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Edmonton Business Coach | Productive Staff

Everybody has 168 hours in their week, but some people are getting drastically more done than others says Edmonton business coach the reason this may be the case is some people are better at blocking their time than others. Time blocking is a strategy that anyone can use to increase their efficiency. Time blocking is, is setting aside future blocks of time for specific tasks. Anything that’s important to accomplish, can be time blocked. Business owners can increase the efficiency of their staff immediately if they start implementing time blocks in their workplace now.

The first reason that time blocking can help create efficiency with the staff, is that having a schedule helps the owner coordinate with your team. When there are predictable blocks of time set aside for staff, and allows them to know they will have the help they need a regular basis. It’s very important that these blocks of time be predictable so the staff can schedule their time around it. If the blocks of time are unpredictable, they won’t know when they can reach you, which will lead to more interruptions. Through regular blocks of time staff will be able to ask questions they have, who as well as how to address specific topics, or problems that have cropped up in their day says Edmonton business owner.

Another reason that time blocking his helpful staff in workplace is that by getting them regular times to get training and coaching. Well-trained staff is essential for a smooth running workplace because the more training a staff receives, the fewer mistakes they make. More training coaching ensures that staff can deliver products and services at the business to a higher standard, which leads to increased satisfaction of customers. Regular coaching and training sessions helps create the efficiencies and staff by eliminating errors advises Edmonton business coach.

By ensuring that the staff at workplace have time blocks, will eliminate the unnecessary switching of tasks. When staff members switch tasks unnecessarily, it causes a lot of lost productivity because the act of switching tasks waste a lot of time. But more than that, every time some is interrupted, or such as tasks it takes brain 23 minutes to reach its intellectual capacity. Edmonton business coach says that without staff member working most of time and their peak productivity zone, to waste of time. It’s very important to ensure that your staff members can accomplish their goals efficiently and effectively.

By utilizing these time blocking methods workplace business owners can be assured that their staff is spending their time as efficiently and effectively as possible, which will lead to the workplace being as productive as possible. It’s very easy to teach staff how to utilize time blocking methods. And the time that can be saved is immediate. By and time blocking methods for the staff as well as themselves, business owners can and sure that as busy as their staff is, they are accomplishing much more than they ever did.

Edmonton business coach | productive staff

Edmonton business coach recommends time blocking as a method for increasing productivity in workplace. Everyone has 168 hours in their week, how come some people can get drastically more done than others? The answer to that question is time blocking. The time blocking is a technique where future blocks of time are set aside that are dedicated to specific tasks. By setting aside these blocks of time, and locking in means that the most important tasks have a time set aside for them to get done. The important tasks to schedule are the strategic priorities of the Corporation. Duties such as sales and marketing, as well as recruiting new staff, training and administrative duties. These are some of the most important tasks in a business because they will help grow a business.

Business owners are often under the misconception that administrative duties don’t take as much time as they think. This leads to them under scheduling the amount of time for those activities, or not scheduling time them at all says Edmonton business coach. This is a big mistake because business owners are least likely to have free time in their day. By assuming they’ll have time and their dates to work on those activities business owners often just don’t get them done. Important that these activities get done to help a business grow. By using time blocking strategies to ensure that the strategic priorities of the business actually get accomplished, business owners can make most efficient use of their time.

Another way that business owners can effectively is time blocking is by ensuring the length of time for each task is long enough. It may be tempting to have several short blocks of time in a schedule. This may look like a lot can get accomplished in a day, but if the time blocks are too short that leads to tasks being switched before their complete. This is inefficient because each time someone switches their task and takes time for the brain to get back up to peak productivity switching tasks several times in a day leads to waste of time as the brain gets us to that task. A great way to combat this problem is to figure out how much time is the task and then lengthen it by a little bit. This does two things says Edmonton business coach, it gives adequate time to finish task and it takes a bit longer than previously thought. Also if there is additional time left over at the end of the task, business owners and staff can use this to address urgent items that have popped up during the day. By not having built and buffers for those circumstances, dealing with them cuts into another time block, put you behind in your day. My slightly over scheduling the time blocks, this is owners and staff can be assured that they will have enough time to complete the tasks they need says Edmonton business coach.

These are just some strategies on how to time block at workplace efficiently and effectively to help business owners get more done in their day.