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Edmonton Business Coach | Save Time With Group Interviews

When business owners are struggling at trying to find or keep staff says Edmonton business coach. They need to change the way they interview people. Instead of reading resumes even more carefully. Or choosing interesting interview questions.

In fact, the chances of business owners meeting the right candidates for their business. During the first round of interviews is quite low.

Because studies have shown that an entrepreneur needs to meet one hundred people. In order for them to have met one who will be a good fit for their business.

Therefore, business owners end up spending a significant amount of time reading ten, twenty or hundred resumes every week. And that is not going to help them figure out who to interview.

In fact, according to hire right and Inc. magazine. An overwhelming majority of people, 85% to be exact. Lie on their resumes. Whether that is an outright lie, or stretching the truth.

That just proves that looking at resumes. As an ineffective way to shortlist candidates for interviews. And it wastes a lot of time for an entrepreneur as well.

Instead, Edmonton business coach recommends inviting all candidates out for group interview. And that way an entrepreneur will be able to meet everybody face-to-face.

And get a better idea of who the candidate is then just by reading their resumes. So by utilizing a group interview method. Business owners are already saving dozens of hours.

Chances are very high. That even if an entrepreneur calls candidates for a one on one interview. That some are simply not going to show up. When this happens during a one on one interview.

It ends up wasting a lot of the business owner’s time. Because they have that time slot open. And when someone does not show up. It is less likely that the business owner will be able to do anything else.

In that time period, and if they show up late. Even though the business owner will not likely hire that person. They will likely interview them. Just because they have that timeslot already spoken for.

In either way, a business owner is wasting time. And not getting any closer to finding candidates. Who are a good fit for their business. And while there finding people who would not be a good fit.

They can do that just the same in a group interview setting. Which will allow business owners to identify who good candidates are as well. Without wasting time reading resumes ahead of time.

By learning how to do a group interview. Can help entrepreneurs meet a larger amount of people. Because they can meet as many people as who shows up for the group interview.

And if none of them look like they would be decent candidates for the business. A business owner does not have to spend any more time with any of those candidates.

Because they know the following week, they will meet another group of candidates. And perhaps one of those would be a good fit for their business instead says Edmonton business coach.

If business owners want to increase the quality of candidates they meet. They simply need to increase the number candidates that they do meet.

If You Are Ready To Waste Your Time, Then Don’t Bother Our Edmonton Business Coach

One thing that business owners do not have a lot of is time says Edmonton business coach. And the other thing they do not have a lot of is money. Just why they should utilize a group interview process.

Most business owners do a one on one interview. Often because that is the only method that they know of. Even though it is not an efficient way for small business owners to find candidates for their business.

In fact, this is a method utilized by large corporations. Simply because they have the time and the resources to do enough interviews. That they will likely be able to find one person who is a good fit for their organization.

This is why large companies have human resources departments. That will be able to interview candidates one on one. For as often as they need, until they find a candidate that will be the best fit for them.

And Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. That they do not have the time or the resources to do that. Which is why they need to find staff members more efficiently than that.

This is where the group interview can be very beneficial. With entrepreneurs being able to meet as many people as show up for the interview within the same one hour timeslot.

Even if a business owner is not looking for people in their business at that moment. Edmonton business coach says they still need to have an hour set aside for a group interview every week.

And everybody who applies for the position, can be invited to the group interview. In fact, they can be given three timeslots. In order to choose the one that works for them best.

Not only does this save a lot of time by not having a business owner read resumes ahead of time. But it also saves a lot of time. By not requiring a business owner to have to call candidates back.

In order to schedule interviews. And since this is a process that often requires multiple phone calls. As well as the candidates calling back. As well as rescheduling interviews.

By inviting everybody to the same interview slots. A business owner can save a lot of time. And if none of those spots work for a candidate. A business owner does not have to change the dates.

In an effort to accommodate that candidate. But just know that the people that are not able to make that timeslot work. Are simply not going to show up to the interview.

As well, business owners may find that some of the candidates do not show up at all. And the ones that show up late will not be admitted into the group interview.

Which means a business owner can already start to narrow down the list of candidates. Based on who shows up to the interview. They will also be able to see who showed up dressed properly.

As well as see which candidates prepared for the interview, and who has the mannerisms they are looking for. This way, business owners will be able to create a shortlist of the people they would like to see.

And if they do not want to see any of these candidates again. They know that they will have more candidates arriving next week.