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Edmonton Business Coach | SEO & Marketing Boot Camp 4

Okay, I did ice tea. Okay. Now we’re going to talk to you about, um, you know, once you got this thing locked out and you’ve got your Edmonton Business Coach schedule ironed out and when you’re going to do things, you have it ironed out that you have enough money that you can survive while you’re trying to accomplish this goal. You had a plan, a business plan ironed out to figure out what you’re actually doing. How are you going to get people to actually notice what you’re doing and give you a call to actually hire you so you can sell your product or service. So, uh, I’m going to introduce, uh, you know, my business partners, uh, Trevor and Karen on inspire method. So chairman care, they started over the various sales roles. So they have an extensive sales background. Chatter is actually a journeyman electrician, Karen, that teacher.

Um, a lot of the way they’ve also three family businesses. They’ve got an experienced firsthand and the challenge of running small businesses and this inspired them to start their small business marketing coaching company. My boss who was triggering carrying cross when they were looking for an accountant. And you know, we’ve partnered to form inspired methods, marketing and coaching. If I’m learning that Trevor and Karen, we’re looking to help small businesses with their new company and I find a plethora of proven strategies that really went beyond the scope of an accounting practice. Um, you know, we’ve been designing business plans for years with effective marketing plans in them. But the problem is giving people an effective marketing plan to sometimes like giving them the blueprint to their house in Saint go build it. Uh, sometimes it’s a little bit difficult. So, you know, I was dying to get this information out because I continually saw my client spend too much money on stuff that wasn’t going to work.

In fact, I would do, would work even by looking at their proposal, it wasn’t going to work. Um, you know, what we’ve seen is I’ve seen every, you know, millennial with a laptop and they’re trying to brand themselves as a small business digital marketer. Um, but they don’t really a, they, they probably don’t know how to do it. And even if they do know how to do it, you know, stuff that works lots of times, they don’t really understand the time pressures of what it’s like to operate a small business. So some of the things that are trying to get you to do won’t really fit on that calendar that we showed you. Um, you know, so it’s no longer a question of, you know, what marketing and strategies work and which ones don’t. The problem is that they all work. The question is which ones worked with the least amount of time and the least amount of money.

Um, so again, we’re going to have a lot of questions in session. Trust me, you will have a lot of questions. You are going to want to fill up that board after, but there’s a big section so we’re going to try to get through it. Um, you know, and I were chair is going to handle, you guys all have that info graphic is one page. I literally spent two years of my life on that one page. Simple as we can make it as possible. Um, you know, the, you know, what’s countless videos or read books. I’ve offended seminars, I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t. I’ve actually tried it. This isn’t things that I’d know theoretically about. These are things that I’ve actually done. Um, you know, some of the biggest experts in the

world, we’ll charge you north of $10,000 a month. So it’s showing people what I’m going to show you for eight exactly free here. Um, they also give you Kara, sounds inspiring.

Alright. [inaudible]

I’ll just get my wife to stand up real quick so you know who she is.


uh, thanks so much for that introduction Josh. That was awesome. And um, what I want you guys to do right now real quick is just take this info graphic that’s you’ve been handed, flip it over so you can take some notes and at the very, very top, I want you to write this. Were these words, Google my business. All right, Google. Am I business? Perfect. Now I’m gonna start off with a little story. Okay. It’s something that I made up, but it’s relevant to what we’re going to be learning today. Here is the story of two Nate graduates. Okay. They both decided they both equal. They both got their masters Black Kevin over here and they decided they want to start an electrical company. We’re going to call electrician number one, Richard Electrician. Number two is Max. Okay, so both are great list of contacts and help them get started and to get more business.

They both this side and they’ve got to do some marketing and advertising. So Richard decided to do a mass mailer campaign and do some free ads on Kijiji. He also resolved to attend a variety of different networking events and reach out to as many of his warm market to drum up some business. Smart idea. Right? All right. Now Max, he decides to take a different path. He sets up a Google my business listing. What did I ask you to write down? Go buy by by this, right? Google my business listing and he starts gathering Google reviews and maintains regular contact with a select group of his ideal prospects. No. Max also spends everyday working on creating content, developing his brand, even though he doesn’t have a website yet, he’s learned from Seo research that he needs to have at least a thousand words per page on his website and that having new unique content each week is important to rank on page one of Google.

Okay? Now, Richard, he didn’t take time to think about branding. He didn’t think about what problem is he solving in the market, what’s his vision for his company? What is his mission, what are his values, and what is his unique selling proposition. Now, what he did for his advertising is what most guys do, they get a van, they get going and they put out a free quote. I’ll you a free quote. So this is what Richard did first market. So we’re going to fast forward six months down the road. Okay? Richard has been busy providing free estimates everywhere. The problem is the phone calls are from people who are looking for just the price check and you’re looking for the lowest number. He hasn’t closed many projects from these free quotes. He’s a great electrician, but he’s got no idea how to sell and further, his only solution is to spend more time marketing, more money out of his pocket and also race to the bottom with his pricing.

