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Edmonton Business Coach | Multitasking Is an Effective

One of the most common skills to see on a resume says Edmonton business coach. Is the fact that a person is good at multitasking. Because this is often seen as productivity in the business world.

However, the truth of the matter. Is that multitasking is ineffective at helping people get more done. And the only thing it does, is it helps people do several things poorly at the same time.

One of the most important things to consider. Is that studies have shown that in order to ensure people are working as smartly as possible. They need to be working in their peak brain capacity. Which happens after they have been focusing on a task for twenty-three minutes.

Every time they are interrupted, it takes an additional twenty-three minutes to get back to their peak brain capacity. And so every interruption that happens to them. Represents twenty-three minutes of lost productivity.

Not only is it lost productivity. But while people are getting back to their peak brain capacity. They are not doing their best to work. Often making mistakes, or doing sloppy work. Because their brain is not as efficient as it could be.

Therefore, people that are constantly getting interrupted all day. From customers, phone calls, emails and even social media and text messages. Often are not ever working in their peak brain capacity. And are never actually doing their best work.

However, many business owners are not sure of how to stop getting interrupted. That is often why the higher Edmonton business coach, is help them work more efficiently and effectively in their business.

One of the first things that their Edmonton business coach will recommend. Is creating a time block to schedule. Where they have time set aside for things like collaborating with staff, having meetings with customers. Even time to check phone messages and call people back. And the time devoted to email.

This way, they can turn the ringer off on their phone. And let phone calls go to voicemail. And let text messages and emails go unread. Because they know that there will be a time devoted to do those things. So that they can more effectively focus on what they have to do.

And if they get there staff on the same schedule. Then the staff will know when focused work time is. And when they can collaborate with each other, or the business owner. And when interruptions are okay. And when interruptions are not okay.

That can even help staff avoid interrupting each other. Because when they know when dedicated, and focused work time is. And that there will be a time for them to talk to each other. They will be able to avoid interrupting each other during the focused time.

And learning how to multitask is very important. But the sooner business owners stop wasting time with this ineffective way of working. The sooner they are going to be able to get more accomplished in their day, and start to grow their business.

Often, people think of successful people, Edmonton business coach says they envision people who are multitasking. However, multitasking is not helpful at getting more accomplished in a day.

And in fact, people who multitask are not going to be able to focus on what their working on as easily. Because they are distracted, and not thinking about the task at hand.

To prove this point, only need to think of surgeons, or pilots. And how nobody wants these professionals to be multitasking.

But instead, focusing on the life-saving surgery that they are performing. Or flying the plane that they or their loved ones are in safely. And while people do not want these professionals to be multitasking.

They think that multitasking is okay for other professionals, such as realtors, or entrepreneurs. But this simply is not true. Nobody can multitasking efficiently. Because multitasking requires constant interruptions.

When someone is multitasking, they are spending a few minutes on a task before switching to a new one. Ensuring that they are not spending any length of time on any task at all.

And studies have shown that it takes a person twenty-three minutes to reach peak productivity once they started task. And multitasking ensures that people can never reach their peak productivity zone.

Therefore, when people are multitasking. Not only are they not getting more done. But they are actually getting less accomplished. And getting the tasks that they are working on done to a lower quality.

Because they are not doing their best work. Because their brains are not working as efficiently or effectively as they should. However, learning how to not multitask can also be a challenge.

One of the first things that Edmonton business coach recommends. Is for people to stop working out of their email. And only check their email at times that they have scheduled.

It can become an extremely time-consuming task. If people end up looking at their email, and responding to messages. As soon as those messages come into their business.

In fact, it is become so important to check emails regularly. The people often get notifications on their phone. So that even when they are away from their desk.

They can get, and respond to emails. And when people do this, they can actually work the entire day doing nothing but responding to emails. So this is why is very important to create a schedule.

Where people have times set up in the day devoted to checking and responding to emails. And only do that task during those times of the day. So that they do not end up doing nothing else.

And while they are turning off their email notifications. Edmonton business coach also recommends that the remove social media notifications, and text messages. So that they are not interrupted.

Even if they have no intention of reading the social media notifications, or text messages. Just getting the bell that indicates a message has come in. Can be enough of an interruption to keep people from their peak productivity.