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Edmonton Business Coach | Products & Services Don’t Attract Customers

This one cracks me up. There’s these years, these businesses and they say our business is completely based on referral. Meanwhile, they’re driving around in a truck that’s auto wrap that cost them 5,000 bucks. They just spent $10,000 at a commercial printer to give you that nice brochure when they signed you up as a customer and they’re at the Edmonton home and garden show with a $25,000 booth saying with a big sign on it saying a business built on referrals. Um, no, it is. I don’t think it’s, I don’t know if they’re believing their own lies or not, but it is not truthful. Um, the top companies are spending money on marketing, you know?

Yeah. I can see why I can be because it’s not.

Hi, thanks for joining us for another episode of ask [inaudible] CPA. Today I’m do business coach for talking how products and services don’t attract customers. Again, with your Edmonton Business Coach business coach, you’re talking about how products and services alone don’t attract customers. And I have may here with me again. So me, I think the smoke is gone. Yes. Paper or are we through our, our season, I think we have uh, you know, spring, summer smoke. Yup. Fall and winter in Alberta it seems to be the season. So that’s going to restrict any of your travel plans this year.

Um, it’s going to restrict my breathing plan. You’re reading files. Um, I hope that it doesn’t restrict my travel plans.

Yeah. Okay. So the quote that we have for today is Gary Vaynerchuk quote, it says, your Edmonton Business Coach number one job is just tell your Edmonton Business Coach story to the customers wherever they are. And preferably at the moment they’re deciding to make the purchase. And this is this stick that we’ll throw at you on this topic. Again, products and services don’t attract customers is 50% of all came visits were going up is in the first five years and 42% of these failed businesses. We’ll list a lack of customers as one of the primary reasons for their failure making lack of customers. The most common reasons for business failure and the story that we have here are business owners. Think that word of mark, word of mouth marketing alone will be sufficient to grow their business. So me, what are the questions? Do you think that these business owners should be asking?

They should ask, willing outstanding product or service alone attract enough customers?

You will, uh, unfortunately just an outstanding product or service is not going to be enough to attract customers. I mean, you could be the absolute world’s best electrician, but if nobody hears about you and your only, your Edmonton Business Coach only hope is to go into that one person’s house and they’re going to refer you to 10 other people, it’s just not going to happen. You know, I know standing product or service alone is not enough to attract enough customers

are businesses who saved their business is based on referral being

truthful. This one cracks me up. There’s these businesses and they say our business is completely based on referral. Meanwhile, they’re driving around in a truck that’s auto wrap the cost of 5,000 bucks. So you spent $10,000 at a commercial printer to give you that nice brochure when they signed you up as a customer. And they’re at the Edmonton home and garden show with the $25,000 booth saying with a big sign on it saying a business built on referrals. Um, no, it is, I don’t think it’s, I don’t know if they’re believing their own lies or not, but it is not truthful. Um, the top companies are spending money on marketing. If you’re looking for the one in a million company that doesn’t do any marketing, fine, but I’m looking at the majority and the majority are spending money on marketing. Even the ones who say they’re not, they are just look very kick. Just look at what they’re doing. You’ll pull up their website. Why do they have a website and it must spending any money on marketing. It’s all based on referrals. What are they a website for? Right. Um, again, it’s, it’s a giant hypocrisy. Most of the WHO say they’re building it exclusively on referrals.

Once someone gets a personal referral base, they’ll normally Google. Yeah.

Yeah. So even when someone gives you a personal referral, so let’s say, you know, Mrs. Jones refers you to Mrs. Smith next door. Um, you know, in this day and age, Mrs. Smith is not simply going to hire you. Mrs. Smith is actually going to Google you and check you out before they hire you. Even if it’s an, it’s a personal hand, a hand referral,

if happy customers trying to refer you that reviewing you on mine what happened.

So here’s the thing, if they try to, you know, review it, if they try to refer you without review online there, you’re not going to convert those referrals because even those referrals, you know, they’re going to uh, look at your online reviews. So again, you don’t miss a Smith referring you to Mrs. Jones next door. You know, Mrs. Jones is going to go online to check out your Edmonton Business Coach online reviews and if Mrs. Smith didn’t leave your review along with all of your other customers, you know, Mrs. Jones is probably going to hire one of your competitors who was gathering reviews online. Um, and you also, it’s not good enough in this day and age is simply that you get a referral, you have to get a referral and an online review and especially a Google review.

Well, the prospective customers still likely reviewed your online content.

Yeah. So and not will they just look at your reviews now they’re going to start to look at your Edmonton Business Coach online content. They’re going to go to your website, they’re going to check out your website. Maybe you’ve got a couple of youtube videos like this one. Um, you know, they’re going to start looking at that online content and the sermon, is this the right fit for me? And they’re not just, you know, it’s not 1985. They don’t just going to call you up and get a consult or an estimate or you know, check out your, your product at the store. Um, if they’re going to start at your all like content, they’re going to look at those reviews online. They’re going to look at your content online and see if this is a good fit. Because if it’s not a good fit, they don’t want to waste time on that initial consultation. They don’t want to go through the whole process.

