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Edmonton Business Coach | Scheduling Helps Entrepreneurs Avoid Cancelling Meetings

If entrepreneurs believe that they can be more efficient in their day to get more done by cancelling another appointment, they are very mistaken says Edmonton business coach. While they might have time to work on an emergency that has come up or take more time in their day to finish something that has taken them longer, is set of gaining more time, an entrepreneur actually loses time because not only do they now have to reschedule that meeting for another day, meaning they did not actually gain time, but they also need to take the time to reschedule that meeting which can end up wasting a lot of time for an entrepreneur.

Time is more important than cash, especially for entrepreneurs because while an entrepreneur can always get or make more money, they can never get or make more time. Everyone has a hundred and sixty-eight hours in their week, and making the most efficient use of that time should be the priority. When entrepreneurs work less efficiently and have to cancel appointments to get things accomplished, all they are doing is delaying the inevitable, and spending more time in doing it.

One thing that business owners should get into the habit of thinking says Edmonton business coach is realizing that it is a waste of time to question things that they have already scheduled. If they are starting to think that their time is better spent doing something else rather than attending a meeting, that time spending deciding is already wasting time. Instead of spending more time thinking of cancelling the meeting, and then spending time cancelling and rescheduling it, business owners can simply attend the meeting that they had already determined was a priority, and then get on with their day.

One of the reasons why it wastes more time to cancel and reschedule a meeting is because most of the time, entrepreneurs need to have a back-and-forth with the person they were having a meeting with to reschedule it. This may take multiple calls, talking with a receptionist, looking at schedules and getting back to the other person. Even if this takes conservatively fifteen minutes, that is fifteen minutes that an entrepreneur has not spent efficiently, it is affecting their ability to get other tasks done in their business. By simply refusing to cancel appointments, an entrepreneur can ensure that they are continuing to work as efficiently as possible says Edmonton business coach. The best words of advice that an entrepreneur can learn about their time is that if they are so busy they feel they cannot make an appointment, it is the most critical time to not miss that appointment.

If entrepreneurs are very careful with who gets appointments in their day, and only giving the most important priorities time, will help an entrepreneur understand that appointments cannot and should not be cancelled says Edmonton business coach. If they are important enough to an entrepreneur to schedule, there clearly important and a business owner should ensure that they are taking time in their day to make sure gets done.

Edmonton Business Coach | Scheduling Helps Entrepreneurs Avoid Cancelling Meetings

It may be very tempting for entrepreneurs who are running behind in their schedule, to cancel an appointment in order to get something done says Edmonton business coach. However, this is actually an inefficient way to work, because they are not creating more time, they are actually wasting more time, by needing to take the time to cancel the appointment, only to have it later. Instead of allowing unexpected priorities or unfinished work to dictate entrepreneurs a time, they should instead learn how to schedule efficiently, to allow them to work as effectively as possible and they will never have to cancel an appointment again because they will be working as efficiently as possible.

By working efficiently, business owners can avoid running out of time to accomplish tasks, because their time blocks have been scheduled in such a way to allow them enough time to accomplish each task. By thinking ahead of each task that they need to accomplish, and considering how much time it will take to get each one done, entrepreneurs can end up with a schedule that will never allow them to run late says Edmonton business coach.

Entrepreneurs might want to cancel other appointments, because one of their clients has come in with an emergency, and they feel they need to cancel one appointment to deal with the client who has an urgent need. However, Edmonton business coach says business owners should get into the habit of never allowing the urgent job to take priority over a previously scheduled meeting. Usually, the reason why a client has an urgent situation is because of their own poor planning says Edmonton business coach. By continuing to accommodate clients that are poor planners, they will never learn to be time-efficient themselves, and will continue to put this pressure on an entrepreneur. If they refuse to accommodate this type of client, they will never find their time being wasted.

Many business owners will have unexpected events pop up that do need to be dealt with. In order to help business owners have the time in their schedule to deal with these events, without having to steal time from another previously scheduled appointment or meeting, entrepreneurs can actually build time into their schedule. They can either have certain blocks of time in the schedule that have no priorities scheduled, and an entrepreneur can use that time to deal with unexpected events that have popped up or use that time to finish tasks that may have taken longer than expected. Or, an entrepreneur can simply schedule time blocks longer than it will take to accomplish that task. This way, an entrepreneur will end up having additional time in their day to deal with things that legitimately come up unexpectedly that need to be dealt with.

By learning how to work more efficiently in their day, Edmonton business coach says that entrepreneurs will never even be tempted to cancel the meeting, because they have no need to. By working efficiently, and adhering strictly to their schedule is a key to helping entrepreneurs never cancel meetings again.