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Edmonton Business Coach | Should Entrepreneurs Work More Than 40 Hours A Week

While 40 hours a week is normal for employees, Edmonton business coach says that it is not the typical workweek for entrepreneurs. The building a successful and stable business takes a significant amount of time, and the more time the business owner can put towards it, the more they increasing their chances of success. The author of the book the one thing, Gary Keller had this to say about putting time towards tasks ìtime on a task, over time, eventually beats talent every time. To maximize their chances of success, and be able to spend time working on the strategic priorities of their business, entrepreneurs should aim to work 80 hours a week for the first several years of business ownership.

Employees who do not own their businesses, often believe that entrepreneurs can work whatever hours they feel like because they set their schedule. However, nothing is farther from the truth. Entrepreneurs are some of the hardest working people, who work before their business is in a position to be able to have them work shorter workdays or take significant time off. Edmonton business coach says that this is a great goal that can motivate business owners to work through difficulties, but entrepreneurs should understand that this is a long-term goal and not a short-term goal. Business owners should be prepared to have a grueling schedule for several years.

To be able to tolerate an extremely grueling schedule, Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs choose businesses that are based around what they are most passionate about. If people do what they love, it feels like they are not working, or they will enjoy the work that they do, which will allow them to work more hours than they would be able to if they did not love the work so much. Also, business owners are more willing to do whatever it takes to succeed if it is for a cause that they love or something that they believe very deeply and

Another way that business owners can stay motivated during an extremely long workday and workweek, is by celebrating the small accomplishments they see every day in their business. The reason this works is that people can create motivation from seeing the progress of their hard work. Edmonton’s business coach says that instead of only celebrating the large pools when they get to them if business owners can create a small celebration for the victories that they have every day in their business, that motivation can help pull them through difficult situations and stay motivated when the going gets rough. An example of some small victories that a business owner celebrates, include getting another Google review in their business, successfully selling a product, and leaving work on time. By staying motivated by celebrating whatever they can, business owners can keep their enthusiasm in their business, while working very difficult hours.

Even though the typical work week for most employees is 40 hours, the recommendation from Edmonton business coach is that entrepreneurs need to be working 80 hours in their business every single week to become successful. Starting and growing a business is difficult work, that many entrepreneurs are not quite prepared for. A good rule of advice for entrepreneurs is the more time they spend in their business, the more successful they can become. The statistic from Industry Canada says that 15% of businesses fail in their one, 30% fail by year 2, and 50% fail by their 50 years. If an entrepreneur can put significantly more time towards building their business, they may significantly change the odds of feeling in business.

For business owners to put twice as many hours towards building a business as typical employees do working, they need to consider what they need to cut out of their personal life so that they can focus only on the most important things. Not only is it important for business owners to spend the time that they are not at work on the most important things, but that what they do needs to refresh them and reinvigorate them so that they can feel ready to tackle the next long day of work. Edmonton’s business coach says that for many entrepreneurs, but they choose to focus on outside of work is their family.

Entrepreneurs are spending time with their family and away from work, they need to be present and in the moment. It is not just important for entrepreneurs to do this, it is also important for the family to do that as well. One way they can more easily ensure this says Edmonton business coach, is by making family time and time to be unplugged from electronics. When people are spending time on electronic devices such as TVs, cell phones and tablets, they are not being completely present, and the time they spent can be less quality. Also, by ensuring an entrepreneur is not plugged in, can guarantee that there is no way that they are allowing their business tasks to slowly creep back into their personal life. By keeping a definite boundary of work being at work and home being at home, a business owner can ensure the lines between the 2 are never blurred.

Many entrepreneurs understand the value of keeping a rigid work schedule at work, to stay on task and get more accomplished, but business owners should also apply the same principles to a life at home as well. When a business owner keeps a disciplined and repeatable schedule at home as well as at work, the family can start to count on that important family time and schedule their own time around it. That means everybody knows and can expect when to spend time together says Edmonton business coach, so that they can ensure they are always making time for each other.