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Edmonton Business Coach | The Benefits Of An 80 Hour Work Week

Since most successful business owners work an average of 80 hours per week in their business, Edmonton business coach says this should be a metric that entrepreneurs pay attention to when they are figuring out how many hours they need to work to build their own business. Often entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations about exactly how much work it does take to create a sustainable business. The author of the one thing, Gary Keller had this to say about putting time towards tasks ìtime on task, over time eventually beats talent every time. î It is extremely important that business owners who put the necessary time towards building their business, for them to achieve all the goals that they set out to achieve by becoming entrepreneurs.

While many people are talking about how to increase efficiencies to work plus, there is a lot of great principles in time-saving techniques such as catching similar tasks together to create efficiencies and save time. By utilizing the MVP method in their business, the minimal viable products, entrepreneurs can get to market faster with their product sooner. However, none of these things are going to replace the amount of work that a business owner is going to have to put into their business to become successful. Especially in the first year of entrepreneurship, business owners need to spend an extremely large amount of time working in all of the strategic priorities needed for their business to succeed.

Even though most entrepreneurs work these extremely long hours to get to an 80-hour workweek, it is not necessarily always easy. Edmonton business coach says that by keeping all of their goals in mind, can help business owners stay motivated when they are in a difficult day, or faced with working for several more hours. For some entrepreneurs this goal is a long-term goal of being able to spend much less time at work, for others, it is a dream of retirement, or being able to accumulate wealth significantly. Whatever goal a business owner has in mind, but keeping it to the forefront of their thinking, and can help them stay motivated when they are struggling.

Another great way that business owners can ensure that they are motivated in their business to keep up a difficult 80 hour a week work schedule, is by choosing to build a business that is based around what they are passionate about doing. Edmonton’s business coach says that when an entrepreneur does what they love to do, it often does not feel like they are working, and it can help pull them through long hours for long weeks.

To stay motivated to put in the hours necessary to grow stable and successful business, entrepreneurs need to keep their goals in mind and work out what they are most passionate in, being a business owner is not always easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding says Edmonton business coach.

A huge mistake that entrepreneurs can make in their business is not being prepared to put the amount of time needed into entrepreneurship says Edmonton business coach. While most people do not want to work 80 hours per week, successful entrepreneurs do just that on a very regular basis. The author of the one thing, Gary Keller has a lot to say about putting time towards the taskîtime on a task, over time, eventually beats that talent every time. î It is well-known that if entrepreneurs simply put a lot of time towards building their business, they can come out much further ahead than a person who has way more talent and building a business that does not put nearly the same time towards it.

One of the reasons why business owners need to put a lot of time towards their business is because, in the beginning, everything that a business needs to accomplish is dependent on the business ownerís time. From developing their product to delivering it, to marketing their business as well as ensuring all of the systems that the business owner has just created is scalable, business owners need to put time into their business. While the first year is usually the biggest time-suck out of any business, Edmonton business coach says that the next several years are also going to be required to spend a lot of time, as an entrepreneur refines the processes and systems to make their business scalable and therefore successful.

To be able to put 80 hours of their time towards building a business, entrepreneurs need to consider cutting certain things out of their life so that they can focus only on the most important things. When they are not at work, entrepreneurs need to ensure that they are making the most of their time, so that they can be refreshed and be ready to go back to their business ready to tackle another long day. Edmonton’s business coach says that for most entrepreneurs a lot of what they choose to include in their life when they are not at work is their family. Not only is it important to set aside time for their family, but entrepreneurs also need to take steps to ensure that they are present and in the moment when spending time with their family.

To ensure they have enough time in a day to see their family, an entrepreneur needs to create a rigid and repeatable schedule not only at work but at home too. Edmonton business coach says that entrepreneurs often know the value of creating a time block to schedule to stay on task at work and get more accomplished, but the same principles should be applied to business ownerís time when they are at home as well. By creating a time block schedule that can allow them to leave work at the same time every day, and have a predictable schedule that their family you can count on, can help the family plan their schedules around the business owner, allowing the entire family to be present and be ready to spend time with the business owner.