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Motivation Fact Vs Fiction | Edmonton Business Coach


thanks for tuning in for another episode of ask spurl CPA. Today we’re talking about motivation, fact versus fiction for our business owners have cold here with me. Uh, Cole, how many cups of coffee and now today to two. So coal is functioning at a higher level and a, we started off in the morning because he’s has two cups of coffee. So we’ll see the crash. If you crash, you can just keep going. Just keep flowing all day long. Okay. That’s the, that’s the way to go from, okay. Uh, the quote we have on, on this topic today is zig Ziglar motivation gets you going and habit gets you there. Edmonton Business Coach, the statistic, you know, why is this relevant to, you know, Industry Canada, if 15% of businesses fail in year one, 30% fail by year two 50% fail by year five. You know, we at sprawl associates think that’s completely unavoidable.

And the story that we have is, you know, we, we talk about numbers to business owners all day, but sometimes, you know, there’s the, the psychological aspect of it and business owners, they don’t have any tools to get motivated and misconceptions about staying motivated. You know, what it’s like to, to stay motivated as an entrepreneur. I’m so cold. What are the questions that you think these business owners shouldn’t be an asking? Should you be worried if you’re not motivated all the time? Yeah, no, don’t be worried. Business Order, they come to us and say, I had a hard week and they look at other business owners and they’re happy and they probably spend a little bit too much time on Instagram. People are posing and pretending on license. They don’t have, don’t worry, as you go through a business, you’re going to have ups. You’re going to have downs.

That’s just part of the process. Um, you know, you shouldn’t, you’re, you’re human. Um, it’s not like good entrepreneurs don’t have that. They’re not, you know, just super motivated all the time. You know, they, they go through peaks and valleys. Edmonton Business Coach, so don’t worry, don’t feel bad or beat yourself up over it. That’s, that’s not a reasonable expectation. How can you use positive information, offset inevitable failures? Hokey. So, um, you’re, you’re going to have a certain amount of, uh, negative interactions as a business owner that’s going to be customers who sometimes they won’t be happy with you. They can be employees that may not be happy with a few suppliers, that they’re going to be problems. There’s going to be friction. Uh, that’s part of the, the, the process. Uh, and you’re gonna have failure, which is, you know, part of it as well. You’re, you’re going to have rejection and you’re trying to get a contract and it doesn’t work out so good to have.

And it an inevitable amount of negative information. The old, we can’t control that. We can’t get that off as though it don’t worry about trying to get that off. We can’t control that. But what we can control is the positive information that we put it in. Where are we sitting home after that and just consuming the news, uh, which is always the bad news. Um, you know, what sort of other information are we consuming with our, our free time, our discretionary time? You know, what sort of books or rereading a, what sort of articles are we reading? What sort of video or rewatching, is it positive or is it negative? Because we can’t control that. So we can help, you know, uh, uh, you know, balance that off and kind of offset some of those negative interactions that, you know, we’ll keep our energy levels as high as possible.

Um, by looking at the things that you do have a choice. You know, what we’re, what we’re reading, what we’re watching and decide, um, you know, is this a good use a, is this going to help offset some of the, the negative challenges that I have? Or is this going to contribute to that and those problems? Should you limit unnecessary contact with negative people? Yeah. Uh, that’s a, a successful trade that a lot of, uh, entrepreneurs, uh, utilize. And there’s going to be a certain amount of interaction you got to have with customers. Uh, you know, especially, uh, dealing in any business where they’re making really significant decisions. It’ll be busy for the, the customer is going to have a certain amount of stress and sometimes they’re going to try to pass that stress onto you and, and you have to deal with that. But you know, do you want to deal with all the time, you know, people who are just always negative.

Uh, so there’s a lot of successful business owners out there that will swear by you need to, you know, limit your exposure to high drama people. Um, so if they’re drama all the time, you only have a certain amount of energy to deal with that. So you have to ask yourself about the people you know, uh, that you’re, you’re dealing with. Is this a good use? Edmonton Business Coach, because you, you’re only going to have a certain amount of energy to overcome dealing with those difficult people. And if you spend that energy dealing with people that are unnecessary, you could cut them out of your life. Um, sometimes that’s the thing to do. Does motivation come first or action? Yeah. Here’s, this is the crux. The big misconception of it as people think I get motivated and then I’ll go to work. But really most motivation comes from progress, which never happens unless you start.

So if you want motivation, start, finish something and then you’ll be motivated. If you, if you try to get, you know, motivated, uh, before you start, get probably just never start that often, you won’t get a lot done. So you need to just reframe it. It’s like, I’m not motivated. Uh, do I need motivation? Uh, do I need a Tony robins seminar or do I simply just need to knock off and task on my to do lists and I’ll probably feel better about myself. So I just remember action comes first and motivation actually comes as a result of some progress on that action. What can you do every morning when the alarm sounds from ovation? Get up. Yeah. So I, I say that a little bit Kearsley but you know, get up. You made a plan with yourself to get up at a s, you know, 5:00 AM or hopefully it’s 5:00 AM, maybe it’s 6:00 AM 5:00 AM he made a plan.

Did you get it? You get up at yourself, don’t hit the snooze button. It’s like the first thing you can do, you can get 100% on the first task of that you do everyday. It’s just get up at the time that you plan to get up at. Um, and it’s more relevant probably just to get up at that time that you actually planned to get up rather than, you know, what time then that, that might even be, you know, just as just as important really. So, uh, if you made a plan with yourself, you know, I wanted to accomplish this goal, get a 100% of that tasks, get up at the time that you plan to get up that day. Are you going to have to do things as an entrepreneur that you’re not motivated to do? Yes, you will have to do them. You won’t like, uh, doing all of it do, you just won’t, uh, you know, you might like doing the advertising and not the marketing.

