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Edmonton Business Coach | No One Is Good at Multitasking

Despite the fact that many people pride themselves on multitasking says Edmonton business coach. As well as how many offices and industries value this as well.

Multitasking is actually not helping anyone be more productive. And it is actually causing people to be less productive. And to do a poor quality job. On the things that they are completing while multitasking.

However, the image of the successful, multitasking entrepreneur persists. Making many business owners think. The key to getting all of their strategic priorities done.

Is learning how to get better at multitasking in their business. When they actually should be avoiding interruptions, and working focused, at longer intervals.

And while many people often know in the back of their head. That multitasking is not effective. They will be able to understand this when they consider surgeons or pilots.

How nobody wants either professional to be multitasking. When they are flying the plane with hundreds of passengers. Or doing life-saving surgery on allow one.

And while business owners are not going to be flying a plane or doing surgery. The same way that surgeons and pilots should not be multitasking. Because they are not going to do their job well when their multitasking.

The same thing is true for business owners. And that they should avoid multitasking as well. If they want to truly focus on their strategic priorities. And getting them done to an extremely high level.

And while the image of a successful business person is one of multitasking. Edmonton business coach says true successful entrepreneurs, such as Warren Buffett. Actually do the opposite of that.

And are the most difficult to get a hold of and interrupt. Because they have systems and processes in place. To ensure that they are not able to be interrupted. So that they can focus on what they need to.

There are two things that Edmonton business coach recommends business owners do. In order to help them avoid multitasking. So that they can focus and get more accomplished in a day.

In the first thing they recommend business owners do. Is create a time block schedule. So that they know exactly what they need to work on every hour of every day. So that they can resist interruptions a lot more easily.

And the next thing that Edmonton business coach recommends entrepreneurs do. Is avoid distractions. And this one is a lot easier said than done. Because it requires a lot more willpower on the business owner.

This means that business owners have to put their phone on silent, so that not only do they not answer the phone. But they also do not get text message notifications, or social media notifications.

Because even hearing the notifications can be a distraction. But also, they need to do that with their business phone, and email as well. Which can become difficult, because entrepreneurs have spent so much time devoted to these things.

But when they realize they can let their phone go to voicemail. And have time dedicated to calling these people back. Or they can set aside time to read and answer emails. Resisting these distractions can become easier with practice.

The reason why many business owners feel multitasking is efficient says Edmonton business coach. Because it makes them feel like they are working on many things. When the truth is, they are not getting any more accomplished. And if they were focused on one task at a time.

And science also supports this. Saying that in order for people to be working at their peak productivity. They need to work for twenty-three minutes uninterrupted.

And when people are multitasking, they are not working for twenty-three minutes uninterrupted. Which means multitaskers are never getting to this peak productivity.

And while people can work more efficiently at their peak productivity. People can also work more effectively and do higher-quality work once they are at their peak after twenty-three minutes.

So effectively, multitasking makes people slower, and do poor quality work. And if they focused on one task at a time. Until it was completed.

And while teaching entrepreneurs how to work efficiently is simple. It is hard to get business owners to do the things that they need to for it to work.

The first thing that entrepreneurs need to do, is resist interruptions. And they can do that when they build a time block to schedule. So that every task has a time set aside for this.

Then, Edmonton business coach recommends putting all of the employees on the same schedule. So that not only are staff members not interrupting the business owner. They are also not interrupting each other.

This way, all tasks in the business can get done to a higher level. And fewer interruptions will happen overall in the workplace. Because everyone will be letting the phone go to voicemail.

Everyone will avoid working out of the inbox. And while this is a great way for business owners to get more accomplished in their day. And get better quality work from themselves and their staff.

It is also an important key, to ensuring the as well as their staff are happier. Because the more interruptions a person has in their day. The less happy they are.

So while multitasking might seem like the answer to getting a lot done. It actually works the exact opposite, by ensuring people are not able to get a lot done.

Having people get things done to a poor quality. And making them less happy in the process. Which is why it is so important for business owners to avoid multitasking with themselves, and their staff.

An important part of the time blocking says Edmonton business coach. Will be ensuring there is also time for people to collaborate. Not just the staff with each other, but the staff with the business owner as well.

Because when employees know that they will have time devoted to ask whatever questions they want from the business owner. They will be less tempted to interrupt them during focused time.