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Edmonton Business Coach | The Most Important Template Phone Scripts

In the absence of value, price is the only consideration. Lowest common denominator. That’s it. Yeah. Uh, and competing on a business on price, you will almost always in there and really go out of business. So what do you want to do is communicate the value and you do you have a better warranty. Uh, do you have a better inspection process? You know, what is included in your price versus some of the other prices that you might get. They’re excluding, you know, key activities that are really necessary to deliver a high level product or, or service

back and see why I can be because it’s not.

Hi, thanks for joining us for another episode of ask a sparrow CPA. Today as a business coach, we are talking about the most important template you have in your business and that’s phone scripts. So empty business coach, and the most important template you generally have in your business phone scripts. I’m Trevor from inspired method here with me. Uh, you, Trevor. I’ve often said to people that I like the summer sometimes. Yeah. When I was a rookie, I realized that the summer was the time to take time off. And now as a, as a veteran business owner, I realized that all my competition is taking time off and now is the time bury that. So it’s Trevor where we’ve got a ton of her inspired method coming up in the summer. Um, yeah, we’re not going to be taking a lot of time off. We’re going to be putting their foot to the gas and yeah, no, keep going and try and get the advantage over our competition and not just that, but we really want to help small businesses to succeed.

Yeah. Right. And that’s the whole point of our existence and we just want to help more people. So we’re going to be active on the phones and getting more appointments and getting more people involved in what we’re doing right now. Yeah. So the quote that we have here today, do you know, talking about templates and phone scripts, uh, Michael Gerber, author of, you know, my favorite, the e myth, if your Edmonton Business Coach business depends on you, you don’t own a business, you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic. That lunatic being you. Yes. Course. So, uh, the statistic here is that 50% of all Canadian small businesses will go to business the first five years and 42% of these fail businesses will list the inability to onboard enough customers as one of the primary reasons for failure. Making it the top reason that a small businesses likely go into business, their inability to get enough customers.

Um, and so the story that we have here, all business owners, you know, regardless of if we have a $1 and started our business or $1 million and start our business, we have 168 hours in the week. However, some business owners create a bottleneck in onboarding clients by insisting on personally taking inbound calls from perspective clients. Even worse, some business owners delegate the task to someone who doesn’t have any training, uh, to increase their effectiveness. You know, either way we lose sales because either we can’t take the call personally or we give it to someone who doesn’t have any training to do so. So Trevor, what are the questions that these business owners should be asking? Well, one question is, is your Edmonton Business Coach inbound call procedure template? Often the most important templates, even most businesses, it’s probably the single most important template that you can do. You know, there’s a reason why I bring hours to the business bootcamp and I tell her this is the example and on what you need to ask.

And you know what, you should be prepared to answer when a, when a client calls in because you work so hard to get the phone to ring and, and, and you and you lose it. You know, you lose that customer because you didn’t answer the phone the right way. Uh, so it’s likely the most, you know, whether you’re in a, an accountant or a small business marketing firm, or you’re a plumber or you’re a veterinarian, um, you better pick up the phone the right way and convert that person to our customer once they’ve taken the time to call it. It’s the most important template. It’s the one you should probably do first. And most businesses, right? So jobs will, most people who call in simply asked for a price. Yeah, that’s usually the first, uh, the first thing that you know, they can uh, ask.

And in most businesses you probably don’t, aren’t even able to give them are liable price rate over the phone. Sometimes you, you can on it if it’s a smaller project or something. But usually if it’s a project of any scope, you know, people come in and call into our business. I’m actually not sure what the prices, so if you’re calling me to ask the price and you’re going to make the decision, uh, you know who, which accounting to hype, you’re probably going to hire the wrong account. And it’s the same thing. You’d be hiring an electrician, you’re hiring electrician, you relay the price over the phone. So a non electrician is relaying it to an electrician on the folk. There’s going to be some errors in that scope of work. Um, so you know, most people are going to ask for a price and you, you, you should probably have a, a mechanism to tell them why pricing you over the phone is likely inaccurate.

