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Edmonton Business Coach | The Reality Of Multitasking

Many entrepreneurs believe that multitasking is the key to unlocking their productivity within their business says Edmonton business coach. However multitasking is not helpful to productivity in fact all the tasking reduces productivity as well as reduces the intelligence of the people who are multitasking in the moment. The key to extreme productivity is actually tapping into the intellectual capacity of the human brain. It takes 23 minutes of working without any interruptions in order to reach a person speak productivity. By creating an environment that eliminates interruptions to allow for business owners and their staff to get into their peak productivity is help business owners can create super productivity within their business.

It may be very hard for many business owners who have built their business on being available any time to suddenly become super scheduled. Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs can learn very easily to schedule their time in order to create periods where they will not receive interruptions. A business owner should learn how to use time blocking to set aside blocks of time for all of the tasks they will need to do in their business in order to grow their business. These strategic priorities are most important in the business, and need to be worked on and interrupted in order for the business to grow. A business owner should also create this same schedule for their employees, so that everyone gets used to working on focused and solitary work all at the same time. This will help business owners get used to the habits of interrupted and by having everybody else working uninterrupted will minimize the instances that employees will attract each other or the business owner.

One of the keys to uninterrupted work is to turn off notifications of the email. This one is potentially the hardest for business owners to get used to, as many business owners have always answered all emails as soon as they come in. Edmonton businesses coach recommends that this is not an ideal work habit to get into because while those emails are urgent for the person sending them, they will not help a business owner further their strategic priorities and grow their business. An entrepreneur can always set aside time in their schedule to check emails and respond to urgent messages.

Another way that business owners can minimize interruptions in their business to allow the super productivity, is to not be available by phone at certain times. Again this is another hard concept for many entrepreneurs to wrap their head around says Edmonton business coach, but once business owners see how productive they can be in uninterrupted blocks of time, they will be able to ensure that they get that time and. Entrepreneurs can either let their phone go to voicemail and check messages when they are done, or have someone monitoring the phones and taking messages while they are unavailable.

By using these strategies to minimize interruptions in the business, entrepreneurs can unlock the super productivity of uninterrupted work time and grow their business.

Multitasking use to be regarded as a tool of the super productive says Edmonton business coach. Unfortunately that theory doesnít actually hold up in practice. Studies have been done that shows us that not only does multitasking not promote productivity it actually has a negative impact on productivity by reducing the effectiveness of the people who are doing the multitasking. Not only is it harmful to productivity, but it also reduces the quality of work being produced. It also reduces the intelligence for the multitasker during the time that they are multitasking. There are several ways that a business owner can become very productive in their workplace, and multitasking is not it.

If business owners want to truly unlock the potential for productivity in their business, they can schedule time for interrupted bouts of work. The reason for this is it takes a person on average 23 minutes in order to reach their peak productivity. When they are in this big part productivity zone, they can be the most productive and produce the best quality results of work. However a business owner needs to realize that every time someone is interrupted says Edmontons business coach, it will take an additional 23 minutes to get back into the peak productivity zone. That means that every interruption costs valuable productivity time.

The easy way to combat interruptions is by proper scheduling says Edmonton business coach. A business owner can learn how to utilize time blocks in their schedule to create pockets of time where not only the business owner themselves but their staff will be working and interrupted. That means no phones to be answered, no email to be checked for example. During these peak productivity times, phones can either go to voicemail or have a dedicated person to answer the phone. No client meetings will be scheduled in that time, and most importantly employees will not interrupt each other. When workplace can get used to these times of uninterrupted work, they will be able to increase the amount of work that they can produce as well as the quality.

In order to help ensure that uninterrupted work periods stay uninterrupted, Edmontons business coach recommends that entrepreneurs also schedule in collaborative work time as well. This will be to allow employees to work together, bounce ideas off each other, and if they get used to certain times of the day being for collaborative work, it will reduce the instances of employees wanting to interrupt each other during their productive times.

These are some simple ways that business owners can truly unlock the real potential in their business and greatly increase productivity in their workplace says Edmonton business coach. Itís a mindset that once they get into, they will be able to see how powerful it can be and will never be tempted to go back to their old multitasking ways.