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Edmonton Business Coach | Save Time With Group Interviews

The inability of small business owners to find the best people is not necessarily because of their interview questions says Edmonton business coach. But instead, is often because they are not meeting the right number of candidates.

Business owners spend so much time reviewing resumes, and interview candidates. But still struggle finding the right people in their business. And this is actually a common reason for business owners to fail.

According to industry Canada, not only are 50% of entrepreneurs in Canada failing. But 23% say they failed. Because they were unable to find the right people in their business.

This is something that many small business owners are struggling with. Because the turnover rate of employees in businesses is extremely high.

And while employees use to stay approximately five years at a job. Before moving on to a different organization. The average is now two point three years.

Which means business owners are needing to find more staff more often. Which can be a struggle. If they do not have the best interviewing and hiring practices in their business.

In fact, most small business owners are utilizing a one on one interview method. Although that is not an efficient way to find staff says Edmonton business coach.

And the reason why large corporations still utilize a one-on-one interview process. Is because they have the time as well as the resources to utilize that method. Because they have entire HR departments devoted to it.

However, entrepreneurs do not have that kind of time available. To be able to interview endless candidates on a one-on-one basis. In hopes that they will find the right fit for their business.

But the more applicants that an entrepreneur does made. Increases the chances of finding one for their business. Who would be the right fit for the organization.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs start conducting group interviews. Because not only will they be able to meet more people. They will also be able to do so efficiently.

Instead of reading resumes in order to figure out who the best people to interview would be. Entrepreneurs simply invite every single applicant to the interview process.

And while many business owners think that they need to ensure that every candidate is qualified for the job. That is not necessary because anyone who makes it passed the first interview.

Will have their resumes looked at. And if they are not qualified for the job. The entrepreneur has not wasted any time. And will simply not call them back for a second interview.

This can lead out candidates who do not show up for the interview. Or the candidates who show up late. Especially if entrepreneurs can lock the door when the interview starts.

And that way, a business owner is already weeding out people who would not make a good fit in the business. Without having spent any time doing so.

The people who impressed the business owner. Will have their resumes read, references checked. And information verified. And if they are still impressive, should be invited back for a job shadow day.

How Can You Learn About The Edmonton Business Coach!

Finding and keeping staff is a struggle for most small business owners says Edmonton business coach. And is one of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs are not successful in business.

However, while many entrepreneurs assume. That the reason they are not able to find great staff. Is because they are not reading resumes carefully enough.

Or, they think that they are not asking the right interview questions. When neither of those problems are the reason why business owners are not able to find the right people in their business.

Instead, it is quite simply a numbers game. With an entrepreneur not being able to meet enough candidates. To ensure that one of them is the right fit for their business.

In fact, studies have shown that entrepreneurs need to meet approximately one hundred people. In order to have one of those be a good candidate for their business.

So no matter how good their interview questions are. Or how carefully they read resumes. They simply need to meet more people to find good candidates for the business.

This is why it is important for entrepreneurs to always be looking, and hold weekly interview sessions says Edmonton business coach. Even when they are not hiring anyone immediately in their business.

The reason why, is in order for an entrepreneur to meet hundred people. They need to be meeting people all the time. And besides, they may never know when one of their staff is going to give notice.

Even when the relationship with their employee is extremely positive. A business owner should keep in mind. That the employee may leave at any time for a variety of reasons.

Whether it is because they have become sick or injured, and leave to help themselves heal. Or if their spouse received a promotion then they are moving out of town.

Or employee might leave because they are starting a family, going back to school or even retiring. And an entrepreneur may find themselves looking for staff. Even though the relationship with their current staff is amazing.

If they find a great candidate. And they are not immediately hiring. Edmonton business coach says that they can put this person on the list. And when the need arises. They can call on those candidates first.

So that they can decrease the amount of time it takes between one employee giving notice. And a new employee being hired. So that they do not have to be short staffed for any length of time.

What this also does. Is helps a business owner avoid hiring the wrong person. Because they are feeling pressured to hire someone. And they will know that another group of candidates will come next week.

By learning how to utilize the group interview method. Can significantly help business owners. And especially now when staff turnover is higher than ever before in all businesses.

And it can help keep an entrepreneur fully staffed. With the best possible candidates. On an ongoing basis.