Now let’s take a look at Max. He’s got a bit of a different story because he started getting Google reviews right away. He was able to get a couple of jobs just by seeing people, what they were saying about him on Google. That’s pretty awesome. And then he now has over 45 star Google reviews, a well put together website and it started online advertising campaigns to automate his lead generation. Max is starting to get more and more leads without spending any additional time on marketing. He’s created an irresistible offer, first hour service, free free electrical system, safety check and no truck charge in every pain referral that a customer provides. He gives him $100 prepaid visa. So Max is now looking at creating systems and checklists that will allow him to hire more electricians so he can handle all the work that’s coming in. Moral of the story. You want to take your business to the Max. Don’t be a Richard. See what you did there.

Yeah. [inaudible] the marketing. Okay.

Okay, so guys, we’re going to go through this real quick. Um, I want to sound to go have, okay. I’m doing okay. So we’re going to start here. What you see on this, on this info graphic, we call this our conveyor belt, our lead system, conveyor belts. And this is the key to getting those leads and being like Max. Okay? We’re going to start at the bottom. Every elevator, every escalator starts at the bottom. Google places. What did I ask you to write down on the page? Google my business. All right, so here’s the business quote. Um, Google only loves you when everybody else loves you first. That’s from Wendy Paris. And it’s so true. Um, when, if you guys are wanting to rank and wanting to get started in a business, this is free. Google. My business listing is free. You just have to go to forward slash business.

Click the get started button. And then boom, all you have to do is complete the information, your address they’re going to ask for your hours of operation can ask for your name and your business. If you have a physical location, take pictures of that. It’s really simple to get started. Now, the reason this is so powerful is it allows you to gather Google reviews. How many people here use the Internet today? That’s pretty much every single person in here. When you are searching for anything, where do you go first? Google. Right? Right. And when you’re looking at a business, say a restaurant or a physical location or electrician, do you look at the reviews? All right. It influences our decisions. So because you are getting started with your business, you can get started with that for free. Get reviews and get started. Your Edmonton Business Coach marketing engine.

Next step here, we call it youtube, but I call this a time efficient content strategy. All right? What does that mean? Well, let me give you a quick quote from Gary Vaynerchuk. If you’re not putting relevant content and relevant places, you don’t exist. You don’t exist. And that’s so true. There’s a few ways that you can get Google to like you. Um, you can try and trick Google and pay somebody a lot of money to do some shady, what we call black hat SEO and you’ll get to the top page of Google for a short period of time and then you’ll be blacklisted and never show up on a Google search again. The other way is create relevant content. A lot of it. Now you heard of my story about Max. He need to have at least a thousand words per webpage on your website. Why is that?

Google is trying to make the number one search engine on the planet so that when users are going to look for something, anything that they find the relevant information they’re looking for. And if you want to be found there, the one with the most information, the most content is going to win. So if you are a hair salon, hair care company in town here and you want to beat your competitors, what do you have to do? Find out who the number one person is in your local area, how many pages of content they have, and double it. Double it, go more. So our time fishing content strategy. What is the number one search engine on the planet? Who, what’s the number two search engine on the planet? Youtube. Who Owns Youtube? Ah, there we go. Okay, so now that we’ve got that all set up, um, we use youtube as a search engine optimization tool.

What do we do? We help you record videos because one minute of video is about a thousand words. No, sorry, a hundred years. So 10 minutes is a thousand words approximate. How long would it take you to write a thousand word block? Hours. Hours, hours. Most people suck at writing, right? I’m okay at it. And it takes me a long to make a block right now. If you want it to pay somebody to create a blog for you once a week, a well written blog, thousand words, back links, images, um, internal links, all that stuff. You’re going to pay somebody 300 bucks to make one below or are you going to hire somebody in stuff to be writing content for you continuously and then you have to have systems and checklists and making sure that that content Israel, it’s a very expensive, very non time efficient. When you can sit down and have somebody interview you, ask you 10 relevant questions about your industry, about your business, about something that your customers would want to learn about, and boom, you’ve got a thousand words and we’re going to show you some of the video comes into, we’ve got on both Josh’s side and my side.

