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Edmonton Business Coach | Multitasking Versus Productivity

Many people including entrepreneurs believe that the key to productivity is learning how to effectively multitask says Edmonton business coach. Unfortunately this is not the case. Not only is multitasking not effective at increasing productivity, but it actually makes productivity difficult to achieve. Multitasking reduces productivity in the workplace, it reduces the quality of the work being done as well as it reduces the intelligence of the person who is multitasking in the moment. Everybody is bad at it, there is no such thing as learning how to effectively multitask. And the people who think they are good at it are the people who are actually the worst.

There are many studies that show that multitasking is an effective says Edmonton business coach. If anyone looks at careers that require extreme concentration like doctors and pilots, it would understand that nobody would ever want their surgeon or their pilots to multitask during their job. So why would people think any other jobs experience increased productivity when they split their focus? Business owners who are looking to truly increase productivity in their business should eliminate multitasking from their business immediately.

Any business owners fall into the trap of multitasking because they often start off so small that they feel there is no other option but for everybody to have to do many different things at the same time. However, a far more effective strategy would be to allow each of the employees to work on the most important task first, and then move on to the next task says Edmonton business coach. If people look at the most successful entrepreneurs, they would see that even the busiest people are very good at only working on one task at a time.

Changing their workplace for workplace that encourages multitasking to one that encourages extreme productivity can be simple says Edmontons business coach. By removing distractions during specific strategic points in the day, and having their staff work uninterrupted, business owners can see how much more effective this method can be. It takes the average person 23 minutes of working on a specific task to reach peak productivity, so business owners need to be aware that when they create their schedule with focused solitary work. Being careful not to schedule it too short is important to ensure that they are not moving from one task to the other two quickly. By making best use of this peak productivity time, business owners can ensure that they are getting the maximum productivity and maximum quality of work out of their staff.

Itís not only important for business owners to ensure that there staff is working uninterrupted, but itís also important that a business owner takes time to work on the strategic priorities of their business uninterrupted as well. There are many things that a business owner needs to be sure they work on in order to grow their business and become successful, and these are perfect examples of what we can be working on uninterrupted as well.

When people think of multitasking, people often think about realtors and entrepreneurs says Edmontons business coach. The idea being entrepreneurs and realtors are so busy and successful that they must be multitasking as a way of getting everything done and being so effective. Unfortunately, multitasking does not equal productivity. Despite the number of people that would insist otherwise.

Gary Keller is a realtor and an entrepreneur who started the largest real estate firm. He is a huge proponent of uninterrupted work. He built his real estate firm on the principles of solitary and dedicated work, and was able to grow the largest real estate firm in the world. This is a huge example of why multitasking is just a myth, as Gary Keller was quoted as saying ìmultitasking is merely the opportunity to script more than one thing at a timeî. People need to unlearn multitasking in order to learn how to work effectively and increase their productivity.

One of the ways that people can start to work uninterrupted is by creating a schedule that includes time in it to work uninterrupted. Edmonton business coach says this means that in those blocks of time, people need to take off notifications from coming in on their phone, eliminate email notifications and that their phone go to voicemail. Uninterrupted time means they wonít get interrupted by anything. This way they can reach their peak productivity zone and get many things accomplished. Business owners should use this time for working on their strategic priorities of the Corporation as well as marketing their business. By creating their schedule ahead of time and strictly adhering to it, business owners can learn how to use focused solitary work to grow their business.

Business owners may have a very difficult time being unreachable for certain periods of time and this is normal and okay says Edmonton business coach. It may take a while to get used to, especially with how programs people are to answer emails and phone calls in the moment, once a business owner gets used to this way of working, they will not want to be without it. Studies have also shown that the fewer interruptions that exist in the day increases the happiness people. On the flipside, the more interruptions that exists, makes a person less happy. Business owners can secure the happiness of their staff by ensuring that thereís several times throughout the day that they are available to work uninterrupted.

Multitasking is something that needs to be avoided at all costs if entrepreneurs want to learn how to grow their business and become successful. By starting the habits of uninterrupted work in their business early, as they grow, they can bring more people on and learn the habits of working uninterrupted. Edmonton business coach says this is truly the key for unlocking the potential in a business and increasing productivity as well as the quality of work that is being produced.