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Edmonton Business Coach | Staying Motivated Within 80 Our Schedule

Even though many people tend to underestimate the number of hours that a business owner needs to work in their business says Edmonton business coach, most successful entrepreneurs know that it takes an extremely long workweek in order to start a successful business. The average entrepreneur of the successful business works 80 hours a week, which is double the amount of time typical employees work for their employer. If entrepreneurs are not prepared to spend this much time and grow their business, they may struggle with getting their business off the ground. Industry Canada says that 50% of businesses fail in the first year, 30% of businesses fail by the 2nd year, and 50% of all businesses close the doors by the time 5 years rolls around. If business owners want to improve those statistics, they should be prepared to put significantly more time into their business then they initially thought.

One of the most important things that entrepreneurs should keep in mind when they are starting their business, is that an extremely disciplined and rigid work schedule is going to help them significantly says Edmonton business coach. A rigid schedule is going to help entrepreneurs stay on task at work, get more accomplished, work on the strategic priorities of their business, and get employee buy-in as well. But what business owners do not know about having a rigid work schedule necessarily is that they should keep a rigid schedule at home to the reason for that is so that a business owner can stay on task to leave work on time, and then be able to spend time at home and with their family a predictable basis. This predictability will allow the families of business owners to run their own schedule around when they are going to be able to see their loved one and know that when the business owner comes home, they will be focused on spending time with them.

It is also very important that entrepreneurs understand that when they do get home to spend time with their family, that the time is as qualified as possible. Edmonton business coach says because of this, business owners need to unplug when they are spending quality family time with their loved ones. This is not only to will keep business tasks from slowly creeping into personal life but so that business owners can be more engaged with their family when they are spending time with them. The time had a business owner spend plugged in is not time that a business owner is focused on their family. Being present and at the moment can help recharge a business owner so that when they are ready to go back to work, they are feeling refreshed. By ensuring they have a schedule, Edmonton’s business coach says that business owners can get a lot accomplished in their business, but also be able to be present with their family so that they can spend quality time with their loved ones that can help them feel ready to go back and work a long hard day in their business.

The average successful entrepreneur works about 80 hours every week in their business according to Edmonton business coach. Many entrepreneurs work more than once, but any entrepreneurs that work less than that have either put in those long hours for years before they have the freedom of time, or they are not running a business that is very successful or sustainable on average.

It is extremely important that business owners are prepared to put in long hours at work when they are building business, because building a business is very difficult and takes a lot of time say Edmonton’s business coach. You can be very difficult, even when the business owner is excited about building a business, so keeping their motivation up is extremely important to be able to do it for a long period of time.

While working those long hours, business owners should understand that it is definitely a good goal to focus on that they can eventually spend less time at work says Edmonton business coach. And while business owners have that goal in mind, they should also understand that there work schedule is going to get worse for a long period of time while they are building their business towards that goal.

Because it is a difficult task that is going to take a long time, business owners need to stay motivated by any means necessary. Edmonton’s business coach recommends that when business owners are choosing what business they want to operate, that they choose a business around something that they love and are very passionate about, because that passion the health will carry through long days and business setbacks. If a business owner working on something that they love, it will make waking up in the morning going to work a lot easier especially when they are doing it for a long period of time.

Another way that business owners can stay motivated during the long hours at work according to Edmonton’s business coach, is by taking pride in their small accomplishments that they have every day. While it is important to have long-term goals to focus on such as decreasing the number of hours or hitting a huge sales target, most people develop motivation from seeing the results of their hard work, so by celebrating the small goals every day can help business owners build up that motivation every day that can help push them through long days, and long hours.

By keeping their own motivation up, by working on what they love, and by having goals to work towards, Edmonton business coach says that business owners can stay the course of working 80 hours in a week in order to build an extremely strong and sustainable business that will be around for years to come.