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Edmonton Business Coach | Needing Top Marketing 2019 and In The Future?

Edmonton Business Coach | Marketing in 2019 & Beyond

Technological advancements have been huge and game changing in the past few years accourding to our Edmonton business coach. This forces business owners adapt quickly in order to not Left behind. One of these game changing technological investments is the Internet. Over the past few years the Internet has became more mainstream. This paved the way to new marketing initiatives such as digital marketing. The Internet made it more accessible for the average consumer to access information and content. This made traditional marketing strategies less effective. In this article will talk about digital marketing strategies and how to implement them.

Marketing is important for any business. These are initiatives that business owners act on in order to gain more clients. In the past there are tried-and-true traditional marketing strategies. This brought big companies in the past massive client intake. However as the time changes traditional marketing strategies became less and less effective. The Internet has became a mainstream thus making television advertisements obsolete. The decline of cable TV is directly correlated to the Internet streaming services who are either very cheap for free. Radio advertisements has also seen a decline because of new applications. Music streaming services have been on the rise in the past few years giving access to almost all music flick of a finger. Marketing firm slowly realize and slowly created online marketing initiatives to get on with the time.

Digital marketing strategies can potentially bring an infinite amount of clients due to reach of the world wide web. The Internet has users all over the world and thus as the Edmonton business coach we believe that digital marketing is the future. There are few ways to use the Internet for advertising. One of which is social media marketing. It’s common for we corporations nowadays to have social media presence on each and every platforms. Having a presence on each social media platforms is a good way to advertise herself. Almost everyone nowadays have a preferred social media platform. And thus having a presence on each of them can net you an amazing audience. However they need to hire social media specialist who can balance product placements and advertisements with connecting to fans. You will see big corporate social media accounts connecting with clients with creative and relatable post and conversations. Now also advertise upcoming services and products.

Social media marketing is also important for our next digital marketing initiative. As the Edmonton business coach it’s important to know what search engine optimization is. These are set of rules that one designers need to follow in order to have a website on top of search results. To get a search engine optimized website, you have to follow these rules. It’s important for modern websites to have a responsive website.

Response websites are fast and mobile friendly. In the past we only need to create fast websites in order to rank high and responsiveness. However since mobile devices have became more mainstream, it’s important to have mobile devices in mind. Move realized the influx of mobile web searches is due to the rise of tiny computers called smart phones. They can use the Internet from was anywhere. Web designers need to create websites with different screen sizes and not. A responsive website is not only fast but also scalable to any advices. Be sure to give us a call now at 780-665-4949 as soon as you can! Also check out for info on this amazing company!

Edmonton Business Coach | Top Marketing 2019 and In The Future

Marketing has relied on technology in recent years as we observe as the Edmonton business coach. Business owners rely on marketing initiatives to generate clients. However the advancement in technology has forced marketing firms to adapt quickly. Traditional and classic marketing initiatives have been less relevant in the past few years. These marketing strategies include TV commercials, radio advertisements and marketing materials. The decline of cable is directly correlated to the Internet mainstream status. Internet gave accessible content to consumers with little to no fee. The same can be said to radios, the rise of music streaming apps have definitely hit hard and be radio industry. Without cable, TV commercials have been the last relevant. Radio ads are also less effective because earth better music service.

The Internet has a big audience base. However you slice it, the Internet has become part of our daily lives. It’s an efficient and accessible way to learn information and consume content for little to no fee. Marketing firms have recently adapted to digital marketing strategies. This will all take advantage of the massive audience of the Internet. As the Edmonton business coach we know if you ways to effectively advertise yourself online, through social media marketing and the lesser-known but just as important part is search engine optimization.

Business owners should look at big corporations for inspiration. You will commonly find them on various social media platforms. Social media is a good platform to advertise. Almost everyone has a preferred social media platform you can use this to your advantage in order to reach a wide array of audience. You will often find big companies hiring social media specialist to post a balance of content and advertisement. A good social media specialist knows on communicate with fans, relate with them and make them like the brand. They also know how to balance posting ads with fans communication.

As the Edmonton business coach the lesser known digital marketing charging is search engine optimization. To have a successful website it needs to be amazing for one but also optimized for search engines. The newly launched website will never generate any leads. However following certain search engine optimization walls can help you rise on top of web searches. Search engine optimization nor SEO are a certain sense of rules that web designers and content creators need to follow in order for them to be found in search engines.

The first and most basic SEO rule is to have a responsive website. The past few years have changed this meaning. Before the rise of mobile devices, a responsive website is a quick loading and optimized one. You can do this by compressing assets such as images and videos. Nowadays however, websites need to be mobile friendly. Google realized that there is an influx of smart phone web searches. This is due to the mainstream status of smart phones recently. Websites need to be mobile friendly in order to accommodate different screen sizes. Be sure to check out 780-665-4949 to contact us via email you can also go to our website! Our web address is