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Edmonton Business Coach | Schedule Your Day for Productivity

Everyone has 168 hours in the week, but some people are getting drastically more done than others says Edmonton business coach. How can business owners get the most out of the hours in their day? Business owners are busy, but if they are not accomplishing their strategic goals, are they working effectively? Zig Ziglar said if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you wasted. There are several things that business owners can do to ensure that they are using their time as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The number one thing business owners can do to increase productivity right away and their business is time blocking. Time blocking is setting aside a specific time in the future, dedicated to specific tasks. For example, a business owner may say every Thursday from one to 3 o’clock in the afternoon, they will be unavailable so they can dedicate that time to marketing. Time blocks should not be under two hours long, because if time blocks are too short, business owners can spend more time switching between tasks, then on the tasks at hand. It takes people 23 minutes to reach intellectual capacity, which translates into peak productivity. Short time blocks means people are unable to work in their peak productivity zone for a long enough time says Edmonton business coach.

Another trap that business owners often fall into is that thinking that checking their email should be their number one objective. Business owners can train their staff to answer emails, or set time blocks in order to check your email. Email can be time waster, if they don’t get to your strategic objectives, or do their work. Email is constantly coming in, but that doesn’t mean an entrepreneur needs to constantly be checking it. Checking emails also not a business owners number one priority. It may be an urgent matter to the person sending email, but it is only one part of the business owners day.

Something else that deters business owners from reaching peak productivity, is mistakenly thinking that they will be able to get certain tasks done during free time. Jobs such as working on administrative tasks, implementing marketing plans are all things that business owners think that they can get done away from business. But once business owner get home they should be spending the time focusing on family time, and hobbies so they don’t get burned out warns Edmonton business coach. It’s less likely that once a business owner gets home that they will even do those tasks. This is especially a problem when it is a strategic task necessary for business growth, such as marketing and planning.

Now that business owners can identify what wastes their time, they will be more likely to get more accomplished and there 168 hours then they were before. This will allow business owners to work smarter not harder, and accomplish their strategic goals. For more help on being more productive in your day contact your Edmonton business coach.

Edmonton business coach | schedule your day for productivity

Business owners are possibly the busiest people, working hard throughout the day but are they accomplishing their strategic goals asks Edmonton business coach. Even though they are putting in a ton of work, if there businesses are not going are they working effectively? Asks Edmonton business coach. Using time blocks can be an effective way for business owners to work the most efficiently and their business.

Time blocking is a strategy where you set aside a specific time in the future dedicated to specific tasks. Rather than jumping from one task to the next as it seems urgent, time blocking has you sitting side time in your day to achieve your strategic objectives. Since it takes 23 minutes for person to reach peak intellectual capacity, the most effective time blocks should be no shorter than two hours at a time. Shorter time blocks are inefficient because that will cause you to switch tasks too soon or unnecessarily which can contribute to wasted productivity. It is also possible to schedule some time blocks for unforeseen events, so that urgent matters that pop up during the day can be dealt with efficiently. You may also want to make your time blocks longer than necessary so that you can use that extra time to deal with unforeseen events.

Most people tend to underestimate the time required for recruiting, training and for HR. Setting aside time blocks for those activities will ensure that they get done in a timely manner. Some business owners find if they do not have blocked time for certain activities such as marketing, those activities just won’t get done. This is a huge problem because those are more likely to be the activities that drive your business growth.

What are some tasks that can be time blocked? Everything from marketing time, your scheduled work, administrative tasks, and hiring staff, or training your team. It is also completely reasonable to ensure that you will be unreachable some of the time, so that you can work uninterrupted on the tasks at hand. Your staff and customers will become accustomed to the time where you are unreachable and will adjust. You can also time block creating checklists and templates for your business. This will allow you to be more efficient in the work that you are working on, increase customer and employee satisfaction says Edmonton business coach.

Having a schedule will help your team know when you are available, and free for them to ask you questions. Will also help staff know when they will be getting trained or coached up. Working efficiently with your team help everyone reach peak productivity.

Knowing how to time block will allow business owners to get much more done in their weak than previously. It will allow them to work on their strategic objectives, which will help them grow their business in the long run. As zig Ziglar sent if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you waste it.