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Edmonton Business Coach | Scheduling in Your Business

Businesses who have mastered the art of scheduling in their business have been able to free up more time in the business, and get more accomplished then businesses who don’t says Edmonton business coach. The reason why some people seem to be able to get far more done in their day than others, despite both of them working hard can be attributed to efficient scheduling. Time blocking is a way to schedule time in a business to increase efficiencies as well as ensure that all of the strategic priorities of the business get accomplished. Business owners often get caught up in working on urgent tasks instead of important ones. By implementing time blocking in their business, they can avoid this pitfall and get much more accomplished in their day.

Time blocking ensures that business owners don’t get caught up in a task and spend far more time than they intended says Edmonton business coach. The time blocking is setting aside specific time in the future that is dedicated to specific tasks. Business owners can ensure that they are creating time blocks for important activities such as sales and marketing, administrative tasks as well as recruiting, training and HR. By ensuring that these duties get accomplished, businesses know that they are getting done all of the tasks that will help them grow their business.

Business owners tend to think that they don’t need to continue their marketing efforts, or at least continue their marketing efforts on a regular basis if they are busy says Edmonton business coach. Nothing Could be further from the truth. The best marketing efforts are the ones that are done on a consistent basis. It doesn’t make any sense to abandon the activities that helped bring success once success is achieved. It’s important for all businesses to continue to utilize their marketing efforts, regardless of what those marketing efforts are. Whether it’s running ads, reaching out to ideal clients, or finding new referral sources, business owners need to continue to keep these. By creating time blocks and a schedule for them business owners can be assured that no matter how busy they get they will always have time for these business growing activities.

Business owners who think that they will find free time in their day to work on the strategic priorities are very mistaken. Business owners barely have free time in their day, and it’s not likely that they will go home to work on the strategic priorities of their business. Business owners should spend the time they have away from their work by enjoying time with their family, relaxing and enjoying their hobbies. It’s less likely to think that an business owner who is spending family time is going to say hold on I need to work on something for work says Edmonton business coach.

By scheduling their time efficiently through time blocking, business owners can be assured that they are getting their work done, but as well working on the strategic priorities of their business which will help them grow. They can accomplish far more in their day than they used to, which means they work smarter and their business not harder.

Edmonton business coach | scheduling in your business

Business owners are busy, but they are not accomplishing any of their strategic goals says Edmonton business coach. Meaning, though they are putting in a huge amount of work, their businesses aren’t growing. Growing a business should be the top priority have a business owner. That business owners tend to fall into the trap of working on less important things. They can always hire staff to work on jobs, they should be the ones that it’s are accomplishing the strategic priorities and their business.

The time block is an effective tool in ensuring that business owners have the time set aside for accomplishing the most important goals of the corporation. Time blocking is the act of setting aside blocks of time for specific tasks Says Edmonton business coach. This may business owners can be assured that all the most important priorities have time set aside for them. It’s important that business owners are thoughtful when they are choosing how much time to spend on a particular task. It may be tempting to want to have many shorter time blocks because it might look like a lot is getting accomplished. However, if the time blocks are too short, it can lead to switching tasks before the task is done. That happens a lot of time is wasted abandoning task in favour of another one and when it’s time to go back to that first task, it takes time for your brain to remember what was being done with that in the first place. By creating a longer time block, business owners can be assured that embark on a task to its completion before moving on. If there is time at the end of the time block though, business owners can use that time to deal with any urgent matters that may have cropped up in the day.

Business owners often don’t spend any time recruiting for their business until there is an immediate need, this is inefficient because once there is a need it’s already too late. Being proactive and always recruiting for the business, business owners can be assured that they are filling their pipeline full of great talent if the need ever arises. Since business owners never really know when the main evening member for their team, it’s an efficient way of ensuring the health staff to fill those gaps recommends Edmonton business coach. Employees may get sick, or leave the business, or a business may see a sudden growth spurt. By eliminating the amount of time between needing staff and hiring staff can create a lot of efficiencies. Also ensure that the right candidates are chosen for the job, instead of business owners feeling rushed into making a decision and hire a less than ideal candidate.

By implementing these strategies in their workplace, business owners can be assured that they are not only creating efficiencies, they are also achieving all their strategic priorities to grow their business.