You might like doing the, the sales pitches and not the, you know, the troubleshooting when things go wrong or vice versa. You’re going to have to do things that you’re not motivated to do and you just need to get in the habit. Uh, the, the motivation actually occurs when you actually accomplished something. So you have to start, it really comes down. Just start and it starts in the first thing you do in the morning. And did I hit the snooze button or did I get 100% on that first task? How does having a schedule help with motivation? So ultimately we’re going to, we’re going to revert back to our habits. You know, there’s going to be periods of low motivation and what’s going to keep us on track in those periods of low motivation is just having a schedule. I do this at this time, I do task B at that time.

I do tasks, see at that time. So when you have low motivation, you’re still showing up, you’re still starting, you’re still getting things done. Whereas if you’re, you know, you don’t have that schedule, you know, maybe, maybe in the period of know super motivation, you can accomplish something, but that’s not going to happen. If you have that schedule of what I do, at what times now all of a sudden in periods of low motivation, you’re still productive. You’re still not just working on, I have this, but you’re working on items that you’ve strategically outlined that are worth your time and put time for those items in your calendar. Edmonton Business Coach, and now we’re, we’re not just, you know, productive and high motivation periods were productive all the time. How can doing fewer things increase motivation? So often the, the, the, the one of the causes of motivation is too many things and you’ll all of a sudden, we have all of these things that we’re trying to do and we’re not really doing anything all that well, or we’re not accomplishing any of them.

So if we can start looking at the tasks that we have and it’s like, which are the ones that are, you know, if I was to accomplish these tasks, everything else starts to become unnecessary. Um, you know, uh, you know, I have this one real difficult client. They’re always difficult all the time. Um, do I want to spend all day dealing with that one difficult client? Or do I want to do that revenue generating tasks that makes 10 leads come in next week. You know, which one are you going to, you know, spend your time on. So if you’re doing fewer things, you know, often you’re going to have more progress, almost fewer things. Your mind is going to have less clutter, uh, and your energy level and your motivations. You’ve got to be a little bit higher. What will distractions do to your motivation? Distractions are the killer to your motivation.

So, you know, you might have that, you know, um, notifications turned on on your, on your smartphone and you actually think that, you know, if I keep in touch with people on every minute of the day, somehow going to be more motivated. There is an overwhelming, you know, research on this topic that those continual distractions throughout the day is what causes stress and actually come up. Releases, releases, uh, kind of, uh, uh, chemical stress hormone into your body. So you think you’re, you know, being happy. I’m keeping on this, getting distracted all the time. But remember, every time we get distracted, we become less productive. And it takes a while for us to reach our peak mental state where we’re actually accomplishing stuff. So every time we’re getting interrupted, we’re further away from competition. Something, which again, it’s, you know, it’s motivation happens after we accomplish something. So it’s after finishing that task.

So every time we, you know, we get interrupted, we’re further away from that feeling of motor task completion and motivation. So what we need to do is just limit those distractions down to an absolute minimum are those times that we can block off that we’re doing just this and there is no cell phone, there is no email, there is no notifications on my phone and I’m going to knock off this task. Edmonton Business Coach, you know, that’s what’s going to build the motivation. Um, just that, that time block of, of an event and we’re actually going to accomplish what we set out to do. Heck, even if we accomplish 75%, if we set up to do, that’s better than just being distracted all day. Um, so that you will, limiting those distractions is actually going to increase your motivation. How does having a coach keeps you motivated? So having a coach keeps you motivated because you’re in your mind will tend to wander and often your mind will, you know, you’ll, you’ll talk yourself into doing the same thing.

Um, you know, we’re naturally programmed to, to, you know, repeat the same behaviors time after time because millions of years ago, uh, that’s how we didn’t get eaten by tigers or fall off cliffs, uh, because we, we didn’t take on too many risks and those people, you know, survived and we’ve just evolved to have that inherent trait. So having a coach will help you keep motivated on that change that’s actually necessary. And then it keeps you accountable. Edmonton Business Coach, you know, if I plan to do this, sometimes it’s a lot easier to break that plan, uh, to yourself than it is to someone else. You know, if you got to meet with them again in week or a month or even at the end of the year and you had planned to do this and you’d set it out and you’d it in writing and there was a game plan in place and then you get to the end of the, that that time period we were supposed to meet again and you’re not done and you set this goal is a reasonable goal.

You and your coach thought it was reasonable to, you know, to move things forward and he didn’t do it. That’s hard. And that’s a so the coach can keep you on track. Um, so it, it’s, it’s that accountability partner and as that person who can talk you out, uh, sometimes of doing the things that you want to do because they’re easy, uh, or they’re familiar. It’s very much like that. Like at the gym as well, like same thing, always drawn to do the same exercises, same. Yup. Whatever. But then as soon as you have a coach there, they push you to do the necessary different, different exercises and they push you to do different things and show up to do them. If you’re scheduled to meet someone there, it just has that magical force where all of a sudden you, you show up when you were supposed to meet someone to show up. So it really does help. Um, you know, thanks again for tuning in. Um, as always, you please hit that like and subscribe button so we can continue to deliver you tips on how to beat the odds, a business. And if you have any questions or topics that you’d like to us to address some future videos, you’ll please leave them in the comments below. Thanks very much. Thanks guys.