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Edmonton Business Coach | Real Entrepreneurs Don’t Do It Alone

The cycles we reinflate are eagles by, you know, doing it ourself and demonstrating your, your Edmonton Business Coach mastery of this thing. But really the real humbling thing that you have to have is if you had to do it yourself, it’s because you’re a crappy leader

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hi, thanks for tuning in for another episode of ask CPA today, if it’s a business coach, we’re talking about how real entrepreneurs don’t do it alone. So again, as your Edmonton Business Coach business coach, we’re talking about real entrepreneurs. Don’t do it alone. I have Trevor from inspired method here. Cherry, you seen some business owners try to do it alone. Yeah. You know, um, I, I did a couple of a service based businesses back in the day and I tried doing it by myself and it failed miserably because you’re trying to do everything. You’re trying to take the phone calls, you’re doing the marketing, you’re doing the work, and you’re trying to stay up on top of all the bookkeeping or you know, getting supplies and it just, you run out of gas and then something falls off and it, it just doesn’t work well. Yeah. And we also have a lot of Solo preneurs that we are working with that we’re trying to help them to develop and grow teams so that they don’t have to do everything and they can actually grow and scale their business.

Yeah. So the quote that I have here for everyone on this one is it’ll Jocko Willink, retired silver star navy seal, founder of Sol from consulting and author of one of our favorites, extreme ownership. And he says a good leader does not get bogged down in the minutiae of a tactical problem at the expense of strategic success. You know, 50% of all Canadian small business will go out of business and the first five years, 23% of these failed businesses will list their inability to recruit and retain the right employees as one of the primary reasons for their failure making it. You don’t want the top three reasons for businesses failing. And the story that we have here is entrepreneurs get that false impression that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That’s a limiting factor. So Jeremy, what are the questions that these business owners need to be asking?

All right, here’s the biggie. Do People that are drawn to entrepreneurship also tend to have inflated Egos? This is tough. This is tough and we have to face this as business owners that you are likely the person they know. The personality type that gets a generally gets drawn to running business also generally has that inflated Ego Syndrome. I am better than the other people who can do this task. So we have to be aware. We have to have that awareness that if you want it to be an entrepreneur, whether you think so or not, you’d likely have that trait. Yeah. And in a lot of cases, people who start businesses are, let’s say they’re great technicians. They are so good at their craft and they’re better than the boss. So they decide, I’m going to go ahead and start my own business. I’m better than all these other people.

And then they get started and realize, oh no, I don’t know how to sell anything, but I’m a great technician. Yeah. So number two, why should having to do it yourself be a humbling experience and leadership. So here’s this apart. We sue ourselves as entrepreneurs like you, that person couldn’t do it. I’ll do it myself because you know, I’m, I and we, we reinflate the, the cycles we reinflate are eagles by, you know, doing it ourself and demonstrating your, your Edmonton Business Coach mastery of this thing. But really the real humbling thing that you have to have is if you had to do it yourself, it’s because you’re a crappy leader. So you’re doing it yourself, not because you are great at the task is because of your inability to teach and your inability to lead. And that is a task that every entrepreneur, including myself, I’ve had to realize that task.

If I’m stuck doing something myself, when someone I intended someone else to delegate it and I had to get turned back into me, it’s not, I’m not doing it because I’m the best in the world at that task. I’m doing it because I failed my leadership tasks in that one. And once you come to that realization, you know it’s a tough realization to come to, but that’s the one that’s going to set you free. So now you start looking at it is that I’m not doing this because I’m a genius. I’m doing this because I’m an idiot on delegating and leadership. And once you have that, that, uh, that awareness, now you can actually start getting better. All right? Now here’s a question for you Josh. What is the 30 day alien abductions scenarios? So the 30 day alien abductions scenarios, you start thinking about your Edmonton Business Coach business.

So you think about your Edmonton Business Coach business in terms of what would happen to my business if I was abducted by aliens today. So today I get abducted by aliens. What would happen in my business over the next 30 days? Probably run out of coffee. We would run out of coffee. It’s for Allen Associates. I’m still getting caught. Um, but there’s, there’s some things that happen in a business. Some businesses would completely grind to a halt. Right? Yeah. And I think about my business, you know, uh, you know, eight years ago nothing would happen. I mean, if I, if I was a, when it was just me and I was a solo printer, nothing would happen at all. Right. Uh, but then you start to think about, you know, now as we move outwards in 30 days, if I was abducted by aliens, people are probably wondering where the heck I was.

But I think they would still start showing it was show up to work. Everybody knows where the, the, the, the, when we meet with the clients, what we need to say to new clients that come on the phone, you know what we do and most of our meetings are standardized type of meeting. Um, so you know, now we move forward that 30 day of deduction, Sarah. So just think about stuff. Where would my business start to break down? Right. Um, you know, I, I certainly haven’t perfected it yet, but I’m thinking I’m at the point where if I was abducted by 30 days, everything would reasonably look somewhat similar when I bought back in 30 days. So I’m probably not the point where if I left for a year, it would look very similar, but certainly in 30 days it would look very much the same as when I left it 30 days ago.

Um, but you start to think about yourself, if I didn’t come in, this would be the first ball that withdraw dropped. This is the second ball that would drop. This would be the third ball that were dropped and this is what the business would probably looked like 30 days from now. That’s the 30 Dalian deductions scenario. You should take a few minutes to think about what that would look like in your Edmonton Business Coach business. Now judge, what should you do with the challenges identified in the alien abduction scenario? So now you start looking at these challenges, these balls that are going to drop. I was look at them almost probably in order of the order that they’re going to. What is that? First of all that’s going to drop if I leave. That’s probably the first thing that you need to work on. Training someone writing a checklist, writing a template, putting processes in place that someone other than you can actually do that and you just start looking at each one of those as the first one that drops the first ball that would drop.