It’s ridiculous. You want to win, you’ve got to put out the content. Next section here. These next three kind of go together, but we’re going to start here. We used to call it vision on the sheet, but it’s our crop pro problem. Do you solve, what is the problem that you solve in the marketplace? I remember too. What is your vision for that business? With a number, right? Our vision is to help a thousand businesses to grow and the next five years, that’s our vision. What is your message? We talked a little bit about mission earlier, right? So your mission, our mission here is to inspire businesses to tell their unique story and attract raving fans. That’s our image. So, um, in this section here, once, if you don’t know these pieces of the puzzle and you’re building a website, you’re going to just end up redoing your website, right?

Cause if you don’t know what your business is about, you don’t know who your ideal and likely buyers, what you’re offering, how you want to do it, why do you me to do it? Just not going to work. A quote here from a Seth Godin on vision, if you can bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind status, or one of the other most desired emotions, you’ve done something worthwhile. The thing you sell is simply a road to achieve those emotions. And we let everyone down when we focus on the tactics, not the outcomes. Who’s it for? And what’s it for are the two questions that guide all of our decisions. So these are some answers. As business owners, as people who are wanting to start a business, maybe you’re not yet started one, but you’re a wantrepreneur, you’re thinking about doing it. What problem do you sell them?

Right? What problem are you solving? And then what is your overall vision? If it’s just, Oh, I want to make a whole bunch of money, I just want to make money. I want to kick back, have life, laptop, lifestyle, sit back on the beach working two hours a day and just roll in the cash, that’s unrealistic. And it’s not gonna work, right? If all you want is money, then that’s a failing model. How do you want to help? So what we help you guys with individualization, differentiation. Then we’ve got a great quote from Zig Ziglar. He says, the great majority of people are wandering generalities rather than meaningful specifics, right? So if you aren’t standing out in the marketplace, if you don’t have something that sets you apart from, let’s say you’re a mechanic shop and you’ve got a mechanic shop or had better yet the daycare, there’s a daycare, a in daycare, be across the street. What makes you different? What is your differentiating factor? Why are people wanting to come to your shop as opposed to the neighbor shot? What problem do you solve for people specifically that you can attract the smallest viable audience and make a darn good living off? You got to figure that out.

Next branding, branding, people are misled or they have it. A false understanding of what branding is. Everyone thinks branding is a logo, logo is part of it, but branding is all this other stuff that we’ve worked out in the beginning. Who you are, what you stand for, why you matter, what your values are, because then it determines every interaction, how your employees interact with your customers, right? How you interact with your Edmonton Business Coach employees. What are the standards? You know, how do we trade our, our, our employees? How do we treat our customers? How do we handle difficult customers if we always have this thought that if it’s good for the customer, it’s good for us. That’s one of our values. So the reason we say that is the same marketing tactics, the same stuff that we go through here, we do it for us as well as for our clients.

If we wouldn’t do it for ourselves and we’re not going to have our clients do it. So that’s why we’re pushing ourselves to try and push out content on a daily basis. It’s uh, it’s not easy. I’m going to tell you that you can get the time to do that and then edit the videos and post them up to youtube and transcribe them and it’s, it’s work. But we want to win. We want to be the number one place for people to, to go to further marketing. So to do that, it takes a little bit extra. Um, here’s a good quote from Seth Goden. Again, he’s one of my favorite guys on marketing. The most important lesson I can share about brand marketing is this. You definitely, certainly and surely don’t have enough time and money to build a brand for everyone. You can’t. Don’t try and be specific.

Be Very specifically now, next and a no brainer offer. Josh, what’s your no brainer offer? You get the coffee, you get it free console, which every accountant does. That’s why that’s not my no brainer, but you also get a copy. My favorite business book, we only count the city’s going to give you a business book for coming in just to meet with me for free. That’s right. No one else in the city is doing that. Do you have a no brainer offer? Do you have a no brainer offer? Oh yeah. I offer a free in the century of every close. Both there you, Rick, you this interest. I have a no brainer offer. It’s one month of marketing services for a dollar. No obligation, no contract. You get a weekly strategy session with, I mean that’s a no brainer. If you’re getting started in business or if you know the value like, like you said, some people pay $10,000 a month to learn this.

I’m giving away for a buck for the first month and then it’s only 1500 after that. Simple, simple, easy. Um, so it’s very important. Um, think about a no brainer offer like this. A lifeguard doesn’t have to spend much time pitching to the drowning person. When you show up with a life boy, if the drowning person understands what’s at stake, you don’t have to run ads to get them to hold onto it. All right? That’s from Seth Godin. The guy’s a genius. He’s just a marketing wizard is one of my favorite guys. Now the next thing, but then we’ve all been waiting for the Google friendly website. What are we gonna do to make a Google friendly website? Well, it has to follow. Google’s cannot nickel standards, so it needs, it needs to be set up just the way they like it. When you do a Google search on, on most topics, what comes up first?

