social media notifications. There is no reason says Edmonton business coach why there should be any notifications. Every time someone gets a notification with that they check it or not interrupts their productivity. And often people donít just have the notification to keep working, they check their social media or their email this constant interruption will ensure that people never get to the productivity. Simply by removing the notifications can increase productivity.

Business owners may wonder how they will ever check their email if there are no longer getting notifications. Itís very simple for business owners to create a schedule where there is time set aside in the day to work on answering emails. Many business owners believe that email is so urgent is that they need to always be answering it, but unless that email contains working on the strategic priorities of their business, it may be urgent but itís not the businesses most important task says Edmonton business coach. A business owner may even want to have check email be an employeeís job who will then forward the business owner any emails that only they can deal with.

Once a business owner has eliminated the instances of interruptions in their business, they should create a schedule only for themselves, but for everybody in the business. That should include the same times where everybody is going to be working on interrupted recommends Edmontons business coach, in order to eliminate employees interrupting each other and they should be working. Business owner can set aside specific time in the schedule for everybody to collaborate with other people in order to foster that time where people are encouraged to work together.

These are great ways were business owners can set their business in order to be extremely productive says Edmonton business coach. And at the same time, they are eliminating the instances and the need for anyone to multitask. Business owners will be able to find that by making these changes in their business, they can get much more accomplished, the quality of work the increased and therefore customer satisfaction goes up.