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Edmonton Business Coach | Multitasking And Business

When many business owners get into business, they are small and have such a people that they believe multitasking is the key to getting things done says Edmonton business coach. While it may be true that small businesses require themselves and their staff to wear many hats, multitasking should never become part of the culture. The reason for this is because studies have been done to prove that multitasking is not the key to increase productivity. Not only is it impossible for anyone to become good at it, it actually has a negative impact on productivity making the workplace far less productive than the could be if people were just simply not multitasking. Also, it reduces the quality of work thatís being done, because no one can create a focus on one thing, and it also actually reduces the intelligence of the person who is being the multitasking in the moment. These are all extremely good reasons why business owners should avoid multitasking in their business.

Many business owners may wonder then if multitasking is not due to productivity, then what is. Edmonton business coach says the answer to increasing productivity is in reducing interruptions. It takes the average person 23 minutes to get back on task after they have been interrupted. For every instance of being interrupted, they must take that 23 minutes again to reach their intellectual capacity. If a business owner can think of how many times they have been interrupted in the day and their staff have been interrupted in the day, that adds up to a lot of wasted productivity. In fact says Edmonton businesses coach, many business owners and staff may never actually reach their peak productivity due to the number of interruptions in their business.

Many business owners may wonder how they can eliminate distractions and interruptions in their business, since theyíve built their entire business around allowing those interruptions to happen. Edmonton business coach assures them that it is not difficult to create a workplace that can eliminate interruptions to allow productive employees. The first thing that a business owner can do is create a schedule. By creating a time block schedule where business owners create blocks of time in the future every day and every week for their staff as well as themselves to have focused solitary work. This focused time will allow business owners to create the culture of working uninterrupted.

Once they have that time set aside, Edmontons business coach says all the business owner has to do is ensure that during those bouts of time, that there is no interruptions. Letting phones go to voicemail, simply closing the email client so that notifications are not seen and the temptation to check email is not there, or even having an employee whose task is to deal with anything urgent that comes in all everybody else is working uninterrupted. By creating these times in a workplace to encourage staff in the business owner to work uninterrupted, business owners can unlock the ability to have extreme productivity in their business and be able to accomplish much more than they ever thought they could.

Any people believe that key to getting a lot accomplished in a day is by doing many things at the same time as Edmonton business coach. Although itís seems counterintuitive, this is something that so many businesses believe that it is hard to see any business that isnít multitasking as a part of their business. Unfortunately multitasking is a big business myth. Not only is it not the key to productivity, but it is also actually a detriment to productivity itself. The reason for that is because it takes the average person 23 minutes to get focused again once they have been interrupted. Since multitasking is working on so many things at the same time, that a person never reaches that intellectual capacity. Which means anyone who is multitasking can never reach their peak productivity.

business owners and their staff can get so much more accomplished if they are able to work and environment that allows them to reach their peak productivity. It can be very simple for a business to create the systems in order to become a more productive work place. However says Edmonton business coach, it is one thing to create the systems and quite another to follow them. Business owners need to not only set up their business for productivity, but they also need to follow through. The first thing that business owners can do is create a schedule where time for focused solitary work is created. By creating periods of time where employees are able to work free of any interruptions, can allow them to reach their peak productivity zone and not only get more work accomplished, but can also increase the quality of work that they do get done.

Entrepreneurs need to also eliminate distractions for themselves and their staff during this focused solitary work of time. Which means phones, customers, and email must be eliminated during this time. It can be easy enough to ensure that no client appointments are set up during these time blocks, but learning how to ignore email and the phone is often more easily said than done says Edmonton business coach. Business owners can have one dedicated person that will be checking email and phone as well as doing with any customers during this focused work time, or they can just build it into their culture that they will that there phones go to voicemail and call back any urgent matters after the time is over.

By creating a workplace where focused solitary work is able to be achieved, a business owner encourages an environment where peak productivity can happen which can create happy staff for the fewer interruptions, happier customers because the quality of public has increased and happy business owner because they are more able to effectively grow their business