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Edmonton Business Coach | Need Efficiency of Digital Marketing?

Edmonton business coach | efficient digital marketing

Classic marketing strategies have never to change never changed ever since the rise of the television and radio according our Edmonton business coach. Technology drives change in the marketing industry. Traditional marketing strategies used to evolve around television commercials and radio advertisements. These are initiatives or time tested and effective during the early 2000’s. However in the past few years, traditional marketing initiatives have been on a steady decline. Cable companies have to compete with video streaming services and radios have to beat music streaming services. This is due to the Internet becoming mainstream and widespread. Internet provides its users easy access to information and content for little to no price. Streaming services like YouTube and Netflix have taken over the video industry thus rendering cable TV obsolete. Same goes for radio stations. With the abundance of music streaming services in which they can choose their own songs, the radio has been less relevant.

An easy access to video services and music streaming has rendered the past marketing strategies obsolete. However marketing firms have adapted advertising strategies using Internet. This is called digital marketing. As the Edmonton business coach we will talk about the importance of having an online persons and how to use it to your advantage. Digital marketing has two common sides; social media marketing and search engine optimization. In this article we will talk about both and how to establish an online presence.

Big corporations have adapted to the use of the online world to advertise. You can often find them and most social media platforms advertising and talking to fans. This is a good way to reach a wide array of audience for most people use a form of social media of some sort. However it’s important to hire the right people for the job. Social media marketing is a balance between client engagement and product advertisement. You often see big companies engaging with fans my having normal conversations or posting relatable and funny contact. The younger generation likes having a brand that they can relate to thus forcing big companies to create a brand to cater to younger people. Social media specialist should also know when to advertise their product and services. If you look at Arby’s Twitter account, you will see a brilliant way of marketing. They will engage with their fans using creative ways to use their products. They use their food to create artwork in which was suggested by fans.

As the Edmonton business coach we would also like to talk about effects of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO is a set of rules that the websites need to follow in order for search engine bots to find and rank them. Websites need to be content rich and filled with relevant keywords. They also need to be responsive which means having a fast and mobile friendly website.

He will start to realize that a lot of top ranking websites have plenty of relevant keywords and content. This will help search engines to rank your website or blog in order of relevance. The more content you have the higher the chance you will get the top spot. We suggest at least coming up with a thousand words for your most important pages. This will help you will rise and win the search engine optimization game.

Edmonton business coach | the efficiency of digital marketing

The television and radio have been around as a form of entertainment for a long time now as we observe as the Edmonton business coach. These are technological advancements brought in at the time. This was a game changer for the entertainment industry and the marketing industry. When the television and radio became mainstream, it was used as a marketing tool by most businesses. The traditional classic marketing strategies have included TV commercials and radio advertisements. These initiatives brought businesses use client intake. However the times are changing again. Technological advancements have brought Internet into the mainstream media. A lot of people nowadays have access to the Internet. This will give them easy access to information and content for little to no cost. This caused the decline of cable companies and radio stations, thus making TV commercials and radio advertisements less effective. The Internet gave access to video streaming services and music streaming services. This became an alternative form of entertainment and has become the industry leader.

As the Edmonton business coach it’s important to take advantage of the current trend of digital marketing. With the wide array of audience and the Internet, you can have a potentially limitless amount of clients. With digital marketing, you can reach to almost anyone if done properly. You will start to see corporations using social media platforms to advertise their services and products. You will also see them engaging conversations with consumers regularly. They will post relatable content and funny memes. This is to cater to the younger generation because they are looking for brands that can relate to. Of course social media specialist needs to find a good balance between product placement and customer engagement.

The next factor to digital marketing is search engine optimization. This are certain algorithms that content creators and web designers need to keep in mind in order to create a successful websites. These algorithms are used to determine a website’s relevance to the keyword in question according to the Edmonton business coach. The few basic search engine optimization rules are creating a responsive website, having plenty of positive Google reviews and an abundance of relevant keywords and content.

A responsive website means it’s fast and scalable. In the past Google only uses how fast your website is to rank the responsiveness of the website. However due to the influx of mobile searches, Google was forced to enforce mobile first program. Smart phones have become mainstream. These are basically tiny computers which can carry anywhere. You can use these three connected Internet from anywhere. This caused the influx of mobile searches