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Edmonton Business Coach | Multitasking Is Inefficient

Even though many people believe that they can get more done by multitasking, Edmonton business coach disagrees. In fact, science shows that people who are interrupted take twenty-three minutes to become productive once again.

And while many people consider the image of a successful entrepreneur. As a person who is constantly multitasking. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world says Edmonton business coach. Are actually very difficult to interrupt, because they have set up systems in place to help them.

If people want to truly consider how ineffective multitasking is. All they have to do is think of a doctor or pilot. And if they would feel comfortable being operated on, or flying in a plane of one of these professionals if their multitasking.

Chances are no one would want someone who is giving them a life-saving operation to be multitasking. And they would want the pilot that is flying the plane that they are in to be concentrating completely on their job. But when it comes to themselves. Many people think that they are the exception to the rule.

However, while multitasking causes everyone who engages in it to be less effective. At the task that they are trying to accomplish. But people who think they are good at multitasking says Edmonton business coach are actually the ones who are the worst at it.

Therefore, if entrepreneurs want to be as successful as possible. They will set up systems and processes in their own business. To ensure they cannot be interrupted. Such as creating a schedule where there is focused work time. So that everybody can be concentrating on tasks at the same time.

And then have dedicated collaboration time. So that nobody is interrupting each other during the focus time. And they can wait until it is time to collaborate. So that the staff are not interrupting each other. Or are not trying to interrupt the business owner as well.

Setting up the systems might mean that business owners need to let their phone go to voicemail. Both their cell phone, and their business phone as well. But they need to know that it is okay to do that. And set up a time in their schedule, to check the voicemail and call people back.

And while they are setting their phone two do not disturb. So that they do not get phone calls. They need to do this with other notifications. Such as text messages, and social media alerts. Because this is not going to help them focus on the job that they are trying to do.

And it might feel very strange for business owners to stop allowing themselves to be interrupted so much. But they will often find that once they have time to focus and concentrate. They will be able to get even more done than they thought they could before.

Which will help them accomplish their business goals. The sooner business owners can avoid multitasking. The sooner they are going to be able to build the business that they have dreamed of having. Because they will be able to accomplish more of their strategic priorities in their day.

Multitasking has often been seen in the business world as something to be celebrated says Edmonton business coach. With people putting this on their resume, and practising it is often as they can. However multitasking is not as beneficial as most people think.

In fact, studies have been done that show. That is every time a person gets interrupted, it takes them twenty-three minutes to reach their peak productivity once again. And whether that interruption is a phone call, a text message, or a staff member.

Every time that a business owner has someone talk to them, or pull their attention away from what their working on. They will have lost twenty-three minutes. And if they are getting interrupted several times an hour, they may not even be reaching their peak productivity ever.

And the problem with this, is that when they are not working at their best capacity. They are not focusing as efficiently as they could. And not doing their best work either. So essentially, multitasking makes people do poor quality work.

And the more people are interrupted, if they never work in that peak productivity zone. The quality of their work will always be less than it should be. Which can make it very difficult for entrepreneurs to accomplish all of the tasks they need. In order to grow their business says Edmonton business coach.

And although many people envision the idea of a successful entrepreneur. As someone who is constantly multitasking. Truly successful entrepreneurs are not multitasking at all. And have systems in place to ensure they cannot be interrupted at all.

They set up their schedule, they do not take phone calls. And their staff know that they are not allowed to be bothered this way, they will be able to get more work accomplished. And can return phone calls, were talk to their staff when the time is right.

Another way that people can avoid multitasking. And work more efficiently. Is avoiding working out of their inbox. Many people have their email open, with notifications on all day long. And every time they get an email, they will stop what they are doing to check that email and respond.

If this is what business owners do, Edmonton business coach says they will most likely end up working out of their inbox all day long. Accomplishing nothing other than other people’s priorities. Instead of working on what they need to, in order to grow their business.

Whether that is focused work to get the things done in their business. Or if they are working on their sales and marketing, or setting up checklists and templates. All of these things are very important to focus on. So that business owners can grow their business.

Instead, business owners should set up a time that they are going to check the emails in their inbox. And respond. So that emails become just one part of their day. Instead of the entire day. Allowing them to focus on what is absolutely needed to grow their business and become successful.