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Edmonton Business Coach | Staying Motivated During An 80 Hour Work Week

Even though the most successful entrepreneurs are working on average 80 hours per week, Edmonton business coach says this does not mean that it is not difficult for entrepreneurs to put that amount of work into their business. They just understand that the payoff of working so hard is worth putting that amount of time into. And although it is difficult, business owners understand that worthwhile things are difficult.

It can be extremely hard for entrepreneurs to stay motivated in their business, especially when they are surrounded by their friends and family, who do not understand what it feels like to be an entrepreneur. Edmonton business coach says they often mean well, but do not understand why an entrepreneur spending so much time on their business and less time with the people that they love. While being well-intentioned, the loved ones and friends of entrepreneurs often persuade them to stop working so hard order quit. During these extremely difficult times, entrepreneurs need to remain resolute in their decision to work on their business in a way that they know is going to bring about success.

To help keep their motivation, one of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do is to celebrate small victories that they encounter in business every single day. Edmonton business coach says that most people develop their sense of motivation from seeing the progress of their hard work. By celebrating the small accomplishments that they make every single day, can help keep in entrepreneurs motivation that can pull them through long days as well as when their family and friends are encouraging them to quit.

Another way that business owners can ensure that they can stay working the difficult hours that their business demands of them, is to build a business around something that they are extremely passionate about it. Edmonton’s business coach says that when entrepreneurs can do what they love, the passion will allow them to be able to work those long hours and continue working even when things are difficult.

And even though a business ownerís family might be encouraging them to stop working so hard, a business owner must make time for their family, and having regular quality time with their family, can help the family see that there still getting time with their family member because they’re making them a priority as well as their business. This is going to help the business ownerís be recharged enough so that they can go back and work another long day, and it can also help the family see that the entrepreneur is still making time for them, and the quality time is important factor for them that they will still be able to see their loved one.

Building a business is not always easy, but for those entrepreneurs that can stick with it, they will be able to get significant rewards that can help them have more freedom in their life than they ever have before once they have built the stable business.

Successful business owners tend to work 80 hours a week in their business to confirm the Edmonton business coach. If people go into business ownership not prepared to spend that amount of time on building their business, it may come as a shock to them, or they may not put that time towards their business, which can end up being disastrous. As industry Canada reports, 15% of businesses fail in year one, 30% fail by year 2, and 50% fail by year 5. Being an entrepreneur is difficult, and but the rewards will outweigh the hard work, once an entrepreneur gets there.

Many entrepreneurs get into business to eventually have the freedom of their own time and to be able to set their schedules. Edmonton’s business coach says this is a great goal to have, but it should be a long-term goal of the business and not a short-term one. Business owners will be working a long time at 80 hours a week to build a successful business. However, once they build the business and successful as well stable, they will be able to have the freedom in their schedule that they always dreamed of having.

For business owners to be able to work 80 hours a week, there are several things that they will have to decide what they are going to cut out of their life to keep that schedule. Edmonton business coach says this is important because a business owner needs to focus on only the most important things. By cutting out the things in their life that are less important for them to spend time on when they are not at work, a business owner can ensure that the time that they are spending in their personal life outside of work, is quality time, and time that will help recharge the business owner and prepare for working another hard day in their business.

One key factor in spending quality time outside of their business is that it should be time spent unplugged from electronic devices. Edmonton business coach recommends this not only so that families can spend quality time together, but also by not being electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets or laptops, business owners can ensure that business tasks do not start making an appearance in their personal life. To help the business owner stay motivated in their business, their time away from business needs to be valuable.

It is possible for entrepreneurs to work 80 hours a week, as long as they are prepared to do so, and that the time they have away from work is spent on quality time doing what they truly love so that they can feel restful enough to come back to work and work another long and hard day.