Usually Wikipedia shows up in there because they follow the rules of what Google is looking for. We’ve got to make sure that your, your tags are done right. Make sure your descriptions are right and make sure you’ve got relevant content on. Now to show up on page one, it’s all of these things. Remember we started with Google my, my place, Google places, Google my business. And then the youtube strategy. By the time we get here, and you can see this as a six to 12 month pat. By the time we get here, you’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands of words ready to go on your website. You’ve got dozens of who reviews. So these things here help you with ranking on page one and then this helps keep you there. So once we get here, we’ll make sure it’s set up on wordpress. WordPress is the easiest, least expensive way to design and develop a website in North America.

You go somewhere else. That might be a different story. But in North America, um, wordpress is the easiest for me to do that. And then we work on making it simple. We usually only have four or five headings at the top of a website. Why? Because we need how many words per page, thousand words per page. And now if you have 27 pages, you had to write 27,000 words of content, which is going to take you a while. We want to get this thing up and running for you. Nice fast. Within the six month time period, was it always, always, always be changing your website. Always be adding relevant content to that website. We want to partner with Google. We don’t want to do something to tick them off. We’re trying to help them with their customers, find the relevant information they’re looking for. Right?

So we are doing our job in providing relevant information to our ideal and likely buyers on the website and Google, they send their collars out when they look and they find this information and you get placed on the page one. I mean we’re going to show you the proof and just a, just a minute, I’m going to go over this last one with the sales training. Um, Peter Drucker wrote 39 business books. Nothing happens until someone sells something. So did you want to go over the results or did you want to talk about sales? You Go, good. All right. So Sam’s, nothing happens unless something gets sold. But what happened Josh, if you didn’t sell your Edmonton Business Coach service, uh, we couldn’t hope for your business through the cancer by rafters, right? And that hurts. I mean, they’re going to in the wrap your thing, what’s very cool, walking out of the bank where they had got, I was like, okay, do I need to be security here or am I the camera guy?

Um, but yeah, everybody knows sales is important, right? You don’t have sales. Sales is the lifeblood of any business. And the whole point of doing all of this is to have these green dots coming into your funnel and create and complete a sale. The whole reason for getting leads in general so that either a, you want to have a meeting with these people like you because we are professional service and their service as well. We don’t sell stuff directly online, but we want to get people in to our business so we can share our vision and see how we can help their business and create and complete that sale. So we’re looking for leads for someone who actually has physical products they sell online and they want to create a system like this to where they show up organically on Google rather than having to continuously paying for ads and also complete that sale cycle.

Right? Um, what we do in our business, weird more than just simply marketing. We help you with systems, checklists and also we help go through your sales process and just we we actually call in to your business and just see how that is going. And if you need help creating inbound call scripts or outbound call scripts or email drip campaigns, all these things are part of the package of what we do. But before all of that, you’ve got to start here on my visit. And then all these other things, these other initiatives, these pipeline initiatives,

um, you know, your outbound marketing, referrals and networking, paid online ads. We do not touch any paid online ads until you have at least 40 Google reviews. Okay. Now social media, everyone’s going to ask me, well, what about Facebook? What about Instagram? What about linkedin? They’re all good things. Like any part of those things that can help draw people into your business, direct them to your website and complete that conversion into a sale. You want to focus on those. But first we don’t even touch any of that until we started here. Now if you already have that set up for your business, that’s fine, but let’s focus your attention for the next 60 to 90 days. Focus your Edmonton Business Coach intention on getting Google reviews first, okay? And then we can move on to social media. Okay, so you’re going to say what the heck for the accountant and the local market, right? It just matters. You want to give you a little bit of fruit here. Someone’s told me never to do this cause I’m going to get burned in one of these days. My ride searches don’t work. Um, but let’s, let’s go through some searches here. Edmonton accounting or remember the best place to hide a body is on page two of Google.

And at the top will explain search results to you. These are ads, so you have to pay to be at the top of ass. The next, you’re going to get places. Places are dependent on where you’re searching from. You’re going to get different results depending on where you are in the city. It’s going to be different over time. Then below it, you’re going to get the organic search results. So you’re going to see organic searches. I’ve paid nothing, and there I am on the first page, Google. MMM can see you. There’s only three other firms, over 200 accounting firms in the city. That’s not an accident. That’s on the first page. We’ll keep doing it again. We’ll do something else. Evanston counted. Same thing. We have paid ads, places. And then here we are again, the first page of Google all over again. And you have one other competitor, different competitor to this time on that one. Okay. Back Down. That’s going to the top. Go to the, uh, the search results underneath the map. So here we’ve got pat yet. Sure. Yep.

