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Edmonton Business Coach | Stop Reading Resumes

When entrepreneurs need to hire someone for their business, they almost always put out an ad and then start reading resumes says Edmonton business coach. Although this is not the most effective way to shortlist candidates for the business.

The reason why this is not an effective shortlisting method. Is because according to the higher right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes. Which makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to understand which are the best resumes to look at.

In addition to that, Edmonton business coach says that the best skills and traits for a candidate to have. May not even be represented on a resume. Such as the ability to problem solve, coachability or be able to overcome adversity.

So while a resume might show that someone is the most educated, or they have the most skills. That does not guarantee that they are going to be the best employee. Which is why entrepreneurs should stop trying to shortlist candidates based on this document of theirs.

However, many business owners do not know any different hiring methods. So they are stuck utilizing this method, even though it is not necessarily effective.

And many business owners understand how ineffective it is. Because most business owners struggle at finding staff. Especially now more than ever. Because turnover rates are higher than ever.

With employees staying approximately two point three years on average. Instead of the five years that they used to.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs learning about the group interview method. Because it will allow entrepreneurs the ability to see all the candidates at the same time.

And instead of judging them based on their resumes. They can see how they interact, their personality and what they are like. In order to decide if they would be a good fit for the business.

If they like the candidate. They can then take the time to read their resume. And verify the information within it. And if they still like that candidates. Edmonton business coach says they should call them in for a second interview. Or a job shadow, that will truly allow them to see how they interact in the business.

The most effective group method strategy. Involves business owner always advertising for workers. And holding a group interview on a weekly basis. So that they can meet people on a regular basis.

Because they never know exactly when they are going to need to hire someone in their business. Even if they have a great relationship with their employees. Employees might leave because they are moving, retiring, or going back to school for example.

It is also very motivational for employees to know that there business owner is looking for great people regularly. Because that means when they get a new co-worker. They are going to be the best of the best. Which will help keep spirits high in the business.

Therefore, by hosting regular group interviews. Can help ensure that no matter what happens in an entrepreneur’s business. They are always ready to react with the best people, whether they are replacing employee. Or growing their business.

Edmonton business coach | stop reading resumes

If business owners were told to stop reading resumes immediately says Edmonton business coach. They may not know how they would go about finding new staff for their business.

So many business owners are only aware of one interview style. Which is the one on one interview method. Which requires business owner reading all of the resumes. And then choosing a few candidates to interview.

And while this is incredibly effective for large organizations. The reason why, is because they have an HR department. That is dedicated to doing one-on-one interviews with candidates. In order to find the right one for the business.

They can afford to interview people all day, day after day until they find the right person. And that is time that an entrepreneur cannot utilize in the same way.

Instead, an entrepreneur must figure out a way to meet an incredibly large amount of people. And do it an incredibly short amount of time. So that they can increase the number of people their meeting. In hopes that one of them will be the right fit for their business.

They can accomplish that according to Edmonton business coach. By hosting group interviews. The key to this, is that business owners must be advertising for people every week throughout the entire year.

So that they can be hosting group interviews regularly. Whether they are hiring people in their business or not. That will allow them to continue to meet people every week. Whether it is five or twenty.

So that they can be more likely of meeting the required hundred people. In order to find the right one for their business.

One great benefits of a group interview. Is that entrepreneurs can stop reading resumes immediately. And instead, invite all applicants out to the weekly group interview. And even share with them the date for future interviews.

So that they can choose the best day and time for their schedule. And that also eliminates an entrepreneur from having to get a hold of every candidate. And trying to fit them into the schedule.

That way, Edmonton business coach says that if candidates fail to show up for the interview. A business owner may not even know if people have not shown up. And if people are late, business owners will lock the door. So that they cannot come in.

Because if they are willing to be late for an interview, they are probably not the right fit for the business. And already, a business owner is shortening the list of potential candidates for their business. Based on their behaviour instead of their resumes.

During the group interview, they can see how candidates interact with each other, and with the business owner themselves. In order to make a decision on who they like, and would be a likely fit for the business.

During this can help entrepreneurs find better people much easier. Without having to pre-read resumes in their business at all.