And so they probably shouldn’t make their decision based over the phone, but she’d have a, you know, really succinct way to describe the fact that pricing over the phone is probably a bad idea. And if you’re, if, if other people are giving you a price over the phone, you probably shouldn’t trust that price. Right? Yeah. So do you need strategies to communicate value instead of just price on a phone? Yeah, 100% in the, you know, and in the absence of value, price is the only consideration. Lowest common denominator. That’s it. Uh, and competing on a business on price, you will almost always invariably go out of business. So what you want to do is communicate the value and you do have a better warranty. Uh, do you have a better inspection process? You know, what is included in your Edmonton Business Coach price versus some of the other prices that you might get?

They’re excluding, you know, key activities that are really necessary to deliver a high level product or, or service. So you need to start thinking about in that script, communicating the value. Not that it’s so long that people are tiresome, but you know, communicating it really, uh, succinctly. Sometimes it’s just a matter asking the right questions, right? If you start asking enough background questions, you know that that price is, you know, a more reliable or that person who’s going to give you a price at some point it’s more reliable. You know what, probably, uh, cares enough to ask the right questions to give you the right product or service. So sometimes it’s just about the questions that you’re going to ask is going to demonstrate to the potential client a that this is the right person who’s going to do the job correctly and give me what I exactly want right now are the questions to ask an inbound call, Lee, often the most important checklist.

Yeah. So you had that, you know, template way you answer the phone and things that you can say to the phone. Common objections and how we handle, if they’re just asking for price or if they want to ask to the business, speak to the business owner all the time. But then if they’re clearly a potential client, what questions do you need to ask them? So you’re prepared for their first visit or when you give them a quote or when they come in for a consult, you know, are, did you ask the right questions so you are prepared to deliver as much value in that initial interaction. Um, you know, that is, you know, probably the most important checklist. So we have the most important template being the phone scripts, the things that you are common things that you’re going to stay on the phone. And then the most important checklist is that initial client intake questionnaire.

All right Josh. So should you start by gathering contact info and finding how they heard about you? Yeah, you want to get their info first. Cause if the phone call gets disconnected or you know, if someone gets busy and they’ve got to go right away and they can’t finish it, if you don’t have their info, you can’t call them back. That lead is now dead. Right. Um, you also want to start gathering, how did they hear about you? Because that might determine how you’re going to treat them. Maybe they were referred from some other clients. Maybe there’s someone completely cold. They just found you a on a, on Google. Um, you know, but you want to see that because you know, they might have, sometimes if you’re getting, if you’re doing scripts and if your Edmonton Business Coach business is big enough, um, you might actually be talking to a current client too.

And that can be a little bit embarrassing too. So if you, if you don’t have that built in as a, find out who they are, where they heard about you, um, and then proceed with the rest of the information that you need to deliver value. All right, so do these initial questions allow you to be prepared for the initial meeting? Yeah. Yeah. So it’s, it’s demonstrating on the phone to them that you do care enough to deliver a high level of service that you taking all of their, uh, you know, uncertainties away by and by asking the right questions about things that they’re thinking about hiring you, but they’re worried this could go wrong or that could go wrong. And if you start asking him questions to find out the background information to make sure that won’t go wrong, they’re going to have, you know, more trust in you.

And now you’re also in a better position to start asking even better questions and then initial consults. Right? Um, so you know, you have that initial information, you have that initial interaction, you’re going to give them an estimate, you’re going to have a consult with this person. Now you can start giving them specific information about, you already know on a general, you know, uh, a way, what’s important to them, what’s not important to, you can start pointing out the specific parts of your Edmonton Business Coach product and services that fits the needs that they’re trying to fill. Now we have these questions demonstrate that you can add value. Yeah, yeah, and I mean that it’s all in the key really is, or there’s some things that you can anecdotally say in there sometimes maybe we have this warranty or you know, we do, uh, we include, you know, deliverables ab and c with our product.

Um, but you know, those questions, it really is probably the best way to deliver value. If you just give them a sales pitch. They probably, it’ll just sound insincere. But if you ask questions to find out what’s important to them, that’s probably the best way to determine, you know, or to communicate to that person that you actually care about what their needs are and you are going to deliver value. Now is there a balance between demonstrating value in taking too long on the phone? Yeah, there is. Yeah. So you do want to communicate value. You want to ask those rights, strategic questions. You know, you can put in a couple of clips here and there, but what separates you from your Edmonton Business Coach competition? But if that script is going to take 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour, like at some point they don’t want that.

