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Edmonton Business Coach | Productive Businesses

There is no magic formula to creating an efficient workplace says Edmonton business coach. Everyone has the same amount of hours in their day as everyone else. Learning how to work efficiently and effectively can be the key for business owners to achieve their strategic goals and in turn continue to grow their business. The great tool to help businesses become an effective time managers is time blocking. Time blocking is a strategy setting aside specific time in the future dedicated to specific tasks and then locking them in. By creating blocks of time that business owners say they will accomplish certain tasks can help eliminate the possibility that these tasks may be forgotten. Business owners often get bogged down in the urgent tasks in their business and not the important ones. Important tasks business owners need to accomplish our their strategic goals. Strategic goals help drive their business forward. By not having time set aside for those important tasks business owners often get too busy with the urgent

First thing business owners need to learn about time blocking is that it’s okay to be unreachable during these time blocks says Edmonton business coach. Every time a business owner is interrupted in the course of their task, they lose time that can be better spent on their task. It takes human brains about 23 minutes to reach intellectual capacity and peak productivity. Constant interruptions mean that peak productivity is never reached. By having times during the day or business owner is unreachable, staff and clients adapt to the schedule. It has never in a detriment to any business when a business owner has had periods of time where they haven’t been able to be reached.

Business owners often check their email as the first thing they do in a day. This is inefficient for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is there is nothing in answering emails that will help business owners achieve their strategic goals. Checking email is a job that can be handed off to another staff member but the right training, freeing up the business owner’s time to work on what’s important in their business. Too many times business owners get stuck working out of their inbox rather than working on their business cautions Edmonton business coach.

Marketing should also be an important time blocked activity says Edmonton business owner. As a business grows, owners often let marketing fall to the wayside in favour of more urgent tasks. It’s important to know that the most effective marketing solutions are the ones that are consistent. It makes no sense to abandon marketing efforts as soon as it becomes effective. So whatever the task is that helped you to where you are today needs to be continued whether it’s consistently pushing out content, consistently running ads or regularly contacting your ideal and likely buyers and people who can refer you.

Time blocking can help make the workflow of a business easier and more efficient, says Edmonton business well as making staffs time efficient as well. Efficient workplaces equals increased customer satisfaction.

Edmonton business coach | productive businesses

Business owners are some of the busiest people but is a business owner working smart or just hard asks Edmonton business coach. If a business owner is busy but not accomplishing their strategic goals and they are just working hard. Business owners primary objective in business should be accomplishing activities and their business that grows their business. Some of the most effective business owners implement time blocking strategies to help them get the most out of their day.

What is time blocking time blocking is a method of setting aside blocks of time dedicated to tasks that a business owner wants to accomplish in a day. It’s not just sitting signed time for client when the call and ask for an appointment is consistently setting aside time for all the important things including the strategic objectives of a business. Some of those strategic objectives should be administrative duties, recruiting staff, training staff in addition to also scheduling time for unforeseen events. When time blocking is used effectively can help create more time in a day and allow people to get more done in the same amount of time says Edmonton business coach.

Business owners need to know that it’s okay to be unreachable during some time blocks. Being constantly interrupted is one of the ways business owners lose time. Every time a business owner is interrupted, it takes in 23 minutes to reach their maximum productivity again. It’s important to also schedule long enough time blocks because when time blocks are too short and create an necessary switching of tasks which also cuts and productivity. If a business owner switches tasks before completing them, when they try to go back to that task it will take them more time to figure out where they left off and what direction they want to take that task and in the first place. Create time blocks that fill the amount of time necessary to do the task, or even at a little bit of extra time. This will allow business owners to finish the task at hand if it takes them a little longer than they anticipated says Edmonton business coach. But also if there’s extra time at the end of the task business owners can use that time to work on matters that have popped up during the day. By not scheduling in time for these unforeseen events, or making longer blocks that can be used to deal with these events, business owners will get behind in their day trying to deal with those urgent tasks that pop up in the day by using time devoted to something else to work on them.

We’ll have 168 hours in the week time blocking is a way to ensure that business owners can get the most out of their day and entrepreneurs who don’t use time blocking methods.