Was the listing service you got to pay to play to get on there. So all these people who are talking about, Oh, do you have Yelp reviews? Are you on yellow pages? Where did you find that you found it on Google, right? So before you pay to get your ads placed on yellow pages, Yelp or any of those things focus on, they’re the

biggest fishing to see like, hey Google, Kijiji, no Google first, Google, probably another one and 10


Same thing about doing this. Do you, what am I at their place? It is. Can you see this will be at position one on that one. I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time getting in position one but it can be done on position one. But you’ll see like who’s position to position two is like Mike Governing Body. This is the Institute of Credit Professional Council of Alberta and I’m ranking above that on, so that will be like a realtor ranking over reach out and they searched it like it, it’s, it’s, it can be done and we keep going out. You know, we’ve sensed in the last, um, um, since the last boot camp here, um, we want some more keyword terms, debit and business coach. Here we are again, first page of Google on editing business coach. You just keep building them out. And if you go even deeper, uh, you can do some even more real cool stuff that you have, really specific things that you do that aren’t as, um, you know, that are more uh, narlas competitive and more specific to what you do.

Like hire a CFO, Evanston. So I think that we do and it was a little bit unique to our firm. We can start getting not just here, we can get our videos to rank on here. And these guys below us here, where are the CFO center? They’ve been spending thousands of dollars for years. This took me like a month to get this stuff. This is like a snowball. Once you get one, it gets easier and easier and easier because the site gets bigger, you get more and more content. Um, and then you start winning some things by accident and too, um, so one of them that happened was the Alberta Bar Association for the lawyers. They brought me out to talk about how to market the professional practice cause they saw, saw what we were doing and if you were to search Wofford marketing edited,

um, you were going to get us showing up here, three here, cut the top and you’re going to get our videos indexing as well. And then what’s kind of funny is some of the, like these guys here, the rapid was there, one of the biggest marketing companies and they did, they’ve been uh, uh, trying to, you know, get this keyword for years and they have this reading that’s under me and they don’t, I have my, my face plastered all over there actually wasn’t even trying to do that. I was trying to win Evanson business coach when I was doing that. That was the keyword terms that it was right away and then one that one by accident. So, um, that’s kind of how this happens. And it’s based on, you know, if you, if you go, um, you know, where it starts is and how this is happening, this is not accident.

There’s only, there’s over 200 factors that Google is going to use to rank you in the algorithm. And if Pepsi trying to beat coke, you should know all of them. If you’re a small business owner, you need you to go for, and only four, I need to pound on those for every single day. It’s a number of Google reviews, number one. Uh, number two is your site has to be mobile compliant and you can run a, you can just try to search Google will while website compliance check. It’ll come up. A number three is your Edmonton Business Coach website has to be canonical compliant. Just like chairman was saying, has to be cut off from flight. And we have software that can run this. We can see if there’s errors in the software on a, you’re just by running a Mazda report. Uh, you don’t have to be a coder. It’s, it’s a, it’s not difficult to read the report. And then number four is the number of pages with the thousand words or more. So we’re, we’re talking about, let’s go from that. This is where their business shows up. Yeah.

Sorry guys, I didn’t show you. Where are you going to show up was moving my business. Even if you don’t have a website, you show up there, your Google my business listings. You show up in the map results, right? So it shows all these businesses and it shows you your Edmonton Business Coach location on the math. So if someone is in your local area and you have a Google my business listing, even without a website, you can be found here. And the guys who win are the ones with the biggest numbers here. You truly, okay, because this, this talks about reputation, right? How many, what are people saying about you, your business when you are looking for easiest one is restaurant. I looked at the reviews. If it’s someplace new I’ve never been before and we’re trying something different and I read through, you know, half a dozen or so of them and see there’s some bad ones are some good ones, but usually there’s enough positive ones if they got a higher star ranking and that just completely outweighs any negative reviews. So a lot of people will have that question. What if I get a negative review, um, get way more positive ones and then they completely eliminate any basis that a negative reviews can I do. Okay. And also,

well, why I’m ranking 211 reviews. There’s one other non designated from in the city and they have about 120 reviews. And for the longest time we had them up on our whiteboard, we’re going to beat this burn. They have 120 interviews and we had no other focus other than being at the top, are reviewed from the most reviewed for on Google and the city of Edmonton. And then when we beat them, we started to look around and say, well, I wonder what else there is. You know, there’s um, there we realized there was actually no one else in Alberta who had that number. There was no one else in western Canada who have that number. There was one guy, we’re chasing a one firm or chasy in Ontario right now, let’s say to be the number one burden country. So it’s not an accident. We’re showing up on these results.

