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Edmonton Business Coach | The Effectiveness Of Group Interviews

It is very important for entrepreneurs to save time wherever possible says Edmonton business coach. And this is especially true when it comes to hiring great people for their business.

And hiring people is something that many business owners struggle with. Which is the reason why 23% of people who have failed in business. Said that they were unable to succeed.

Therefore, being able to identify a greater calibre of candidate. In a shorter amount of time can be extremely beneficial. To entrepreneurs everywhere.

One mistake that business owners often make says Edmonton business coach. Is that they spend a significant amount of time reading resumes. Because they think that will help them identify the best candidates.

One of the reasons why this does not work. Is because according to a study conducted by higher right and Inc. magazine. An estimated 85% of all people. Lie on their resumes anyway.

Therefore, spending a larger amount of time reading resumes. Is not going to make an entrepreneur more likely to pick a better candidate. And instead, they should meet every candidate.

By meeting every candidate, business owners will be more likely to see who better person for their business would be. Based on their mannerisms, whether they have shown up early or not.

And if they are prepared, dressed properly. And how they interact with the business owner as well as other candidates during the group interview process.

The next problem that business owners have says Edmonton business coach. Is that they think that the better interview questions they ask. Will help identify who the best person for their business would be.

The problem with that, is not that they are not asking the right questions during the interview. But that they are not asking the questions to the right candidates.

So an entrepreneur needs to meet more people. In order to figure out who the best person for the business would be. This is why it is recommended that entrepreneurs utilize a group interview process.

During the group interview. An entrepreneur does not have to read any resumes at all. And simply invite every person who applies. To a few of the available group interview slots.

That way, a business owner can not only save time by not reading resumes. But can also meet a larger pool of candidates. To increase the chances of one of them being the right fit for their business.

Another way that this is beneficial. Is during a traditional one on one interview process. This takes a significant amount of time. And if none of the candidates are ideal.

A business owner may hire one of them anyway. Because they now have been short staffed for significant amount of time. And the process has been so long.

That they feel pressured to hire someone. Instead of starting this long process over again. So that they are not even hiring the best person for their business. Because they feel pressured.

Instead, during group interview process. If none of the candidates would make a good fit within the business. Entrepreneurs do not have to feel pressured to hire any of them.

Because they will have another great of candidates to interview next week. And perhaps one of those would be the right fit for the business.

If you are looking for the Edmonton Business Coach?

Many business owners utilize the one on one interview method says Edmonton business coach. Because that is the only way of interviewing people that they are aware of.

And while this can be an effective method of finding people. It is only effective for businesses that have the ability. To meet a lot of people during this one-on-one interview method.

And while large corporations have entire human resources departments. That allow them the time and resources. To interview people in a one-on-one basis.

Small business owners do not have that time available to them says Edmonton business coach. And for this reason, is not an effective hiring strategy for smaller businesses.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs utilize a group interview method. Because not only can save a significant amount of time.

But because it can help identify better people for the business. And being able to identify better people in a shorter amount of time is very important.

The first way that it saves time, is by not requiring business owners to read every resume. That itself can take dozens of hours. Especially if an entrepreneur is receiving many resumes.

In the group interview process has an entrepreneur sending every applicant an invitation. And they can save time by not reading any resumes prior to the interview.

The next way saves money. Is my interviewing all of the candidates at the same time. Whether that is to candidates, five or even twenty. Typically one-on-one interviews take about an hour per candidates.

That this group interview process. Means that business owners can meet a large group of people in only one hour every single week.

They can also save time in the interview itself. By only reading the job overview once. And the company overview once as well. Instead of having to say that multiple times in each interview.

And then they will open the interview to questions from the candidates. And since most candidates will have a lot of the same questions as each other. By doing all the questions in this group process.

Can help ensure that they are saving as much time as possible. And keeping the interview to one hour. If anyone has stood out in this interview.

That is when Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs read their resumes. By verifying the information and calling the candidate’s references.

Can help an entrepreneur narrow down the candidates even more. If they still think the candidate would be a good fit. They can contact them for a one on one interview.

Or a job shadow day to see if they would fit in with the business. But after they look at the resume, if they are not qualified. Or if the resume does not check out. A business owner can keep looking.

By utilizing this group interview method. In interviewing candidates on a weekly basis. Will be able to help entrepreneurs identify who would be the best fit for their business. In a way that takes minimal amount of time each week.