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Edmonton Business Coach | Practical Ways To Hire Staff

Struggling with finding staff is something that many business owners do according to Edmonton business coach. And with employees leaving their employers sooner than ever before. Needs that business owners are having to replace staff much more often.

Typically, business owners utilize a one-on-one review method. In order to find new employees for their business. Even though it is not an effective method at all.

And while many business owners struggle with this on an ongoing basis. Edmonton business coach says this is actually one of the most common reasons. Why entrepreneurs fail in business.

According to the study done by industry Canada. 50% of all Canadian businesses fail in five years. And 23% of those businesses say that they fail. Because they are unable to find or keep staff in their business.

However, most small businesses are utilizing an ineffective method of finding people. Typically, because it is the only way finding people that they know.

They typically look for people by putting out help wanted ad. Receiving a bunch of resumes, that they read. And call the ones they liked the most in for an interview.

Not only is this very time-consuming. From reading resumes, to calling all of the candidates and arranging an interview. To the interview themselves.

And it does not help an entrepreneur find the best staff for their business. Because 85% of all people lie on their resumes, according to hire right and Inc. magazine.

And it requires them to make judgements based on the resumes. Instead of on the people themselves, and the resume is not even a good place to find the best information about each candidate.

Therefore, Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs stop doing one-on-one interviews immediately. Instead, they should adopt a group interview. That not only will help them save time.

But it can help them meet a larger number of candidates. To increase their chances of meeting the right one for their business. In fact, according to studies. An entrepreneur should meet one hundred people. In order to find the one that is the best fit for the business

Group interviews can help business owner see all the candidates at the same time. So that they can see who is more suitable than another.

Because by doing a one on one interview. Entrepreneur has typically forgotten the first couple of people that they met. By the time they have conducted their last interview of the group.

They will also save time on not having to schedule time for a candidate who does not show up. Or who shows up late, and the business owner interviews them anyway. Since they already have the time booked even though they won’t consider hiring them.

There are many great reasons for an entrepreneur to start conducting group interviews says Edmonton business coach. Because not only will they save time. But they will meet more people. To increase the chances of finding the right one for their business.

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Business owners often struggle with finding the right candidates for their business according to Edmonton business coach. And they often believe it is because there interview questions are inadequate.

And so, they spend a lot of time trying to find the best interview questions. And learning different interview techniques. When the problem itself is the one on one interview. And not their questions at all.

Business owners often spend so much time interviewing candidates. That even if they are not able to find the best fit for their business. They feel pressured into hiring someone. Because they have already dedicated so much time to the process.

The wasted time starts with reading all of the individual resumes that they receive. Even though it is well-known that a majority of the people lie on their resumes.

Also, Edmonton business coach says all of the most important information about the candidate. Is not necessarily on the resume. Such as if they are able to overcome adversity.

If they have the ability to think on their feet or solve complex problems. Or, if they are going to get along well with the business owner and staff as well as the customers.

Therefore, trying to pick candidates to interview. Based on a resume is not a fair or reliable way. To find the best people for the business itself.

The reason why large corporations still utilize a one on one interview. Is because they have an HR department. Which gives them the time, and the resources. To interview as many people as they need. In order to find the one right fit for their business.

However, business owners do not have that time or the resources at their disposal. To interview as many people on a one-on-one basis as it takes. In order to find the right person for their business.

Instead, an entrepreneur needs to learn how to interview people more efficiently. And in a greater number, so that they can meet more people, and meet them quicker. So that they can find the best candidate for their business, and get back to work.

This is why Edmonton business coach recommends utilizing a group interview style. Because it can save a lot of time. From the very first resume they receive. Instead of an entrepreneur reading all of the resumes.

A business owner will simply send an invitation to the group interview. That should be booked in their calendar weekly. So that every week, they can meet all of the people that show up for the group interview.

Whether that is one person, or twenty. It is going to allow them to conduct these interviews regularly. And in one hour, even if there meeting twenty people. To increase the chances of finding the best fit for their business.

This ensures that they are not depending on a resume to choose who would be a suitable candidate for their business. And that if they are impressed with the candidates, they can verify the information on the resume.

But more importantly, they can bring them back and have a conversation with them. To find out all of the most important things. And if they would be a good fit for their business or not.