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Edmonton Business Coach | Multitasking Myths

When most people think of a successful entrepreneur, they think of someone who is extremely good at multitasking says Edmonton business coach. Many people believe that the key to extreme productivity is the ability to multitask. Another career that is often seen as requiring multitasking is real estate. However one of the largest real estate firms was grown by a man named Gary Keller, who is completely against multitasking, and built his real estate firm on the idea of increasing productivity through the use of solitary dedicated work. Heís proven that multitasking is not only necessary but even detrimental to growing business. By being able to grow the largest real estate firm based on the principle of avoiding multitasking and working on interrupted, he is changing the way businesses operate and helping them become even more successful. As famously said about multitasking that ìmulti-to is merely the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a timeî. Studies have actually done that proves this point. Not only does multitasking reduces productivity, but it also decreases the quality of work that is being done.

Businesses can learn the trick of unlocking this extreme productivity by learning how to create uninterrupted work schedules quite easily says Edmonton business coach. Business owners needs to learn how to block their time, which is creating future blocks of time dedicated to specific tasks and then locking them in. Itís not just important to create the time, business owners and their staff need to follow through. Another important aspect of creating this uninterrupted time once theyíve designated the times to do it, is that business owners need to ensure that those times are then uninterrupted.

Uninterrupted time is often more easily said than done especially for entrepreneurs who have built their entire business on always answering the phone no matter what they are doing. Edmonton business coach says itís also very hard for business owners to have even a section of time in their day where they are not responding to emails. However on learning some of their bad habits can help business owners become more productive than they ever thought possible.

Business owners can always set aside time in their day to return emails and phone calls, or even dedicate one person to checking emails and phone calls in order to feel comfortable with not checking phones or email themselves. Once they have discovered how much more work they can get accomplished and uninterrupted block of time, business owners will be more likely to continue doing this in the future of their business. Itís very important that a business owner themselves is able to work uninterrupted so that it can accomplish the strategic priorities of their business such as marketing. Once business owners see how much more productive their time and their staffís time can be through this simple concept, it will become an easy habit to form.

By learning how to eliminate multitasking in their business and how to create uninterrupted blocks of time in order to become extremely productive, as owners can increase their business.

Studies have been done this a in order for a person to work in their intellectual capacity, they must work uninterrupted for 23 minutes says Edmonton business coach. Every time they are interrupted, it takes them another 23 minutes to get back to that level of productivity they had before. That means the more interruptions person has in their day, the more time they spend working outside of that peak productivity zone. And the more time they will spend trying to remember where they left off. More than two interruptions in our is all that it takes for people to spend their entire day working outside of that intellectual capacity. When people can work and that peak zone, they will be able to not only get a lot more accomplished, but their quality of work also suffers. In order to create an extremely productive work environment, business owners need to eliminate the number of distractions that they have at least within certain time periods. This constant interruption or moving to different tasks is often referred to as multitasking and is actually very harmful to productivity. Even though many businesses believe that it is the key to getting a lot of stuff accomplished, multitasking should actually be avoided at all costs.

Business owners can set up their business in order to maximize this peak productivity time by creating a schedule where focused and solitary work as a time set aside for every day. During this time, business owners can eliminate all distractions to allow their staff to work uninterrupted. Itís very important that when the business owners choosing the time for this uninterrupted work, that the block of time is not too short. It should be long enough to allow the worker to get into their peak productivity zone and stay there in order to get a lot accomplished. Edmonton business coach recommends that no time blocks be less than two hours, but for hours is also a great amount of time dedicated to solitary work.

Business owners need to ensure that during this focused work time, that the eliminate as many distractions as possible. Letting everyoneís phone to go to voicemail is one great strategy says Edmonton business coach. Business owners as well as their staff can check their voicemail after focused work time and respond to important messages or tasks that have been received in that time. Business owners need to get out of the thought pattern that every phone call must be answered every single time in order to grow their business. What they need to do in order to grow their business says Edmonton business coach is work on their strategic priorities.

By eliminating distractions for certain blocks of time during the day, and allowing themselves as well as their staff to work uninterrupted, can increase productivity in the business and ensure that only is the business to be activities to help them grow, their staff are working on the activities they need to make the customers happy.