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Edmonton Business Coach | Productivity Versus Multitasking

The people believe multitasking is synonymous with productivity says Edmonton business coach, however this thinking is incorrect and outdated. Many people believe that multitasking is the key to getting a lot accomplished in the business, but the truth is multitasking just means you can do several things at the same time but poorly. Studies have been done that prove that multitasking does not improve productivity, in fact it has a negative impact on productivity as well as the quality of work thatís being produced. And the person that is due to the multitasking, it reduces their intelligence in the moment. Even people who think they are good multitaskers, are actually wrong these studies show. The people who think they are actually good at multitasking are the worst of it.

In order to increase productivity in the workplace, the true way to do it is for businesses to create blocks of time dedicated to focused solitary work. The reason for this is because it takes a person on average 23 minutes of working on a single task in order to reach their intellectual capacity. By creating blocks of time where people can work uninterrupted, business owners are tapping into that intellectual capacity and allowing their staff to work for the maximum amount of time at that heightened productivity. The key to that says Edmonton businesses coach is to ensure that those blocks of focused solitary work are truly uninterrupted. It will be important to ensure that no phones will be used for incoming phone calls, that the ringer is turned off, or there is someone who is answering phone calls and taking messages. Itís also important that no email will be checked in this time. Edmonton business coach that this can be very difficult for businesses who have spent their entire existence answering every single email soon as it comes into the office. However, business owners can get stuck in working from their inbox, spending so much time answering emails that they never actually get to the strategic priorities of their business. By having key points in the day where no email is being answered, will help business owners develop the habit of working uninterrupted.

Once the business owner has the schedule created, and the staff working on their uninterrupted times, a business owner should also create a time in the day to collaborate and talk to their staff. This is important to have as well says Edmontons business coach, because employees need to know when they will be able to talk to the business owner and their bosses as well as be able to talk to each other. By creating time in the calendar specifically for collaboration and employee training, can help keep the focused solitary work completely focused.

Mrs. important key and how businesses can increase productivity in their workplace. Edmonton business coach says one of the great side effects of working like this is that it also creates happy employees. Studies have also been done say if you are interruptions a person has in the day increases their happiness.

It seems that one of the main goals of the business is to increase their productivity says Edmonton business coach. Business owners are always looking for ways to increase the amount of work that can get done, improve productivity when the their business and increase the quality of work that gets done. Many business owners have been led to believe that multitasking is one of the best tools that they can use in order to get lots of things done in their business. Unfortunately this is not the case. Multitasking is actually very ineffective at getting anything accomplished. As Gary Keller once said, multitasking is merely the opportunity to scoop up more than one thing at a time.î Studies have shown that this is actually very close to the truth because multitasking not only reduces productivity but it also reduces the quality of work that is being done. Even people who claim to be amazing at multitasking, our actually some of the worst multitaskers there.

So with multitasking being so bad, Edmonton business coach asks why is it still being done so much in business? The true key to unlocking extreme productivity in businesses is to tap into the peak productivity of employees. It takes on average 23 minutes of focusing on the same task at hand in order to reach the intellectual capacity. Business owners can figure out a way to get their staff at their peak productivity as well as themselves, they can exponentially increase the productivity of their business.

One of the simplest ways of doing that, is for businesses to learn how to time block says Edmontons business coach. What time blocking is, is setting aside future blocks of time for tasks they will be working on in the future. Business owners can figure out how many walks of time dedicated to focused solitary work they want in the day and in a week. By creating a schedule and then getting all the employees as well as the business owner on that schedule, business owners can minimize interruptions and unlock their employees peak productivity.

Once theyíve created their time block to increase productivity, the next in the business owner needs to do is eliminate distractions and those time periods. The first thing that they can eliminate is phone distractions during that time. They can let the phone go to voicemail and check messages after that time block is over. Edmontons business coach admits how difficult this must be for business owners who built their business on always answering the phone, however once business owners see how effective this is increasing productivity, they can get used to it.

The next distraction to eliminate says Edmonton business coach is a no. This is potentially the largest distraction in any business. Many business owners fall into the trap of working out of their inbox, never getting anything accomplished outside of answering emails. This is dangerous as well as such a drain on productivity. Even though it may be extremely hard for business owners to get used to, once business owners and staff alike have gotten used to this, it will be very easy to continue doing.