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Edmonton Business Coach | One-on-one Interviews Are Not Efficient

Business owners often struggle with finding great staff according to Edmonton business coach. And is in fact, one of the top three reasons. Why business owners fail in their small business endeavour in Canada.

There are several reasons why business owners need to find people quickly in their business. And one of those reasons is now more than ever before. There is a higher staff turnover in businesses.

According to industry Canada, the average employee would stay approximately five years with their employer. Before moving to another business, or taking another role.

However these days, Edmonton business coach says staff are staying approximately two point three years. Which means staff turnover is increased for all small businesses.

That means it is very important for business owners to be able to find great people even faster than ever before. Which can be a challenge if they do not have the best interview methods.

It is also very important for entrepreneurs to realize. That even if they have the best staff for their business. And even if they have the best relationship with their employees.

They may end up needing to look for new employees. Through no fault of anyone’s. Because there are many different reasons. Why employees leave their places of work.

From having a spouse get a promotion, and needing to move out of town. To getting sick or injured, starting a family, or even retiring. Means that business owners may lose staff despite their best efforts.

Using traditional one-on-one hiring method. Takes a significant amount of time. And does not result in a business owner being able to find the best people for their business.

It starts right from looking at resumes. And while most business owners will look at the resumes. In order to see who would be someone that they want to talk to.

Not only can that waste a lot of time says Edmonton business coach. Depending how many resumes they get, it could waste dozens of hours.

And it does not necessarily result in an entrepreneur being able to identify the best people to interview. Not only because resumes do not show on entrepreneur who is prepared, dresses properly for example.

Or would be a good fit in the business based on their interactions with other staff and candidates. Which is why the recommendation is to avoid reading resumes.

And instead invite all candidates to a group interview. This way, a business owner will be able to see a lot more efficiently. Who would be a good fit in the business.

Without having to waste time reading resumes. Or having to waste time conducting a one on one interview. When many business owners will be able to tell in the first few seconds.

If a candidate is not a right fit for their business. However, Edmonton business coach recommends that entrepreneurs have a weekly interview slots. Whether they are looking or not.

So that they will be able to meet people on a regular basis. To increase the chances of identifying one who is a good fit in their business.

How Can You Learn About Edmonton Business Coach?

Having the right people for a business, is important to that businesses success according to Edmonton business coach. Which is why so many entrepreneurs fail when they cannot find the right people.

However, in order to meet the right candidate for business. Entrepreneurs need to increase the number of people they are meeting. So that they can increase the chances that one of those candidates.

Is a good fit for their business. Because while there might be many great candidates. The person that is going to be the best fit for a business. May not be something that an entrepreneur can pick out in a resume.

A group interview can save a significant amount of time. Because it will allow a business owner to see as many people as show up. In a single week, by only taking one hour of an entrepreneur’s time.

Whether one person shows up, or twenty people show up. Or somewhere in between. It is still only taking one hour of an entrepreneur’s time.

And when they hold this interview slots on a weekly basis. Edmonton business coach says they know that they will be meeting people every single week. And one of them may be the right fit for the business.

This means if none of the candidates were particularly impressive one week. A business owner does not have to feel pressured to call any of them back. Because they know they will have more people to interview next week.

And, when a business owner is using this method. Even when they are not looking for staff immediately in their business. And they do not have a job opening yet.

They know that they are meeting enough people, to increase the chances of meeting the one good person. That they should hire in their business. When it becomes necessary for business owner to replace one of their staff.

And even though a business owner should not be reading resumes prior to this point says Edmonton business coach. If someone does impress them during the group interview. They should take a look at their resume.

First, to see if they are qualified to do the job. And then to verify the information as correct. And to call their references. To see if the information on their resume checks out.

If the information does check out. Then the business owner should bring that person back in for a job shadow day. Where they will be able to see how they handle the job, customers, and other staff members.

This way, they will get an even better fit. And who would be a great asset to the business. And who would not, or does not fit in.

When they do find the right candidate that would be a good fit in the business. They can either hire them. But if they are not hiring at that time. They can start a list of candidates who they can call.

So that as soon as they have an opening in their business. They can call on the list of great candidates. To decrease the amount of time it takes to fill an opening with a great person.