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Edmonton Business Coach | Multitasking Is A Myth

Often in todayís society, people think that multitasking is a skill that should be celebrated and developed says Edmonton business coach. However the science has been proven to show us that multitasking is actually the reason for our lack of productivity. Thereís many ways that people as well as entrepreneurs can be extremely productive, and by trying to do many things at the same time is not one of them.

The typical view of entrepreneurs is that successful entrepreneurs are constantly multitasking all the time. This simply is not true says Edmontons business coach, the most successful entrepreneurs are immune to being interrupted. If you were to call any successful entrepreneur, you would find that it would be impossible to get a hold of them, because they make it impossible for them to be interrupted. They will be answering the phones, or answering email because they are working on the strategic priorities they need to make themselves more successful.

If anyone believes that multitasking is not bad, they should think of professions such as doctors or pilots. If you think of your doctor or your surgeon multitasking you would most likely think that this was bad. So why is it bad for doctors and pilots, but not for us tasks Edmonton business coach. Multitasking reduces productivity intrinsically. It produces the ability to execute tasks and the science shows that it produces our intelligence in the moment.

People often think that even if multitasking is bad, they think they are good at it. The science actually shows that everyone is bad that says Edmonton businesses coach, however the people that think they are good at it are actually the worst. Multitasking is just something that should be avoided in the business.

If multitasking is so bad says Edmonton business coach, what is the alternative? A great strategy is to use blocked time to schedule your day. Create blocks of time where there is focused solitary work where there is no interruptions, create blocks of time to work on strategic priorities and marketing, and put in blocks of time for collaborative work. Successful entrepreneurs puts everyone in the office on the same schedule so that everyone is working on focused work at the same time, and everyone is working on collaborative work at the same time to minimize interruptions in the entire office.

Not only does the science behind multitasking proof that it is bad, it also proves that the more interruptions people have in their day the more unhappy they are. One of the keys to having a happy workplace as well as a happy life is to minimize interruptions. Once business owners can minimize interruptions in their life and of the life of their employees and staff, they can not only get more work done in a day, they can increase happiness and grow their business. Edmonton business coach says itís extremely easy to minimize multitasking in an office and in peopleís life.

Many people believe that the key to productivity and success in business is multitasking says Edmonton businesses coach. The typical view of entrepreneurs is that they are constantly being interrupted and doing many things at the same time. However science proves that multi-tasking is not only not productive, it reduces productivity as well as reduces intelligence. True successful entrepreneurs, are not multitaskers. If you want to test that theory, try to call and get a hold of any successful entrepreneur you will find that it is impossible, because they have designed their life in order to minimize interruptions.

Interruptions actually cost productivity says Edmonton business coach, because it takes an average human brain 23 minutes to reach peak productivity, and any time they are interrupted it takes another 23 minutes to get back to peak productivity again. Every time someone switches tasks or is interrupted, that reduces productivity. By minimizing interruptions and eliminating multitasking, people can become extremely productive and accomplish a lot more.

So how can people avoid multitasking in their life in order to become more productive? One of the first things that people can do is take off email notifications. The reason for this, is because while email may seem like an important task, if itís not working on the strategic priorities that a business owner needs to work on in order to grow their business, itís not the most important thing. Business owners and people in general can get so caught up in answering emails that they run out of time to work on the things they need to do to drive their business forward. By removing the notifications, and setting up a time devoted in their day to dealing with the emails, says Edmonton business coach business owners can ensure that there is a time for email, but itís not taking up their entire day. By removing the notifications, they also remove the temptation to check it.

Another way that people can avoid interruptions in their day so that they can be multitasking, is that they should remove social media notifications from their phone. The reason for this is the same as email. People donít need to be checking social media all day long in order to be productive, it interrupts their work flow, and if it is truly important for someone to check social media, they should create time in their schedule thatís devoted to checking social media.

If an entrepreneur truly wants to minimize their interruptions in their business, they should also set up their entire office on the same schedule. If everyone is working on focused solitary work at the same time and then collaborative work together at different times, it will reduce the instances of interruptions throughout the entire office. Not only will this make all of the employees much more productive, and able to get more work done for the business, but it will also increase happiness within the office. For these reasons, entrepreneurs and people in general should eliminate multitasking from their life increase their productivity.