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Edmonton Business Coach | Multitasking Facts

Many people have been led to believe that multitasking is a virtue that should be celebrated and be implemented in businesses everywhere says Edmonton business coach. However the science behind multitasking suggests that multitasking is actually a reason for the lack of productivity. In order to multitask, people have to be juggling many tasks at the same time, switching their focus quickly between different things that they are working on. Studies have shown that every time a person such as tasks or is interrupted at the test they are working on, it takes their bring over 20 minutes to get back into the peak productivity where there are doing their best and most productive work. Itís easy to see, that multitasking actually ensures that people donít actually reach that peak productivity. Studies have also shown that not only is multitasking reducing productivity, it also reduces the quality of work that people are producing and it also reduces their intelligence while they are multitasking. Essentially multitasking makes workers stupid.

Business owners can easily combat this drain on productivity simply by eliminating multitasking in their business. Edmonton business coach says that if business owners want to increase the productivity in their business they can make some simple changes in their business and get even more accomplished than they thought possible. Many business owners are already time blocking in their business, and so all they need to do is time block focused work times every day. Not only should they create these times for themselves to be able to work uninterrupted, but they should create a schedule for their staff as well. If everybody is able to work independently and on their tasks uninterrupted at the same time, this can help ensure that distractions are clearly minimized during this time period. This means eliminating the cell phone distractions, social media notifications and even phone and email notifications.

Many business owners are hesitant to have periods of time in their business where they are not answering phones or checking email, and this may take some time to get used to. Business coach says if business owners can get used to working for certain periods in the day without those interruptions and distractions, they will be able to easily see how much more work they get accomplished. The tasks that a business owner should be working on ensuring these uninterrupted work times should be the accomplish in order to grow their business. Itís very vital that in order to accomplish these tasks, that business owners arenít interrupted.

Once business owners and their staff seen how much more productive workplace can be with regular scheduled focused work times, it can be much easier to keep up in the future says Edmonton business coach. Also realize that the great by products of uninterrupted work in the workplace is not only will he be able to get much more work accomplished in a shorter period of time, they will find that their staff are much happier because interruptions decrease happiness in the fewer distractions increase happiness and people.

Despite the fact that many people multitask, and many people claim that they are extremely good at it, science proves that everyone is multitasking says Edmontons business coach. Those who have studied the science behind how brains work, discovered that it takes human brain approximately 23 minutes in order to reach its peak productivity once it starts a task. Multitasking is a way for a person to ever actually reach that intellectual capacity in their brain. If people are multitasking all day long in their business, there never actually reaching their brains potential. Scientists have also discovered that because of this inability to reach a brains intellectual capacity, that it ensures that people who are multitasking become less intelligent in the moment, and produces lower quality work that if they were not multitasking.

People often know instinctively that multitasking is actually very inefficient, if they were to think of the professions that required extreme concentration, they would understand that multitasking isnít effective, so why is it something that is so prevalent in businesses everywhere? Business owners needs to unlearn this behaviour in order to help their businesses become far more productive than they ever were before says Edmonton business coach.

Business is often seen as a virtue, and the people who are multitasking often wear it like a badge proving how busy they are, however successful business owners and entrepreneurs actually advocate against multitasking and favour focused and solitary work periods. By allowing themselves to work uninterrupted in their business, business owners can get a lot more accomplished. By eliminating distractions business owners can only get more done, is a higher chance that they will be able to complete their tasks. This may not have been possible by allowing themselves to be interrupted constantly with phone or email says Edmonton business coach. Not only can business owners unlock their own potential for significantly increased productivity, but they can also create the same environment for their staff in order to unlock their staffís potential productivity as well.

It may be very difficult at first in order to get the business owner and their entire staff away from distractions for certain periods of time every day says Edmonton business coach, people have become so used to constant notifications and constant connection, that they may struggle with this at first, however once business owners and employees can see how effective these focused work at times can be for them, it will become easier to settle into a routine.

In order to minimize the instances of interruptions during these solitary work times, is this owners can also schedule and some collaborative work times as well. By allowing staff time in their day to work together and speak to each other and bounce ideas around, business owners can sure that they will be much more able to work focused, knowing that there will be a time for collaboration later.