Do that one first and the second ball that would drop. Do that one next and just do it in order until you’ve got a process that, hey, in 30 days this was, you don’t have to be perfect. Just the big, you know, don’t worry about the little things like getting stuck through the cracks, just the big things or a, can people open the doors to the office? Can the billing still get out? Can we still collect the payments? Right? Can we still answer the phones, you know, all of that sort of thing. So those big items, just work them through in order of the order that they would break down if you were to leave. All right, so shit, most business owners start by compiling a list of passwords. Yeah. A lot of times you have a good, one of the simple ones that you have good, capable people on board and they can help you with it.

They just don’t know how to get it into the system. They don’t want it to get the password out. And sometimes as business owners work guilty of, you don’t know the passenger yourself either as a business owner. So sometimes it’s a good tool for you too. But, um, the first thing you probably need is, you know, someone else needs to know the passwords and they gotta be written down in one single location. Um, that would probably stop one of those first balls from dropping. And it’s not too, you know, too terribly complex to figure out how that one gets done. Now Ken, most owners step away from billing and collections. Um, yeah, so most owners can’t, and that’ll be one of the common balls that are going to drop is most owners cannot, you know, get away from the billing of their clients and receiving the receipts.

So if you were gone for 30 days, now you just have, all of your Edmonton Business Coach expenses are continuing to accrue, but you’re not collecting any money. That’s probably one of those big balls. Again, both the things about don’t worry about the little things falling through the crack thing three days, what are the big things? But guess what? If you can’t bill and collect money, that is a really big part of the business, right? So that’s one of the ones that a, you’re going to have to, uh, look at it as well. Now, how will assembling checklists and templates help you automate routine tasks? So though the things about what is the process that you go through your, your billing, those, uh, checklists and templates and they’re going to think about you. So you just write it down. This is how I build, these are the steps that I take.

Maybe I’ll have a standardized template that I’m going to do and maybe in a meeting, usually our meetings come up. There’s a standardized, finished product that looks like if you start having those checklists, those templates, now you’re putting other people in a position where they can replicate your Edmonton Business Coach life behavior. Maybe they can’t do it at the quite the same standard, you know, they haven’t been doing it as long as you yet they’re not quite as familiar with it, but they could do an okay job. You know, the business wouldn’t completely fail in 30 days. Again, you’re not trying to write it that the business could fail. The business could operate in perpetuity is if you weren’t there, you’re just trying to think about how could they muddle through 30 days. What checklist or template could I put in place? I get them the password. The other thing, one of the other life things is a standardized filing system.

A lot of times people just, they can’t actually help you with activities because they don’t know where things are that they could probably complete the building if they knew where the work order was, but they don’t know where the work order is. Right. And they need the password to get into the system. So what’s that standardize filing system that he’d get the contracts. They, you know, they could do that. Um, so you probably should have a standardized filing system, standardize nomenclature for all the file names. People can actually find them, navigate through them. They’re not sitting on one person’s computer that’s locked down and no one else can get into it. Um, you know, this, uh, not only that helps with the 30 day alien abduction that helps with data loss too. If you have all the important files saved in one spot. Um, so you can start, you know, doing checklists or templates to how to do these, you know, big bald tasks that are going to drop if you don’t solve them.

Now, Josh, um, what’s the difference between a checklist and a template? So a checklist is usually like a series of steps. You know what I asked when a new client calls in, if I’m going to the bill itself, the invoice itself is a template, right? Whether it’s generated manually through quickbooks and that’s the template, but what are the processes that I need to, the steps that need to follow to populate that template? That’s the checklist, right? Um, so the checklist is normally a series of steps or actions that you’re going to do that a lot of the times the client is never going to see, but it’s the internal work process and it has a list of order, things that we’re going to do. Whereas the template, a lot of times that’s an email that’s going to go, Whoa, that’s a standardized script that they’re going to hear on the phone.

Um, that, that’s the difference. You normally want to think about your Edmonton Business Coach business in terms of people tay operations manual or policies and procedures. And nine times out of 10, the most valuable parts are going to be the checklist and the templates. This is the checklist. Is that the order of what I do and how I do it in this template, uh, you know, ultimately what gets said or what gets used. All right, Josh, the million dollar question is how will going through the alien abduction scenario help you scale your business? So now you’re, you’ve done this with the, you know, the false pretense that you’re going to get abducted by aliens and hopefully enough thing actually does happen to your business that you actually would prevent you from working 30 days. But now if it does, you have systems in place, but now you can start to actually put those into practice.

So now we can actually say, Hey, look, normally I am the one who does the billing. Um, but I have this process in place. Let’s give it a go. I’ve trained this person, I’ve written a checklist, I have a template that they can follow. Let’s try and do that. And then, um, and then, you know, you can use that too. Once they’re comfortable doing it. Now move on to something else to make your business bigger, better, you know, something that you can use to make the service even a higher level, uh, deliver a better level of service or you know, start pursuing activities that are going to bring more clients through the door. Um, so going through the alien abduction scenarios, not just for the exercise of, you know, what, what if something really does happen to you for 30 days, you know, you get sick or car crash or something like that.

Um, but it’s also now, once you have these items in place, now let’s start to use them not on a stress test, 30 days scenario, but let’s start using it. And every day to free up, you know, an afternoon here are morning there if you to do something to make the service better or do something to bring more clients in the door. Awesome. I love it. So I think that’s what we have here today. Thanks again for tuning in. As always, we would enjoy it. Any comments that you have below so we can respond back? Uh, and also, you know, police, it’s the light can subscribe button so we can continue to deliver your Edmonton Business Coach tips on how to beat the odds of business. Thanks very much.