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Edmonton Business Coach | Productive Employees

Business owners think that they are masters of efficiency because they are always working very hard. So how come some business owners seem to be getting drastically more done than other business owners asks Edmonton business coach. Even though some business owners seem to be busy if they are not accomplishing their strategic goals then they are putting in a lot of work with nothing to show for it.

One of the ways that business owners can increase productivity in their day is by utilizing time blocking techniques. Time blocking is strategy in setting aside specific blocks of time in the future that are dedicated to certain tasks. By setting aside these times in the future dedicated to important tasks business owners are less likely to forget about them while working on urgent things. It’s not only something that business owners can utilize but their entire staff there’s no reason an entire workplace could not be on time blocks says Edmonton business coach. It’s an effective way for business owners as well as employees to run a business.

Learning how to time block is easy and takes hardly any time. The most important things to remember about time blocking are what activities that should be time blocked. The number one thing business owners need to learn to not time blocks says Edmonton business coach is their email. Business owners often get caught up in checking your email and they spend their entire day working out of their inbox and not actually getting any of their strategic objectives met. Checking email is a task that other place can easily be trained to look after. Even if there’s urgent emails that only business owners can address, there can be time set in a business owners they to look at just those emails.

Time blocking is a great way for staff as well as business owners to know clearly and quickly who is working on what at any given time. This level of organization in an office lends itself to an efficient atmosphere says Edmonton business coach. The most important thing for staff to know is there’s going to be certain blocks of time as a business owner is going to be on reachable. The reason why a business owners going to want to be unreachable is to maximize their productivity. Every time they get interrupted, it takes their brain over 20 minutes to recalibrate and get back on to maximum efficiency. By eliminates the ability to receive interruptions, business owners can work very very efficiently on the task at hand. Employees will learn when they are able to approach they are boss, and when they are not able to. Customers will also do the same thing. No business has failed because a business owner has been unavailable for a certain period of time says Edmonton business coach.

By utilizing these methods business owners as well as employees can make an extremely productive workplace environment in which everyone can work and thrive.

Edmonton business coach | productive employees

Business owners have the best of intentions by working super hard in their business, says Edmonton business coach. But if they are not working on the most important aspects of their business are they really working efficiently? There are several things that can help increase a business owners productivity as well as the productivity of their staff. Time blocking is an effective and efficient way of accomplishing this goal.

Business owners also need to know that even if their business is doing very well and growing, they need to continue to work on their marketing plan says Edmonton business coach. A businesses marketing plan is most efficient when it is done on a consistent basis. It doesn’t matter what that marketing is, as long as it’s carried out consistently on a regular basis. Time blocking can ensure that that happens. Business owners can also easily train their staff to take on certain aspects of their marketing plan which will also increase the efficiency of the business owner’s time, and ensure that marketing happens even if they’re not directly working on it.

Another way to increase efficiencies for business owners as well as employees through time blocking is by setting aside time to create checklists. Business owners may not realize that setting aside time to create checklists helped save them time. The reason for this says Edmonton business coach is that checklists for staff as well as clients helps eliminate errors. When errors are eliminated, clients are happy. Also when fewer errors are made, less time is spent on fixing them which create efficiencies in a workplace as well. Another task that business owners can put in their time blocking is creating and improving templates. Think of all of the things in a business that are done over and over the day whether it’s taping emails, sending out marketing, if there’s something that is done on a repetitive basis, can be made more efficient with the template. That template will increase efficiencies of your employees opening up time for the business.

And not only does time blocking free up time for business owners as well as staff, having a schedule also helps the business owner coordinate with their team. The reason for this is having regular, predictable opportunities to speak with the owner, their boss is important to the staff. Knowing that they can count on regular conversations is important. It will mean that they are less likely to interrupt a business owner during the day, especially during a block of time where the business owner is unreachable. It also allows the business owner to have staff meetings, training and coaching sessions. Training up staff members increases productivity because well-trained staff make less mistakes, and are more efficient as well as are able to service clients of the company well which increases the client’s satisfaction with the company.

With all these great benefits of time blocking there’s no reason why a business owner should want to implement a strategies right away in their business for themselves as well as for their staff. They literally have nothing to lose