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Edmonton Business Coach | Searching For Marketing Initiatives in the Present Day?

Edmonton business coach | present-day marketing initiatives

Marketing is an important factor to generate clients as suggested by our Edmonton business coach. As the time changes so that as the marketing initiatives. Classic marketing initiatives includes TV commercials, radio ads and print marketing materials. These were the go to marketing strategies in the past, though still relevant today there are more effective marketing strategies and will discuss it today. The Internet has changed marketing industry as a whole. Digital marketing is on the rise and business owners are catching up. Digital marketing consist of online initiatives to make a solid online presence. You can do this by social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a term used by digital marketing specialist that allows websites and blogs to be seen on Google. There are certain rules and variables for search engine optimization to work. These consist of, but not limited to having abundant Google reviews, having a responsive website, and having plenty of relevant content and keywords. In this article we will discuss about the importance of SEO and how to effectively use it.

Ever since smartphones became prevalent, our Edmonton business coach realized that having a responsive website as important for SEO. Web searches are getting more common and it can be done from anywhere as long as you have data plan. However can make website building more difficult. Web designers need to implement a mobile first policy for modern websites. A responsive design means the website is flexible and can scale to any or most devices. From small mobile phones to gigantic monitors, a responsive website should not have any problems scaling to any devices. Another factor to a responsive website is how fast it’ll load. A fast website allows Google to crawl it faster. This can be achieved by having a light code, optimized images and videos.

One of the most important things to online marketing is having a positive and abundant Google reviews. As the Edmonton business consultant we found out that 88% of potential clients will look at Google reviews before conducting business with anyone. They usually use Google reviews to determine if a business is legitimate or not. However building up Google reviews can be difficult. Small business owners have small client base and they should try their best to get their clients to write Google reviews for them. This can help them in your future endeavours and might even be more useful than client referrals. We suggest aiming for at least 40 reviews as we found out that this is the magic number where people starts to see you as a legitimate business. Be sure to call now for the chance to work with the top Edmonton business coach today!

Last and not the least is to have content rich website. Most of the top websites on Google will have a lot of words on their pages. These words allow Google to easily find their content and website and thus rank them higher. These words needs to be relevant to your services. We believe that having a thousand words and figures is important for businesses to succeed. However difficult for small businesses to create a thousand words out of thin air. We have a program that allows us to transcribe videos into words. On top of using videos to retain viewers, we usually have more than a thousand words of content on each blog post.

Edmonton business coach | marketing initiatives in the present day

As technology progresses so does marketing strategies as we found out as the Edmonton business coach. Technology plays a big part in the classic time-tested marketing strategies. They used televisions to air commercials for their products and services. Radios to broadcast advertisements for everyone to hear. An printing press to create marketing materials such as posters, brochures and newspapers.

Although these techniques are still relevant there are more efficient and effective marketing strategies in the modern day. The rise of the Internet gives marketing firms to use online marketing strategies. This is called digital marketing. Business owners are starting to catch on and go with their trend. Digital marketing requires a solid understanding of social media and search engines. Succeed in online marketing, a business needs to have solid online presence. Google plays a big part on current digital marketing trends. The most popular search engine is Google. As the Edmonton business coach we believe that everyone knows Google is at this point. Everyone has probably used it at one point. There is ways for Google to pick up your website or blog using search engine optimization or SEO. These are certain rules sets for websites to follow so that Google can easily find and rank your content in terms of relevance.

One of the few ways that you can use search engines to your advantage by following a few of these tips and tricks. If you wish to succeed in search engine optimization, firstly your website needs to be a responsive, secondly have an abundance of positive Google reviews last but not the least have the most relevant content. These will help Google find and rank your website. The better you do these, the higher Google will rank your website.

Most people don’t know what responsive design means. As the Edmonton business we you will teach what was once a design means and how to achieve it. A responsive website is flexible and scalable. These websites can scale to whatever device if you were is using. The rise of mobile devices forced Google to have a mobile friendly website rule. This enforces web designers to create mobile friendly websites to accommodate went modern market. More and more web searches are done on mobile devices and the need for mobile friendly websites rises. A responsive website can scale to a small as phone screen to as big as a giant monitor. With modern coding techniques such as CSS and HTML can be done easily with decent planning.

Google reviews are often used by people to determine if a business is legitimate. Nowadays 88% of potential customers will use and find reviews to determine whether they would conduct business or not. This is not only important for her future potential customers, it can also convert referrals into actual clients. We suggest having at least 40 reviews for your business. It’s important to growing your reviews. The more you have the better the chances that customers will call. However 40 years of the number to start, this seems like a magical number that most people start to find a business legit. Please call now for your next Edmonton business coach today!

Last but not least, SEO optimized content, a lot of it. All of the top websites will have a lot of search engine optimized content. These content will have an abundance of relevant content and keywords to help Google find your site easier. Most of them have thousand words on each page however we realize that this is difficult for smaller businesses. We suggest that you also complement the content with videos. You can also transcribe these videos into words and more often than not if you more than a thousand words to use as content.