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Edmonton Business Coach | The Significance Of Working 80 Hours A Week

Entrepreneurs who expect to work less than 40 hours a week when they start their own business have unrealistic expectations about how much work it actually takes for an entrepreneur to build a successful and sustainable business says Edmonton business coach. The most successful entrepreneurs are working on average 80 hours per week in their business. The idea that entrepreneurs are people that are able to choose their own schedule and work only whenever they want, is not a concept based in reality.

The author of the one thing, Gary Keller has this to say about putting the time in: ìtime on a task, over time, eventually beats talent every time.î Business owners need to spend a lot of time building their business not only because it is hard and requires a lot of effort, but also because a business owner needs to put in a significant amount of time to make up for the fact that they have very little money. All the most important priorities of the business must be done utilizing the business ownerís time because they have no money.

When the most important ways that entrepreneurs are going to be able to keep up an 80 hour workweek is through scheduling themselves in business as well as at home. Edmonton business coach says many entrepreneurs know the value of time blocking their schedule, and creating a rigid work schedule can help business owners stay on task, accomplish all of the most important strategic priorities of the business, but it can also help at home to. Being able to let family members know what the business ownerís schedule is, and that the time that set aside for spending time with their family is dependable, and the schedule that they can count on, the business ownerís family will ensure they adhere to the schedule in order to see the entrepreneur, and that in turn can ensure that everybody is fully present during family time.

In order for the business owner to be fully present during family time, it is important that they make unplugging a priority. Edmonton business coach says this is important for a couple of reasons. The first being if an entrepreneur cuts down on the amount of time they spend on electronic devices, they can limit the possibility of business task creeping into the business owners personally. If they are already on their phone or the computer, it can become very tempting to quickly check the work email, or respond to it. By not using electronic devices, a business owner can eliminate that possibility entirely from their time. Also, by unplugging can help a business owner stay much more present in their spending time with their family. Since family time is one of the most important things that a business owner can do when they are not at work, they should ensure that the time they spend with their family is as qualified as possible.

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do for their business, is to work 80 hours of the workweek on it says Edmonton business coach. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs work an average of 80 hours every week in their business. While many people believe that entrepreneurs are able to set their own schedule and work as much or as little as they link, that does not really have been in reality. Entrepreneurs work exceptionally cards that they can build a stable business. The odds are often stacked against business owners, because so many entrepreneurs fail in business, with 50% of all entrepreneurs failing by their 5th year of business. It is more important than ever, for entrepreneurs to build a successful business and one of the keys to that is by using time.

Even though the average employee works about 40 hours a week, entrepreneurs are working double that. But working towards the goal of being able to eventually decrease the number of hours they spend at work is a great long-term goal that business owners should work towards. But they need to be prepared that in the meantime, their schedule is going to get very full and very long and stay there for a long time.

Edmonton business coach says that since it is going to be a very long road, it is important that a business owner be passionate about what they do and love their job. An entrepreneur builds a business around something you are passionate about, it can feel like they are not working, or make the work more tolerable because they love what they are doing. It is extremely important in order for a business to be able to put the number of hours that they need to succeed in business, they have to love it which is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to have a business that they are passionate about.

Another way for entrepreneurs to get through the long days that it takes to work 80 hours in a week, is by being able to develop motivation in their business and one way to do that says Edmonton business coach is by seeing the progress that comes from their hard work. Most people get motivated by seeing that, so instead of only celebrating the large goals that are years away, entrepreneurs should be able to find something small to celebrate in every day, in order to develop motivation that is going to help keep them engaged and working with a long days.

When entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do, and have goals in mind for what they are going to accomplish when they worked long and hard, business owners can stick to it and continue to do the difficult things as they grow their business. The more they do this, the more likely they are to succeed in their business says Edmonton business coach.