How does the volume of today’s marketing materials, they loot word of mouth referrals.

So now when you know, Mrs. Smith refers you to Mrs. Jones, you know, Mrs. Jones goes online and as soon as she goes online, she’s getting targeted by all of your competitors. So you’re the plumber and you know, Mrs. Jones wants to hire a plumber and she got over it fertile for Mrs. Smith. She goes online and all of a sudden every time she goes back through Facebook, she’s getting retargeted. She’s going to other websites. You’re getting retargeted from your Edmonton Business Coach customers. Uh, you know, and she was getting targeted before that referral even came in. So people are being hit with so much more marketing material that the, the referral is not the only voice in our ear that it used to be. Now there are multiple voices and they’re all coming through. Um, so that referral, it used to be the be all end all was okay, I’m going to hire, you know, Bob the plumber. I’m not going to get anybody. Uh, but now, you know, Mrs. Jones has already been marketed by seven and Bob’s competitors. So you know, the referral a self, although it’s still meaningful, it’s not as meaningful as it used to be. You know, before we at began beginning inundated by the number of, you know, marketing promotions that we see today.

How often does the average person have to hear about you before to the action? So the average

first, it actually has to hear about you 4.3 times. So people are hoping to get that referral. Okay. If you get that referral there, any, did they need to get that referral 4.3 times before they’re gonna take any action that’s difficult to do. So you want to marry that referral to, you know, some sort of online strategy where they’re, and they’re actually going to your website and that website then is renal retargeting them with ads after that, um, that’s what’s going to actually get them to take action. The referral itself was just the hook. You still have to reel them in. Uh, don’t just rely on just the referral.

Why is it important to develop marketing systems that don’t require network?

So those marketing systems, like if it’s just networking, there’s only so much time that you have during the day. So if your Edmonton Business Coach soul, you know, form of onboarding business is to meet people and go play golf and go to networking events and the 10 birthday parties, there’s only so many hours in a day, eventually your business can only get so big and it’s going to top out at a certain amount. Um, and you know, that can be a very dicey situation. Whatever the, all the work runs out inside of your network, right? Um, so it’s very important to start developing marketing initiatives that don’t leverage your time because they want so that you can actually just, you know, throw a bit of money at it and that will generate some inbound leads rather than you having to import your time because you only have so many hours. Right? Uh, but if you can find a way to, uh, acquire customers at a reasonable rate, you can keep doing that in perpetuity.

Do you have to also think about marketing to existing customers?

Yeah. So it’s not just about marketing people who haven’t heard you. We have to remember that your Edmonton Business Coach current clients, they’re getting inundated, uh, versus from marketing promotional material from your competitors. So you want to be one of those voices to you. You don’t just want you, you know, the delivery of your product and service to be the only marketing that your customer sees. A, you also want them to be seeing your online reviews, your Google ad words, you’re retargeting ads, your spots on Facebook. Um, you want to make sure that you’re marketing to them as well. It’s kind of like, um, uh, you know, it’s kind of like dating. Uh, people want to only give flowers until they’re going out and then they don’t want to give flowers anymore. You got to continue to give the flowers. That’s just the way it works in today’s business world.

Why do you have to consider emotions along with the fats to the entice customers?

Yeah. So now you’re trying to, you know, onboard these customers and we’re saying that, you know, the products and services long doing attracted customers. So, and it’s not just going to be hand to hand and referrals. You want to have some sort of marketing initiatives that you’re building that don’t leverage your Edmonton Business Coach time and can retarget these people. Um, and then the other problem can be is we just want to relay facts. And the thing is a lot of times people buy based on how you make them feel. So I’m not saying that the facts are important. You want to make sure, what are the specifications, the features, you know, what’s the quality of the product and service, you know, is there a longer warranty? Um, what’s the, the speed of the service, you know, those are very factual type items, but are they going to enjoy the experience?

Did they relate to the story of the company? This is the story of the company. Make them trust you when they call up on the phone. Is it a pleasant experience when they actually, are we actually delivering the product or service? Is that a pleasant experience? What about the followup after? Is that a product or service? You also have to consider the emotions along with the facts to entice the customers. You know, it’s not just being the best, but are they going to enjoy the service of the other? It could be the best service, but you know, if it’s an unpleasant experience, they’re not going to want to hire you as well. So, uh, again, it’s, you know, products and services aren’t enough to attract customers. We also have to build in, you know, effective marketing initiatives and ideally affected marketing initiatives that aren’t always reliant on our time and marketing initiatives that, you know, in part a story that is going to compel people to take action. So I think that’s what we have here today. Thanks so much for tuning in. Please leave us some, uh, some comments so we can respond back and a, use your feedback to create future videos and please hit the like and subscribe button so that we continue to deliver your tips on how to beat the odds of business. Thanks very much.