It’s too long. All right. Um, so you want to probably hit the most important pain points in the most likely things on your Edmonton Business Coach phone script of, of what they need and what they need help with. Um, but after that you don’t want to keep them too long on the phone. And I would say that that ultimate interaction is certainly 15 minutes or less, uh, maybe 10 minutes less, maybe five minutes or less. Right? But there’s at a certain point where you’re no longer communicating value and you’re annoying them. So, uh, you need to be succinct enough. Uh, you know, not, not the shortest person on the phone because that person probably won’t communicate enough value, but the longest person on the phone is probably going to seem too inefficient too. Right now, what is the one line you can use to get back onto the script?

Um, your Edmonton Business Coach, so someone asks you, you, you’re trying to get their name and then the, the, the name of their business or something like that on the phone and they just want to jump straight through, you know, let’s say it’s price or they want to find out about your warranty. It’s like, yeah, absolutely. I can help you with that. Uh, getting a price. But let me just ask you, what’s the name of your Edmonton Business Coach company? And you just go straight back into the script. It’s like a Ninja move. I don’t know why it works, but I know it just works. So, uh, you’re not saying that you won’t give them what you want, but you’re almost just insisting politely on the order of what you’re going to go through things. Because you know, a lot of times as a professional, if you don’t get their name, their address, you know, uh, the time of the meeting, you’re never going to get them the price that they want.

Um, so what’s the point of, you know, focusing on that. So you, but you don’t want to be argumentative. I can’t do that. Um, you just agree. Absolutely. I can help you with that. But let me just ask you and then you just go back to the order of the script that you have that works almost every time. Now. Why should you always smile when you’re on the phone? So a lot of people don’t know this and they just think, um, you know, I’m on the phone. So as long as I sound pleasant it would be fine. And some people think some people are terrible and they think they actually just think it doesn’t matter if I sound pleasant and they, I think they think sometimes that if the sound really abrupt that they are ultra professional, more people will hate you, then think that you’re ultra professional.

Trust me. So you want to be, you know, sound pleasant, but even go one step further, you should actually be smiling while you’re on the phone. And there’s a lot of psychological evidence that says people can recognize the pitch of your Edmonton Business Coach voice difference when you’re smiling. So even if you’re just trying to sound pleasant but you are not smiling psychologically we, we’ve just been preprogrammed. We’ve heard enough people talk in our lives that we know the difference between someone who is pleasant and fake. Pleasant. Yeah. And something interesting that I learned over this past weekend, I was uh, listening to a great audio book. There’s the seven 38 55 principle, 7% is what you say, 38% is how you say it, the tone and inflection and 55% is body language. So that’s, that’s massive. When you’re communicating to another human being, what they are, how you communicate.

It is more important than what you actually are saying. That’s incredible. Yeah. So last question, do you need to practice using the inbound template and lean? Check this a hundred percent so you can just write this template but need to practice doing it cause it’d be practice doing it. You’re going to identify inefficiencies in, you’re going to say, oh this actually didn’t flow that well. It, it looked good on paper when I wrote it down. But when I actually tried to say it, it sounded awkward and then you know, you’re, you’re just going to get better at it too. So even if it is the right thing that you want to do, the only way to get better at it is to practice it. And sometimes we think that we are, uh, once we write it down we can do it 100%. There is nothing in any walk of life that you can do.

If you want to be good at anything, you have to practice it. So yeah, that, you know, you get that inbound template of the things you want to say on the phone, you’ll get that lead checklist of the questions you want to ask and the information you want to get. You write it down, practice it to make sure it, it uh, you know, it is actually an efficient, you know, way to communicate on the phone and then you practice it some more to get excellent at it. I think so much Josh. Yeah. So, so what we have here today, thanks again for tuning in. As always, please you don’t leave us some comments so we know what you guys would like in future videos and also pleases to like and subscribe buttons so we can continue to deliver your Edmonton Business Coach tips on how to beat the odds of business.