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Edmonton Business Coach | Stop Reading Resumes When Hiring

One of the first things that business owners do when they are hiring in their business says Edmonton business coach. Is start reading the resumes of all the people that are applying for the job.

They do this, in order to figure who the best candidate to bring in for an interview would be. Despite the fact that according to studies, 85% of all people lie on their resumes.

Therefore, this is hardly the best tool for entrepreneurs to use. In order to determine suitability for their business. However, business owners do not know any other way to find employees in their business. Which is why they keep doing this.

Unfortunately, many business owners struggle with finding suitable candidates for their business. And in fact, 23% of all entrepreneurs that fail. Attribute their failure to this problem. That they are unable to find or keep staff in their business.

And rather than figure the problem is with the style of interview. Business owners often believe that it is with the interview questions. And try to come up with better questions in order to find out which candidate is best.

When the answer to that question is not who is the best candidate that they interviewed. But rather how they meet a larger number of people. To find the one that is not to be the best fit for their business.

Business owners can do this by hosting a group interview says Edmonton business coach. That not only can help them meet a larger number of people. But can also help an entrepreneur save time.

While a traditional one on one interview has already taken up so much of an entrepreneurs time by the time they get to the interview process. By requiring an entrepreneur to read the resumes. And then contacted all selected applicants for an interview time.

And if candidates either do not show up at all. Or show up late to the interview. Ends up wasting even more of an entrepreneurs time.

And the interviews themselves, will take up at least an hour. And if an entrepreneur is interviewing several candidates. This can take an hour out of every day for several days.

Therefore, by hosting a group interview. Edmonton business coach says they can save time by not reading resumes, by not calling to schedule interviews. And can save time by spending one hour with the large group of candidates. Instead of one hour with each one individually.

When business owners do this, they will be more likely to find out who is a good candidates for their business. Based on their personality, their appearance and demeanour during the interview. And how they interact with others ask the interview.

And if a business owner is still interested. Edmonton business coach says they can then read their resume. And verify the information on it. And if the information and references check out. Then a business owner can decide if they want to bring them back for a job shadow or second interview.

By utilizing a group interview. Business owners can meet more candidates. And save more time. Which will help them find the best people to hire in their business.

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Many business owners utilize a one on one interview method says Edmonton business coach. Because that is the only style of interview that they are aware of. Even though it is not always the best way to find people in their business.

In fact, business owners often struggle with finding people. And while there is at 50% failure rate of entrepreneurs in Canada. The third most common reason why entrepreneurs fail. Is because they say they cannot find people to work in their business.

However, Edmonton business coach recommends utilizing a group interview. Because they can save time. As well as meet more people, so that they will be more likely to find someone who is a better fit in their business.

In fact, business owners should avoid reading resumes at the beginning of the process. Especially because according to hire right and Inc. magazine. 85% of all people lie on their resumes. And whether this is a slight stretching of the truth, or an outright fabrication.

This is not the best way to shortlist candidates. Especially when the best traits for candidate to have. Cannot be found on a resume at all.

By hosting a group interview on a regular basis. Can ensure that business owners are meeting multiple people every week. In hopes that one of them will be good fit for their business.

This means hosting a group interview during weeks or an entrepreneur is not even hiring in their business. And they do this for two reasons according to Edmonton business coach.

Not only will this help ensure an entrepreneur can meet the required number of people. In order to ensure that one of them will be a good candidates in their business.

But also, because business owners do not know exactly when they are going to need to hire someone. Because employees might decide to leave unexpectedly.

And employees leave when the timing is right for them. Whether or not it has anything to do with the business. Such as they are moving, going back to school, or even retiring.

Therefore, it is very prudent for a business owner to always be looking. So that when the need arises for them to replace an employee. They will be able to do so very quickly. Without wasting a lot of time.

In fact, hosting a group interview can be extremely an ovation all for the employees in the business. Because they know that by always looking for the absolute best people. They will always have the best coworkers coming on board.

Another benefit of the group interviews. Is that it always ensures that people are coming into the business for interviews regularly. Which means an entrepreneur should never feel pressured to hire any of the candidates that they see. And that they will be able to ways until they see the right one for their business.