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Edmonton Business Coach | Practical Hiring Strategies

When entrepreneurs are unable to find suitable candidates for their business, Edmonton business coach says it can be very frustrating. Especially because more employees than ever before. Are switching employers sooner than they used to.

Entrepreneurs used to keep employees for approximately five years. But currently, employees are switching to a different job after two point three years. Which means there is more turnover than ever before in business.

Business owners are often struggling to find candidates for their business. Because they have more turnover. But also, Edmonton business coach says that the interview method that they use for finding candidates is not effective for small businesses.

Typically, entrepreneurs put out an ad in order to find employees. And receive resumes. That they then take the time to read thoroughly. In order to find the ones that they are shortlisting for an interview.

However, this can be a big waste of time. Especially since the majority of people lie on their resumes. And the best information about person may not be on the resume. Such as if they are coachable, if they are resilient. Or if they have a commitment to lifelong learning.

Therefore, the best guess they can, and bring in people for a one on one interview. And even just calling each successful candidate for an interview. Can end up taking a long time.

And ultimately, business owners may not even have chosen correctly. And know that the people that they have interviewed are not the best fit for their business. But they need to find someone urgently.

In this process already took several weeks. And out of desperation, hire the best person out of the candidates that they interviewed. Even though they are not the best fit for the business.

Then, they complain when that person does not work out. However, Edmonton business coach says there is a way. For entrepreneurs can meet more candidates, increases the chances of meeting the right one. And do so in a way that has them spending less time looking for people.

While this sounds too good to be true, entrepreneurs should consider the group interview. Rather than meeting people on a one-on-one basis. They can simply send an invitation to every candidate.

Which will allow you to meet to face. Will allow them to get an idea of who would be a suitable candidate or not. All without spending time reading resumes, or conducting one-on-one interviews.

If there are any candidates that stand out. Entrepreneurs can read those resumes. And verify the information on them. But ultimately, if they do like any of the candidates that they saw, and of the resume checks out.

They should bring them back, where they can have another interview. Or do a job shadow day that will allow an entrepreneur to see if they have the right attitude. If they fit in with the business and the other staff. Or if it is not going to be likely to work out.

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It is very important for entrepreneurs to have the best staff possible, however Edmonton business coach says this is something that business owners struggle with. And it is not because they are not good judges of character. And it is also not because there are no good employees left out there.

But rather, in order for a business to find one good candidate for their business. They must meet approximately hundred people. And business owner typically does not have enough time. To meet enough candidates when they are interviewing them on a one on one basis.

However, Edmonton business coach says entrepreneurs do not know any other interview style. Which is why they continue to interview candidates this way. Even though it does not seem to be working, because they continue to struggle with this.

When entrepreneurs conduct a one-on-one interview. They typically read resumes first. Which can take a long time. And then they have to choose great candidates based on the information in a resume.

When often, the best information about the candidates. Are not even on their resumes to begin with. Some important skills might find that a valuable is the ability to be coached, or trained.

But it may not be possible, and that about a person until having a conversation with them. Or, an entrepreneur might value their ability to overcome adversity. But again, this is not a skill that will be outlined on a resume.

Also going to be very important for an entrepreneur to know if there candidate has a commitment to lifelong learning. Or if they simply valued the education that they received and do not have any interest in developing their skills further.

This is why it is very beneficial for an entrepreneurs host a group interview. So that they will be able to see who would be a likely fit for their business. And then read the resume second.

The reason why large corporations are able to conduct one-on-one interviews. Is because they have huge HR department says Edmonton business coach.

And that HR department can interview people all day long. In order to meet the hundred candidates that will allow them to hire the one right fit in their business.

By avoiding wasting time on traditional one-on-one interview. As well as avoiding trying to figure out who good candidates are based on the resume. Entrepreneurs can move to this group interview style. And save themselves a lot of time.

And it will not matter if people show up late, or not at all. Because the group interview will still happen. And all of the people who do show up, be considered for the position. As long as the entrepreneur likes what they see.

It is important for an entrepreneur to post these group interviews on an ongoing basis. Whether they are hiring in their business or not. So that they can meet enough people on a regular basis. To be able to find the one that they need to hire in their business.