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Edmonton Business Coach | Schedule Your Day Efficiently

All business owners have 24 hours in the day but some are able to use that time more efficiently and effectively than others has Edmonton business coach. The reason for this is not because anyone is smarter than anyone else, is that some people have the tools for efficient scheduling. Anyone is able to utilize efficient scheduling tools quickly and easily on takes is going how to schedule, and what schedule.

Time blocking is the technique that’s most commonly used for efficient and effective scheduling says Edmonton business coach. Time blocking is setting aside certain time in the future that is dedicated to specific tasks. Business owners can’t implement this for themselves as well as for their team, there’s no reason an entire office would not be able to utilize time blocking efficiently.

The most important things to know about time blocking is the first things that should be time blocked are the activities that will further the company’s strategic priorities. This includes sales and marketing this includes sales and marketing recommends Edmonton business coach. One of the biggest mistakes that business owners can make is failing to continue to work on marketing strategies because they are busy. Business owners can always hire staff to take care of busy work, business owners make it their priority to work on sales and marketing because that’s how their business will grow. It doesn’t matter what the marketing activity is, because the most effective marketing is what’s being done on a consistent basis. By not being consistent in marketing efforts, business owners often waste more time and ultimately would be needed to achieve the same end.

Thinking that they will be able to accomplish administrative duties in their free time is another mistake that business owners make. They either think it will take much less time than it does, that they will be able to do it after work. After putting in a long hard day at work, business owners are less likely to work on administrative tasks of their business while they should be relaxing cautions Edmonton business coach. It’s much easier to schedule in time for administration, and then know that it will be dealt with incentive hoping that will and being wrong.

Creating time blocks for business owners as well as her staff also helps the business owner coordinate effectively with their team. When staff know that they are going to be regularly seeing the business owner, they will be able to address questions they may have, address specific topics, and get direction on problems that have come up throughout the day. Regular meetings with staff also assures them that they will be getting regular training and coaching to help them learn how to do their job better and learn new tasks of the business recommends Edmonton business coach. Well-trained staff is efficient because as they learn new tasks that takes more business owners plate. Also well-trained staff make fewer mistakes which also saves time because less time is needed fixing those mistakes.

Edmonton business coach | schedule your day efficiently

Being busy, entrepreneurs often think that they are working very hard in their business says Edmonton business coach. However if they are not looking effectively, is that hard work they are spending effective? Business owners need to know that working on the strategic priorities of their business should be their top priority rather than working on the most urgent tasks at hand. Often business owners fall into the trap of working out of their inbox which can be a trap that takes all day. As urgent as those emails seen, none of them are going to get the business owner to accomplish any of their strategic priorities, therefore it can’t be the owners most important task of the day.

So what are some of the tasks that a business owner should be accomplishing. One of the most important things that business owner should in their day is work on their sales and marketing. It’s one of the first things that gets dropped when a business gets busy, but nothing could be further from the truth. The reason for this is if marketing efforts are not consistent, they are not effective. More time will be spent on those marketing efforts if it is started and stopped. To ensure that they are getting the most out of their marketing efforts, business owners needs to do it on a regular basis. Even if their business is very busy, to not work on marketing would be the same as decreasing their business.
Another activity that business owners should ensure gets not through time blocking, is taking time to recruit new staff. It seems counterintuitive to be looking for new talent before there is a need, but the reason this must happen is because the business owner never knows when an employee is going to get injured or sick or even leave the business. By taking the time to make sure business owners have potential talent already lined up, they can eliminate the downtime between meeting and a staff person and getting that staff person. When a business owner does not have someone in mind all ready to go, they often feel pressured into making a decision before they have identified who the best candidate for the job will be.

Business owners should ensure that when they schedule activities calendar, that they are not scheduling to short of a time. Time blocks that are too short increases the chances of switching tasks unnecessarily and when tasks are switched unnecessarily productivity is lost. The reason for this is it takes a person 23 minutes to reach intellectual capacity and productivity of their brain, each interruption or switch task means that 23 minutes must start again says Edmonton business coach. For every interaction that a person has their business times that by 23 equals the amount of time lost.

By ensuring that business owners schedule their day efficiently and effectively, they can get the most out of the hours they put in. Working smarter not harder can ensure that the long hard hours that business owners put in their business are being used to achieve their strategic objectives. Business owners shouldn’t forget that they can always hire people to do the work of the business, it is their sole responsibility to grow their business.