So those Google reviews, a lot of people are paying for ads. Those ads are eight. They’re going to cost more to place the ads if your review, if you don’t have as many reviews, because Google doesn’t even want to sell you the ad space. If you’re not reputable, they’re going to charge you more. If your Edmonton Business Coach balls accounting in the back alley, they don’t want it. They don’t want you to show up. Even if you’re paying, they want those, even the ads to be reputable. So they’re going to charge you more if you don’t have enough Google reviews and be statistically, they’re not going to convert. If you don’t have all these 40 gurus, they’re not going to convert. So you’re going to get an ad and it’s just going to encourage them to look at one of your competitors. So before you do anything, you’d be better off of 40 Google reviews and no website than you would with a website and overviews tremendously better.

People will just pick up the phone and call you. Um, and then we’ll look at the content. So the content strategy, like how do we do, how do we do with a thousand words? Um, so we’ll start looking at some of the, so we’re membered youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world. There are people who think like the Yaffee, we’re big. Google is so far out in front and Youtube is number two, and it’s bigger than all the rest combined as number two. Um, so, and now if you type evidence CPA into youtube, we’re not just taught were like Kim John Boone. There’s no one else.

[inaudible] just gonna be us.

Yeah. And then if you search something like Evanston business coach, yeah, it’s going to be us in us, in us, and know there’s Trevor on why video and we just

[inaudible] inspired Methodist

going there and you get down further. Then we get inspired message videos. So we’re just completely flooding the market. Now. These videos are not, we’re not doing this to be youtube stars. You know what? I’m not doing it. They’re not even titled the way you should title them. If you’re trying to encourage you to videos, you, you shouldn’t put Evanson business coach. If you just want as many views and you should just put business booked, you would index way better. I don’t care about being a youtube star, I just want my phone to ring so I don’t care. Six people watch it. I just want six of my ideal and likely buyers to watch it. We we’re actually going to call me to hire. Okay. Um, so I’m doing that because I know they’ll index and then here’s what we do with the content. We have all those. So we’ll go to a spurling.


go to the website

and here I have a thousand words written on every page of the website. So I have my home page here. And if I was just doing a stylistically, I would probably stop here after the history. But because I know Google likes words, Google likes words. I’ll show you the example. You know I did this one last time, a German shepherd who knows what’s going to show up first. We can take that Wikipedia is going to be like front and center. And what does Wikipedia all the time, words, words on top of words on top of words, on top of words. Like if you do have control F on German shepherd,

it’s 148 times on the page. It’s written there in the thousands and thousands of words and write on it. So we have a thousand words. I’m just so, because I know that. All right, our problem, our vision, our mission, our values, our y stuff that I know statistically probably no one will ever read extended to Google bots, but they’re never going to get to my page unless I do that. So how far are we do this? It’s not just the homepage. You know, we have the team page, the services page. In fact, I have a thousand words of content I might contact page and on the one that everyone just puts their address and the phone number, I’ll start writing about what it’s like to get started. The initial questionnaire, can I do the questionnaire the way any information handy? Scheduling the console, uh, you evening, weekends, appointments, free console can every schedule.

Why don’t you give me a price by phone part of what the parking is like. How long has it Casa? How about highs? The coffee, I don’t want to tell you how many coffee is the way to saying no one’s going to look at this, but this is why I’m on top. So there’s a thousand words of content, even on my content, on my contact page, and then you get into the site. So the site map, here’s where the youtube article or reading, I have over a hundred articles. I have over pretty much over quarter of a million words on my website and people are trying to blog, okay, go block a quarter of a million words or hire someone to write a quarter of a million words. Three, six years later, I take all of those videos. They have the video built and they can play it and I machine transcribed. I don’t even write it up.

If you read the grammar, it’s actually pretty bad, but no one cares because chances are if they click on the page, going to watch the video anyways, people don’t like to read these days. And I have the words on top of words on top of words. I’m talking about words. And so there’s guys at Deloitte whose job is to blog for Deloitte and they’re not on page one because they can’t write as fast as I can talk. I’m gonna just keep doing it over and over and over and over again. Um, because it works and we can literally win any key word that we want them. We literally have a list saying, hey, which are you going to do next? Let’s do this. It’s not an accident. We just know exactly which one we’re going to do. And we just knock them off one by one by one. And then the next one is going to be edited. Valley studio. Yes. We’re thinking about when he ever did ballet studio just to be, just to prove a point. Point that it can be done. Changed your Edmonton Business Coach shirt. The white shirt. [inaudible]

so part of branding, um, yeah, we’re in the rent now. Does anyone have any, does that make sense? It’s, it’s all about reviews. It’s all about is a mobile compliant, is a Google canonical quite, he needs to be a wordpress site. Like it’s not like wordpress site is a the cheapest, but beat like Google also recognizes it the best because the majority of sites are wordpress. So don’t go against the grain. Just go take the easiest path of can you do it without us? Like you can, but it’s going to take you longer to cost you more. I mean, it’s not worth it. Um, and then what we get is once you get them to a site, you know, it’s not just the boat, um, you know, you want to get ranked first. Overall, you have to be able to convert those. If we were to kind of graph too, you know what happens on a, a Google search result.

