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Edmonton Business Coach | Strategies for an Effective Digital Marketing

Edmonton business coach | effective digital marketing strategies

If you need business coaching, effective marketing strategies and professional consultation service do not hesitate to call our Edmonton business coach. According to Canadian studies 50% of small businesses do not last for more than five years. The most common reason for the failure is not having enough clients. Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants is a firm that is dedicated to completing our mission and goals. Our team is dedicated to helping small businesses beat these odds and thus we created a free consultation program for our new clients. They will also receive a free copy of “e-myth” the best-selling business book created by Michael Gerber. If you wish to know more about our free consultation program please call us at 780-665-4949 or email us at

Businesses thrive with effective marketing strategies. New and exciting marketing initiatives pop up every day. As technology advances, so does marketing initiatives according to our Edmonton business coach. However it’s not always like this. Just a few years back and there is a traditional classic marketing strategy. Always seems to work every time however ever since the Internet became mainstream it started to decline. Traditional marketing strategies relied on television and radio. The web is an accessible and easy way to get information and content for little to no charge that includes videos, movies and music. Cable companies have been struggling as of late due to this very issue. The same goes for radios a lot of music streaming services are being created to compete with radios.

Marketing firms realized that using the Internet to advertise is the next big thing. While classic marketing strategies are still being used, they are less effective. The Internet has been mainstream for a while now and a lot of people have access to it. Businesses have turned their attention towards digital marketing. The digital marketing industry has grown to a point where it’s necessary for business to adopt this strategy.

One of the few ways you can use the world wide web to advertise according to our Edmonton business coach is through social media. Almost everyone has a preferred social media nowadays. Big companies realize this potential and started social media marketing. Companies will hire a social media specialist who create a balance of customer engagement and product advertisement. You will often see big company social media engaging with their fans, having normal conversations often times and stuff. They also post some funny, relatable and witty content. This is mostly to engage with the younger generation. Because they will need to find a balance between customer engagement and product placement. They are in social media to market themselves of course. This is a solid way to create an online presence.

Another lesser-known factor about digital marketing is search engine optimization. These are certain set of rules that web designers need to follow in order for search engines to rank and find them. Small business owners often think that simply having the website will generate clients however search engine optimization needs to be on the forefront of website building.

Edmonton business coach | strategies for an effective digital marketing

An important client generation system can be forged through marketing according to our Edmonton business coach. Client generation is an important factor for any businesses. In the past, marketing has been a time tested method of TV commercials, radio advertisements and print marketing materials. These classic marketing strategies were effective way for businesses to advertise themselves. Just a few years back, a lot of people use their television for their primary source of entertainment so TV commercials were effective. The same goes for radio. Radios were a lot more popular backbend than it is today and advise advertising through it yields and high results. However every sands the Internet went mainstream these classic marketing strategies have become less popular. Technology forces businesses to adapt and those who don’t fail.

As the Edmonton business coach we services such as effective marketing strategies, business coaching and professional consultation service. At Spurrell and Associates chartered professional accountants we are dedicated to your mission and goals. Our team are dedicated to helping small businesses to beat the 50% chance of failure during the first five years. These goals have led us to create a free consultation program for our new clients. The most common reason for this failure is the lack of clients. Marketing is important for client generation and in this article we will teacher and importance of digital marketing.

There are few ways to use the Internet to advertise your business. Most public and common way to do so with her social media marketing. If you look at big corporations today, most of them will have social media accounts throughout each platforms. However it’s important to assign someone who knows how to balance client engagement and product advertisement. Just like Arby’s twitter, you will see them engaging with clients by having normal conversation and posting creative art using their own product. This is a genius way of marketing yourself since you are not only interacting with fans you’re also promoting your product at the same time. It’s important to not get too professional and in social media. Most younger people want brands that are relatable. This is only one part of digital marketing.

The next important aspect to digital marketing according to our Edmonton business coach is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO is an important and necessary aspect of web design or content creation to help your website be seen online. These are a set of rules for web designers to follow so that the algorithms can pick them up easier. These rules are having a responsive website, having outstanding and plenty Google reviews in the last but not the least having relevant content rich website. A responsive website is flexible and fast. This means the website needs to be quick to load and is able to fit any screen size. You also need a lot of relevant content and keywords. Content is what the Google bot use to find your website or content.