Like when people actually visit a website, the majority of all people who will visit your website will make their decision on what’s above the fold. So before they scroll, they’re gonna make their decision above the fold. On the home page. Everybody is overly concerned about moving something on page three or page four at the bottom of that page. And it, it just doesn’t matter. It just doesn’t matter if you track what they do when they get there, they make their decision. Most people above the fold on the homepage. So rather than spend all your time on everything else, this is where you want to spend. This has gotta be tight. You have to communicate exactly what you can do. Free Console and free copy of Bestselling Business Book e myth. Why most small businesses working with to do about it. One fixed monthly fee planning, accounting, taxes, consulting, help became beat.

The odds bank right there. That’s it. Wait, Josh, how many leads did you get last week? We have nine minutes and no spots. And what is each lead worth to you? Uh, I’m the ish. Yeah, we were bill anywhere from 1000 bucks a year to $36,000 a year. We can only do 100 households. All right. So what is each customer worth to you? What is it worth to you to be on page one? What is it worth to you to have a no brainer, easy down your stand website with a simple oh contact us schedule that free comes. So it’s about converting. The next most important thing on your website is the uh, the rest of the home page. If people are going to do anything, they’re going to scroll on your Edmonton Business Coach home page. So people think, well I have my services or my services based the services space.

Statistically they, they don’t go there. Uh, so if you had something else you want to communicate to them, do it on the services page. Some people will click on the other pages but get most of what you want. Then it’s the team page. If they’re going to click on any other page, statistically is the team page that they’re going to click on. They want to know who you are even before they know what you do. And that might sound strange. Everybody, people, the one, I want to build these websites and they want to put their face on there. That’s a disaster. Just put your face on there and then the, all the other pages combined won’t get that. So you know, you’re there, they’re useful, but they’re, you’re majoring on the minor there. So if you have time, you can. But I mean, there could be a spelling mistake in my brother aspect.

I could care less like the chances of someone actually to review that. That’s not important. And we have that no brainer offer above the fold on the homepage because I’ve guaranteed, even if you get to the first page, they’re still going to click on your competitors. Now there’s three accounts that I don’t know, but one’s giving me a free book. Okay, I’m gonna go see him. Uh, they’re probably going to go see a couple of people. So there you’ve just got to get your foot through the door. You’ve got to get that console. So rather than spend thousands of dollars more on Google ad words, just get the people who actually came to your website to convert. And I’ll spend an extra 30 bucks on a book. Um, that’s kind of what it’s about it. People think that reviews don’t matter. One of the one that bothers me a lot is, oh, it’s all word of mouth.

88% of your potential customers will look at your Google reviews, your Facebook reviews, not your Edmonton Business Coach Yelp reviews. You know, they might look there too, but 88% of them will look at your Google reviews before they decide to purchase with you. And that number does not change if it’s a direct referral. So even if they didn’t find you online, they’re going to look at those for the design purchase from you. Um, there’s not a thing you literally could do. Nothing else that we’d said in this boot camp. You just sit out there and get 40 Google reviews and you’ve probably haven’t noticeable uptick in your business. Do you accept?

We have some. We don’t. We can’t accept personal tax only anymore. They have to have a business for us today. Yeah. This is a two hour free console to, on our free fonts. A maniacal focus on my calendar. That’s why I, that’s why I won’t answer the phone when they call. I can’t do that. It’s not possible. It’s not. That said, I’m not interested in these tables. That’s agree. One, you know what I do, I deliver as much value as humanly possible in that meeting to get a Google review all my calendar and there’s else, a lot of them, they come in, they come into the office, it’s a common thing. They’ll come into the office and I’m like, this person has at one time transaction and I can solve their problem in two hours. I’ll do it for free in the two hours. Then I’ll ask them for a Google or that’s it.

And I’ll tell people sometimes they come into the office. I was like, I don’t think you should incorporate yet. I was like, can you go on Google and say, I told you not to incorporate a, because sometimes you get all the people coming in. Are you sure? I shouldn’t say I’m sure. Trust me, I would tell you know if it was no. Um, so yeah, I mean you get that that’s a customer interaction. Maybe two years down the road they have a real business or they know a friend who’s starting one. Right. Um, there’s a very fine member. Only 5% of the population is our target market. If you’re a an electrician or a plumber, your target market’s a lot bigger. Uh, we, we, we physically couldn’t handle the personal tax inquiries. You know, we used to charge 100,000 bucks of household basically for a year, $84 a month for personal tax.

And we just, there was no impossible way we can get all those inquiries so that you don’t really is the process and we just can’t drive the whole, I’m sure you guys will have a lot of people want to see that, the questions on this, but really you should not even be considering these things until this conveyor belts is working because you’re going to feed your, you know, your people with interest into a broken system and they’re probably going to go to one of your competitors. You know, the threshold of being the top in a city and most of your businesses is actually pretty low. Um, and even if it’s a little bit more difficult, you could be the top, you know, uh, you’ve got the hair salon, you guys can be the top elders, the hair salon, it’s pretty minimal. Hair salons are pretty competitive thing.

They got more in there, but you get to the top of Ellis a hair salon, you get hundred percent knocked, you know, um, same with the realtors actually aren’t that great. You might belong to the city and maybe do one spot. Um, yeah, same with the Hvac guys. If you’ve got something more specific, uh, you know, we have caregiving. You guys going to talk like hundred percent. Like there’s just, you can be, have your faces plastered or on the surgeon’s alternate. Um, but it’s just a matter of doing the content and it really has to be every week. It just won’t write it and just go back to your calendar. Everyone has told you, you got a blog, you’ve got a blog, you have a blog, you won’t block. It doesn’t make sense in your calendar. Show me where you’re going to put like I’m doing seven videos.

So I would have to, if I can, if I can pop out a thousand words and four hours, you know, I’m not great, but I’m not careful either. That’s 28 hours a week in my calendar. I’m going to fill out for blogging. Not only that 28 hours, the logging is, that’s a pretty tough work. Um, but it’s not going to happen guys, uh, in anyone who is trying to block. I would encourage all the other CPA’s in town to keep logging. Like I say, I’ll call over and over again. Yeah. There’s some are better than this. Yeah. Cause I mean sometimes I don’t even remember I did a video on this topic before, like we’re well over a hundred videos. Right? I don’t remember that there was a similar talk. It’s the only one worry because you’re going to say different things. Right on. Google will punish you for, you know, how I know this was working.

Um, we got delisted from Google, uh, for two days. And normally you can get delisted from Google. Um, for one of two reasons. Either Google made a mistake. It’s possible. It’s not very likely. The more likely scenario is one of my competitors, she’s so upset with me that they submitted me to Google Webmaster tools for manual review cause they think I’m doing something nefarious in Google, look into it and they put me right back at the top two days later. So, um, you kind of have to not be afraid to do these things. It takes a bit of a risk. Right. And there’s a good, there’s one of the most successful optometrists in the U S and I’ve listened to him speak before and when he says about and knocked on her shoes that really conservative, tight, they don’t want to do anything. They don’t want to rock the boat. And he just takes the complete contrarian view. And he says, if your Edmonton Business Coach marketing doesn’t make your competition, one of the throat punch you, then you haven’t gone far enough yet. So that’s true. [inaudible]

we don’t think it’s competition. It’s simple, simple, but not easy. Not Easy to do to block that time. But if you don’t do it, this content on your website or should every eight feet, it doesn’t matter in long as it’s not coffee. Do not pay these content spinners to write articles because they will copy it and it’ll happen before you know it. So there’s, you can hire someone and it can be, and to put stuff on your website that they’re going to copy it and then you’re going to get dereg and they’re going to find that it’s, and it’s going to take more work to get back to the top than it took to get to the first time.

I would word it differently. I wouldn’t copy it and bring it out. Yeah, writing again. Yeah. So, so going back to like those six main pages, like I took the time to write 6,000 words in decent form. So I have a whole page, a team page, the services page of why us asked for all of the content. So I don’t think you should actually launch your Edmonton Business Coach website until you have 40 Google reviews until you’ve written 6,000 words of content until you’ve done 14 youtube videos. Because if you do and you’re just going to have a webpage, you’re going to show it to your mom and your sister and you guys are gonna be really happy about it, but no one else is gonna see it. So Josh, a thousand words per page, what it take some drop down menus on that page. Let’s just pick it up.

Where should it be? All I put it on there at all. Even if it will work. Now, I don’t know if it’ll work tomorrow, right? It’s the same with, you know, can I read a blog and I heard it can be 500 words a page. I was like, okay, maybe, but I don’t maybe want to be on the first page. I want to for sure be on the first page if you want to for sure be on the first page with thousands, hundreds. So we’re going to take a short break. There should be a lot of questions. I want you guys to come up and fill that board and we’re going to spend as much time as possible.